Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cousin's christmas present - done! :)

Hi guys,

Some of you may remember last year for Christmas I made my little cousin a knitted doughnut and some flower hair clips and this year I wanted to make her another special present because she is just so adorably cute! :3

My aunt always calls her Minnnie and she really loves to watch Mickey Mouse club house on Disney channel so I came up with the idea of making her some cute mouse ears and here they are:

Hehe :) I crocheted the ears and sewed the little bow and added them to tiny headband I bought, I had to find a small one as she is only 2 1/2!

I also bought the chocolate wand you can see in the picture too as last time she came round she was playing with the Mr potato heads me and my brother have and she loved the little wands that went with them :)

I hope she will like it!

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx <3

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi :)

I just wanted say I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving!

I know it was on Thursday but we don't celebrate it in England so I completely missed it :0P But I still wanted to wish everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving!

Image from: here!

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One down, four to go!

Hello everyone,

I recently realised that if wanted to get all my Christmas crafting done I was going to have to start taking some of it to school too! So I sat and thought about what would be most practical and decided cross stitch would be the best option as I have a lot of books and that is small enough to fit in my bag :)

In Hobbycraft a while ago I bought 5 Christmas cross stitch kits to make decorations for my tree so I took one of those in and now I have finished it:

I am soo happy, he is soo cute!

One of my friends did one stitch, she really wanted to try it, hehe :0) she did very well, she stitched one of the pieces of fallings snow.

It took me a week and a 1/2 doing it in my breaks, registration and lunch if I got a chance. I had to do a bit of undoing due to counting wrong because of the noise in the common room! lol

I lost the mini kit at one point as it fell out of my pocket :( but someone found it and handed it in at the office which I was very grateful for as I really wanted to finish him! and now I have :D

Only four more left now, a cat (which I am starting tomorrow), a penguin, a robin and a little Santa too. I think I will manage to get them all finished....

I'm once again off to bed now,

See you all very soon!

Bye xXx :D

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Quirky Update! 8>

Hi guys,

I thought I would do a picture update on Quirky as he is gradually looking less and less deconstructed and more and more like a turkey! Here is him so far:

I love the face, it took me a long time to stitch but it was worth it :) Just all the feathers left to sew on and his little party blower and feet left to knit, not much at all :0)

Im soo happy and excited to have him almost finished! My family are getting excited too :D hehehe!

Another thing that made me happy today is I managed to pick up this cool Monster High Frankie Stein crafty-home economics themed doll :) She comes with a little stitched toy and needle and thread accessory and everything!

Since I got my first Blythe I just keep wanting more and more different special dolls to make outfits for :) And I love her with all her cool crafty stuff. I got her for a really good price in Smyths, only £15.49 because we got a discount!

I'm off now as It's my bedtime, hahaha :-)

See you all very soon,

bye xxx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Introducing... Candy! :)

Hi everyone :)

For passing my driving theory test my nan (very generously!) gave me £20 to spend on whatever I wanted, later when I was looking at stuff on ebay I saw some beautiful basaak dolls, Blythe clones, which were only about £21 each so I ordered one using my treat money and the other day she arrived!!!! She like Catherine was very nicely packaged and tied up string and everything:

And here she is...

I called her Candy :)
(a suggestion from knittinggirl on Ravelry which seems to fit her perfectly and she loves!)

She is quite shy but her and Catherine are getting on like a house on fire! Catherine is very happy to have a new friend :)

Candy's hair clip was one of the many pretty extras (The seller even included a pretty little bag for me with London buses and things on, so cute!) which came with her but I designed and made the outfit she is wearing in the picture for her :0)

Catherine's new coat was a gift to me for passing my theory test from my mum (I have a very generous family! :-) She really likes it and doesn't want to take it off because it keeps her soo snuggly and warm!

Im off now, I have some work to do before having pizza for dinner and then watching glee with my mum Catherine and Candy, lol :P

See you all soon,

Bye from all three of us! xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

*Advent Giveaway Winner!!* :D

Hi guys!

