Tuesday, 28 June 2011

*Sniffle, sniffle*..... The designing bug is back!

Hi Guys :)

Yup its back alright since I've been off school I've had way more time to knit and crochet so have been doing some more designing, mainly of small things because they are the things I like to make the most :0)

First up I made some mini sushi:

Don't ask why, I just thought it would be cute :3

I want to make a few in different 'flavours' and then sew a little felt bento box to put them all in or attach them to a bracelet to make a cool knitted sushi charm bracelet! I'll probably have time to do both..... :)

I was inspired to create my next new design from the yarn I got sent by my swap partner in this months swap.

Oooo I nearly forgot if you want to see what I sent my swap partner you can have a look at the post on my swap partners blog: here! 

The different colours reminded me of planets and the different colours of the clouds of gas  etc... that surround them and I had the idea of making an amigurumi Saturn!

The pattern isn't perfected yet, it's still in the prototype stage but I am pretty happy with it. The random colours you get from the yarn I think gives a really good effect :D

And last but not least I designed this flower wristlet to go with my prom dress!!!!

It's difficult to show up the details on camera, but it is made up of three different sized flowers layered on top of each other on a little strap fastened at the back with a button.

It goes with my dress really well :) Proms on Friday and I'm soooo glad I finally have something I made (and designed) myself to wear to it!

I have to go now, my hands deserve a rest from crafting and typing! :0)

See you all soon,

Bye Bye x

P.s Start saving cereal boxes, crisp packets and other  wrappers as I have a cool crafty crochet tutorial coming up soon! :D oooohhh the excitement!

Au revoir! xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Exams are finished! - Bring on the cake :P



It's been about 3 months of working every day, for hours :(  But now im freeeeeeeeeeeee! :3

As a celebration I thought I would post a free pattern, a cupcake pattern to be exact so you can all celebrate with me or make them to celebrate your own recent triumphs!

I made this pattern a while ago (and I blogged about it too). I like to call them roly poly cupcakes. They are a bit different because they don't have a knitted case, you serve them in paper cases:

You will need:
  • A pair of  3 ¼ mm needles
  • Light brown or dark brown DK yarn for the cake part (depending on whether you want chocolate or plain cake :P)
  • Blue, pink, yellow, white  etc... DK yarn for the icing
  • Red DK yarn for cherry
  • A handfull or so of stuffing
  • A darning needle
  • Some seed or bugle beads (or scraps of yarn) to sew on as sprinkles
  • Some cotton and a needle to sew on beads if using

Roly-Poly cupcake:


Co 8sts in cake colour

Kfb into every st

P 1 row

*K1, kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K3, Kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K4, Kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K5, Kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K6, Kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K7, Kfb* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K7, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K6, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

Change to icing colour:

*K5, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K4, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K3, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K2, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

*K1, k2tog* repeat across row

P 1 row

* k2tog* repeat across row

Cut yarn leaving long thread and thread through all sts on needle, draw up and fasten off.

Join seam to around halfway up cake, stuff, join the rest of seam and then gather up 8 cast on stitches (at bottom of cake) and fasten off, darn in end.

Using red yarn Co 7sts

Stst 6 rows (starting with a K row)

Cut yarn leaving long thread and gather up all sts on needle, draw up and fasten off. Draw up and fasten off all 7 cast on sts. Stuff and join seam of cherry. Sew onto top of cupcake along with chosen decoration.
Then serve :)


Co = Cast on

K = Knit

P = Purl

k2tog = Knit 2 stitches together

st(s) = stitch(es)

*    * = repeat what is in stars accross row

Stst = Stocking stitch

Kfb = Knit into the front and back of the stitch

I hope you like the pattern, Im off now to go and PAAAAAARRRRRTTTTYYYYY  <*o*> woooo!

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wacky weather swap parcel!


Today I received my parcel from Laura for the cute and quirky swap on Ravelry! This time the theme was wacky weather and I got a really amazing parcel, all my gifts were wrapped in beautiful cloud tissue paper too:

My swap partner was soooo generous, look at this fantastic pile of goodies!!!!!! :D :

I got:
  • Some magic milkshake straws - which I really can't wait to try
  • Some rainbow yarn
  • A beautiful rainbow cross stitch keyring, handmade by Laura herself which has taken pride of place on my clarinet case zipper!
  • Some cute paperchase pin badges
  • A Hello Kitty sticker and sweet set
  • Some more Hello Kitty stickers and a little hello kitty figure, sooo cute >o<
  • Some cute bird and rainbow themed card decoration stickers, again verrrrryyy cute!
  • Some rainbow pens
  • A lollipop and magic stars, yum :P
  • A cute sun decoration
  • And......... These two:

They are sooo cool! I llllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee them!!!! <3 I named them sunny and drip! I have put them on my very special amigurumi shelf for me to cherish!

