Monday, 30 May 2011

I achieved alot today.....

Well firstly I climbed a mountain!

Snowdon in Wales to be exact.

Its the second time I've climbed it now, before I climbed it on a geography field trip but this time I did it with my family :) Its 1085m tall and we managed to walk allllll the way up and down in about 4 hours. It was hard on the way up and I ache now but you get a real sense of achievement so its definitely worth it :0) I even managed to knit a row of my latest project at the top!

 Here is a pic I took on the way down:

Also I am pretty much finished with my bag of inspiration for the Project Yarnway runway tomorrow! YAY :D

I'm sooo pleased with how its come out! I can't wait to enter it into the competition :0)

See you all again soon,

Bye xxx :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Funky fruit parcel!

Hey guys :)

This months theme for the Cute and quirky swap group I set up on Ravelry was Funky Fruit :0)

Today my parcel arrived!!!!!! I got a ton of great things:

I really love the rainbow yarn <3 I'll have to think of something really special to make with it!
The hello kitty body spray also smells GORGEOUS and the little strawberry charm is reallllyy cute! I think I may turn it into a stitch marker.......

Thank you to my great swap partnerino!

If you want to join the group and get in on the cute knitting/crochet swapping fun just click here :3 
(The group is open to anyone in any country and there are several swaps e.g a UK swap and a USA swap so you don't have to post internationally. It's also a budget swap. So even if your a bit low on cash you can still enjoy the cuteness!)

Next month the theme is wacky weather, ooohhh I can't wait!

Byeeeeeeee xxxxxx :-)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On my way to the runway

Yo people!

I have finally got round to actually knitting up my design idea for the project yarnway challenge on ravelry!!!! It took me a while as I had to knit a tension square first, then print out some knitters graph paper and colour in all the little squares to create my design before I could finally pick up my needles. Don't get me wrong though I enjoyed it all its just nice to actually start making and see it all coming together :)

I'm reeeeaaalllyyy pleased with how its coming out, the words are really clear. Its cool to watch all the sayings appear before your eyes as you knit each row. (I'm also secretly happy with my intarsia, especially as I'm pretty in experienced with it but its coming out quite neat! :D)

I'm definitely using this bag when its finished. Ive got to get a move on though as its due on the runway by the end of May...

I'm off to knit a couple more rows,


p.s If you notice that any of your comments are not shown on the blog anymore it is not because I deleted them. Blogger crashed about a week ago and they have been lost in cyber space I think :( Hopefully they will come back soon!

See ya xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Another tiny turtle... and several christmas puds!...


 Squirt says hi too! xD

Ever since I made the first little turtle from a pattern on crochetville for my friend at Christmas, a few people have asked my to make one for them too, such as my friends cousin. Recently another person asked me to make them a tiny turtle too. This time I made the turtle from a different pattern that came in Let's Get Crafting magazine. I'm very pleased with how he came out:

The person who received him loved him and named him Squirt after the cute little turtle in Finding Nemo :3

And guess what, I've had another request already! I think I might even try making my own pattern this time...

Another thing I finished recently was the seven Christmas puddings decorations that I posted about being asked to make after Christmas. These are my own pattern and are the first things I have made and actually sold! :D

I wrapped them nicely as I think presentation is very important :0) Its always nice to get something packaged nicely it makes things that extra bit special.

I even added one of the business cards/labels I made :)

Hopefully ill be able to set up my own Etsy/folksy shop one day. That would be really fun, ah well maybe soon!

Au revoir! xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Post number 101!!!!! <]:0)

Yes people, get your party hats on!!!!!


Help yourself to a slice of cake!!!!! :D

I would like to take this oppourtunity to thank all my followers, regular readers, occasional readers and In fact if you've ever even just looked at my blog, thanks!
 I never thought my blog would make it this far or have so many lovely readers <3

I hope everyone has a really good day,

and I will see you all very soon for post 102!!!!!

Bye xoxo

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Project Yarnway!

Hi guys :)

On Ravelry I joined a group called Project Yarnway (If you ever seen project runway you'll get what the group is all about. If you've never seen it GET WATCHING NOW, IT'S GOOD!)

I missed 'season 1' but now season 2 has come around so I can join in :oD The design challenge for this month is as follows:

> Aliens invaded earth, destroying governments, infrastructure, and communications before moving on in their galactic rampage, and now you’re on your own. Using only materials that you currently have access to, what will you make that will be useful to yourself and your loved ones in this vastly changed landscape? (Please be able to tell us how your project will be helpful and why.)

Sooo I got my thinking cap on and came up with this, the bag of inspiration!

I figure this would be very useful as obviously you can carry stuff in it but also when you read it it will make you feel better. I think you'd need a bit of inspiration if aliens really did invade earth to help you go kick alien butt!!!!!

Now the hard bits left, making it, its gunna be ALOT of intarsia! :0)
See you all later,