Saturday 11 December 2010

Quick n easy christmas tree decoration!

Hello everybody!

Ive been working verrrryy hard recently trying to finish all the knitted and crocheted christmas presents for freinds and family :) Im nearly there but then I started another project........... ( I cant help myself!) My familys having a dinner party today and wnated to make something each for the guests. I needed something quick easy and christmas themed and so was born the QUICK N EASY CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION (hahaha pretty much what it says on the tin!)

Im giving away this pattern free as another christmas gift to all my lovely readers, hope you like it!

Each christmas tree takes under half an hour each so you can make a bunch in no time :)

  • Gst = Garter stitch (knit all rows)
  • K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together
  • Inc = Increase
  • st/ sts= stitch/ stitches

You will need:
  • 1 pair of 4.00mm knitting needles
  • DK yarn, in any colour (for tree)
  • Glue (to stick on tree decorations)
  • Sequins/glitter shapes (to decorate tree)
  • You can add any other decorations to tree or just leave them blank, whatever you feel like!
To make:

  • Using 4.00mm knitting needles and DK yarn cast on 16sts
  • Gst 3 rows
  • *K2tog, k to end, K2tog (14sts)
  • Gst 2 rows*
  • Repeat from * to * until 8sts remain
  • Inc 2sts at each end of next row (12sts)
  • Gst 2 rows
  • Repeat from * to * until 6sts remain
  • Inc 2sts at each end of next row (10sts)
  • Gst 2 rows
  • Repeat from *to* until 4sts remain
  • K2tog twice (2sts)
  • Gst 2 rows
  • K2tog (1st)
  • Fasten off and cut leaving long thread (for loop to hang)
To Finish:

Darn in cast on thread length. sew length of thread at top of tree into a lopp for hanging and decorate however you want! (I used glue and sequins!)


tis' the season to be jolly falalalalalalalala.....................................................................



  1. Ooh, super cute! May have to try!

  2. Just Jennifer: Thanks, I am glad you like them! :)

  3. Those are adorable! Those would make cute gift tags too.

  4. Rach(DonutsMama): Thank you :) What a good idea! I had though of tying them onto hampers :0) xxx

  5. I love them, I hang them around the house,and people have commented how lovely they look. My target is to knit 100 before Christmas !! To give them more body I knit 2 and sew them together, with a little bit of stuffing inside.

  6. Thank you :-) Wow! Thats alot, very good luck with your challenge!!! :0D

    Stuffing them is a reallly good idea, I hadn't thought of doing that :0)

    Happy knitting xxx

  7. These are FREAKISH cute! I wish you had more patterns on here. I've done every pattern you have:) They are super awesome! This is especially adorable. I also love your bunnies :) Thanks for all these AWESOME patterns! And I think I may have to steal "anonymous" idea and put some little faces on them. My little brothers are going to LOVE their little " tree buddies". Thanks Jordan!

    1. Bryler: Hehehe, Thank you so much for your lovely comments! :) All of them! Wow that is impressive :-) Your are totally welcome!Tree buddies are a good idea, im sure your brothers will definitely love them.
      Thanks again for your lovely comment! I will try to put up some more patterns soon :0) Jordan xxx

    2. Thanks for such an easy and pretty project! I am 10 and can't really go and buy things by myself, so your pattern really helped��

    3. P.S. what does the asterisk mean?

  8. Amazing pattern and surprisingly really easy to knit. Just finished one and it looks fairly decent :D Thanks for sharing it :D


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