Saturday, 18 September 2010

Catch up


I had alot of pictures on my camera and alot of things I wanted to post about, so I thought I would do it all in one big catch up session :)

Starting with the pictures of my rather large (HUGE!) birthday cake........ enjoy!!!

My dad always makes me a birthday cake every year and this was this years, five layers of gorgeous scrumptiousness!!!! (even the lid was cake!: P)

I still haven't finished it!!!! :D

This week I was on work experience at a school, the kids in the class were so lovely (and cute!) that I wanted to make something to give to them on the last day. seen as it was a class of 7 year 2 boys who loved transformers I opted for a robot...

And chocolate..... They loved him and the teacher asked them what he should be called, one said shadow and one said bumble bee. The teacher put it down to me to decide, I couldn't pick one so I combined the both giving him the name Shadow bee !!!!??

They loved him soooo much that they bought me some flowers, I was so surprised when one of the kids burst through the door running towards me with a bunch of flowers, I nearly cried!!! They are soo beautiful but sadly I have to go back to school next week I don't get to go see them again :(

I realllllllyyyyyy want to be able to crochet properly so that I can make amigurumi characters and other crocheted things I keep practising and I think I'm nearly there... Now its just how to hold the yarn and hook properly. here is my latest creation.... I call him Brian! :)

Aww so sweet but he looks cheeky reminds me of the kids...........

And last but not least on our long catch up is...... my new spinning kit! I didn't want to go straight in to spinning the unspun wool that came with it so I thought I would have a go at plying some already spun stuff together, just for practice...

I decided on black and red...

I'm quite pleased with how it came out though it was quite consistent really and for a first attempt I dont think I did bad :) however it was very thick as I spun 2 different types of dk together :/

Ahhh well you cant have everything!

WOW that was a long post! Go and give your eyes a rest =) Then come back and ill quiz you! (lol)

see you soon bye!



  1. THE CAKE LOOKED AWESOME! It is so cool!

    The kids sound so sweet. I love name (Shadow Bee)!


    I've seen spinning needles like that at a shop in town. How do you use them? By the way, your yarn look very pretty. :D

  2. Thanks it was yummy too :D

    they were reallly cute. ahahah thanks i love brian too!

    the best way to see how they work is to watch vids in youtube. thats how i learnt.

    thanks :)


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