Entries are now closed and the time has come for the winner of the Advent calendar giveaway to be announced! :D

Drumroll please (hahaha :).........

.......The winner as chosen by the random number generator is....



Image from: here!

I have sent an email to you asking for your address so I can get your special prize on it's way to you ready for the 1st of December!


To all the other entries, don't worry if you didn't win this one as, of course :), there will be more giveaways soon and I will be putting a picture up of all the things included in the calendar after the 24th of December. So you won't have to live without knowing what was in all the little parcels :P

See you all soon and congratulations again to Eleanor! :0)

Bye! xxx :0D

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Three days left to enter advent calendar giveaway!!!

Hi guys,

This is just a reminder to let everyone know there is only three days left to enter the: Crafty Advent Calendar Giveaway so if you haven't yet don't miss out!

Image from: here!

All 24 gifts are festive themed (and of course crafty) and I hand chose, from many places/shops, each one :0)

Good luck to everyone who enters :D

See you all soon,

Bye xXxX

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bonfire Night!

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all had a good bonfire/firework night (if you celebrate that) or happy Eid or Diwali if you celebrete either of those! (hehehe there have been lots of festivals recenlty!)

On Sunday (although actual Bonfire night was Saturday) some friends came round and my family had some fireworks. Some of them were really good this year! Very pretty :)

I let Catherine come out and watch them with me but I made sure she put her hat on because it was quite cold! These two were her favourites :-) :

Hehehe, she was perplexed by the bright green one!

We had lots of fun :)

The next day I got this cool card through the post from Innocent smoothies for helping out with the big knit :D:

It's very cool, it even has my name written inside and a thank you message.

I was very happy as now I have another knitting related ceftificate to add to my achievement folder!

I hope you are all having a nice week,

See you soon!

Bye xxxx

Friday, 4 November 2011

Project update!

Hi guys :)

I thought I would do a bit of a mini crafting update. First up I finished my dice scarf!!! Hehehe :D It has taken a long time but I have finally finished!
Here's a pic :) :

I am soo happy with it, I wore it to 6th form today :0)

 The thing that took the longest was sewing on all the dots! 

And secondly, I am getting there with quirky now :-) Bit by bit he is starting to take shape. I have finished his body, his head and neck, his wings and half of his tail. So now all that is left is his feet, hat, beak and the other half of his tail. I will post a picture of him soon once I have sewn all the the bits together and he isn't so much of a deconstructed turkey! Lol!

See you all again soon,

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

***Crafty Advent Calendar Giveaway! :0) ***

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come to announce my very special giveaway I have been working on for ages...

I am giving away to one person 24 festive crafty gifts to countdown to christmas- a crafty advent calendar! :0D

Image from: here!

I got the idea when I was thinking of what would be my dream advent calendar; a one with crafty gifts that I could add to my christmas sewing, knitting, crochet projects etc.. Then I thought what a fun giveaway it would be to do!

I hand selected and wrapped (along with my mum or I would have been there forever!) each  gift and added a tag with a number to each one, here are all the little parcels:

You can put them all in a fancy bowl or a fill it yourself decorative calendar (those felt/stitched ones with pockets :) and then open the right one each day from the 1st to the 24th of December (like the choccy calendars) to get your little crafty suprise!


Giveaway entries are open until the 15th of November and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on the same day.

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere! :)


To be entered you must send an email to me at: iitki@hotmail.co.uk

That will get you one entry but here is how to get some extra ones :) :
  • If you are a follower - 1 extra entry!
  • If you post about/link to this giveaway on your blog - 1 extra entry!
(You can get three entries in total)

Please mention any extra entries you deserve (and a link to your blog if you post/mention the giveaway) in the email just so I know and you get them all :0)

I hope you all like the giveaway, It was very fun putting it all together!

See you soon

Bye xXxX

P.s I am very happy as today I passed my driving theory test, wooo hooo! :D

Hehehe, bye!