Laura has her own blog ,which is really great, in which she showcases her amigurumi creations and other cool stuff: http://www.cutecrochetedcreations.blogspot.com/

You should check it out, Im a follower!

Thanks Laura you have made my week!

I'm off to eat all my sweets now and hug my little amigurumi friends,

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers day!

HI!!! :D

Today is Fathers dayyyyy!!! Wooooo :) I love celebrations, whatever they are  *^o^*

Of course, as usual I made something for the occasion, a banana cozy for my dad as they are his favourite fruit! (He has one in his sandwich every day)

He really liked it :) If you too want to make a banana cozy the patterns here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/jul/26/9

The pattern is just for a plain one but I added some stripes of brown and green at the end to make it look like a real banana!

I also made my dad a giant peanut butter cookie with butter cream icing and dad written in chocolate on it, there's not much left though.....

It was veeeerrrrrryyyy yummy :P

I was really stressed last night though and spent ages worrying about whether or not it was cooked in the middle, it was :D

 As a treat my mum took me and my dad and my brother to Marine Ices (an Italian restaurant in London) and then we went for a walk up primrose hill. I really needed the walk after all the pizza and ice cream I ate!

I didn't forget all you lot though, here's a picture taken at the very top for you to enjoy :)

I hope everyone else had a good Fathers day too,
See you soon, bye!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Super stars! (*o*)

Yo People!

Do you remember the mixed pastel coloured yarn I got sent by a swap partner? If not here it is :0)

Well it inspired me to create these...

They are quite quick and easy and I think they are quite cute :3
My friends birthday is coming up soon and she is having her party at Thorpe Park!!!! Soo exciting!!!

She is very lively and energetic and quite funky and I wanted to make her something special, So.... I thought I would use my new pattern to make her a bright rainbow star scarf. I've made nearly half of the stars:

I have still gotta make the blue ones, purple ones, pink ones etc.. and then I'm going to sew them all in a row :-)

Hopefully she will like it, then I want to get on and make myself one!

See you all soon,


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Japan flag brooch: Free Pattern

Hey Guys!

I know its been a while since the Japan earthquake but Japan still need help as they rebuild. A couple of weeks ago I donated to the Japanese Red Cross who are doing a really good job and have saved many people. After donating I wanted to help more and I thought, why not create a pattern that people could sell to raise money! and I came up with this:

The Japan Flag brooch :)

Just follow the chart below using 3.25mm needles and Dk red and white yarn. I have tried to make the chart as clear as possible but if you have any problems just post your questions below and I will answer them :0)

If your brooch doesn't come out the size you want just switch to larger or smaller needles.

Once finished darn in all loose ends and sew a safety/brooch pin to back.

They are really quick to make!

Feel free to sell the brooches made from this pattern (Just don't claim the pattern as your own :)

Good luck if you do make and sell them!

I hope you all like the pattern and I hope it helps Japan in some way :)

See you all soon, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Marshmallow clouds! :3


The other day I reallllly wanted to make an amigurumi cloud, don't ask me why... I'm just a bit crazy! :0)

I went on Ravelry to try and find a pattern but I couldn't  find one for the kind of thing I wanted to make so I created my own pattern for what I like to call marshmallow clouds :3

 It took quite a few tries to get the pattern right, the first one I made came out basically as a triangle and the second was really flat, but I got there in the end:

This is the vanilla marshmallow cloud and then I went on and created the strawberry and mint marshmallow clouds!

Once I made one I couldn't stop, I want to make a whole collection of them, all in different flavours (colours) :)  

Next I want to make a grape (purple) marshmallow cloud and also make a blueberry (blue) one too.....

.......ooohhhh and a butter cream/lemon one (yellow), and a licorice (black) one! ooh, ooh, ooh and a candy floss (light pink) one!!!

 sorry, Ive gone off on one! :D

See you all soon,
Bye! xxx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

DAL Design Idea

Hey Guys!

Now I've finished my Project Yarnway design I've had a chance to sit down and come up with a design idea for the Design Along group (DAL) I joined on Ravelry as well (I've got the designing bug!).

The theme for the Summer Challenge is Gardens

I submitted this picture as my inspiration:

And then came up with Cherry Blossom Gloves as my design Idea. They are a bit difficult to explain so I'll let my sketch mainly do the talking :)

There basically fingerless gloves based around a triangle shape with little crochet cherry blossoms on the front.
I'm going with making the Cherry blossoms and gloves from a light pink yarn. Possibly some dark pink yarn for the middle of the flowers along with some little beads in the centre too to add extra detail :)

Now its just down to buying the yarn (I've only got a little bit of light ) and starting to knit!!! After working out tension etc... first of course :)

I have a while though as the designs aren't due till the 25th August so they will definitely be finished!


See you all soon,
bye xxx