Monday, 22 August 2011

I found a computer and internet!!! :D

Hey guys,

I found a computer! (It's very expensive for interent though!)

Thanks for all the nice comments wishing me a good holiday!

I am having a really good time! (the only thing un fun was the plane flight!) I hope everyone is ok and having a nice time too :)

There is a water park right near us and we get to use it free of charge becuase we booked with a certain hotel so we have been going there every day, they have a lazy river :D  I have been round that many times! I'm not brave enough for most of the slides, hehehe :)

I have done alot of crafting too... I have knitted another three innocent hats, (one like an ice cream with drizzly sauce, a cherry and everything!)   I have also made a piece of bunting for my knitting group and have almost finsihed the 2nd of my cross stitch kits I brought on holiday as well!

The shops near us have lots of cute and interesting things in them so I am looking out for some little bits for a giveaway when I get back :0)

See you all soon,


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blog Vacation

Hi guys,

Image from: here

I leave for Cyprus tomorrow! :D  I am soo excited, I have packed all my mini cross stitch kits and lots of my charity knitting projects so I am ready to go!

Sadly though I don't think I will have much internet access, if any, so I will have to take a blog vacation too :(
(*tear, sniffle* I will miss you all and my little bloggy woggy!)

But I will only be away until Thursday 1st September and when I get back I'm sure I will have looooaaadddddsss of brilliant stuff to share with you all! :D

I didn't manage to finish my dice scarf before I went, I will finish it and post pics when I get back, there is only so much room in my suitcase for yarn! :0)

I'm hoping to find and buy some good stuff and am looking forward to all the heat (so I can go swimming without a wetsuit!!! YAY!) and my mum's got the factor 50 so I don't burn! Lol!

See you all when I get back home, unless I can find an internet cafe, in which I would post to update you all :)

bye <3

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sweet blog award!


I almost forgot that I still had more bloggers to give the irresitibly sweet award out to! It is such a struggle picking from the many great blogs out there! but I have managed to choose two more bloggers to the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to :)

Cucki from Cucki stitching cove, I recently found her blog and it is really sweet :) All her stitching projects are soo cute!


Rachel over at What Rachel loves, This little blog is uber sweet! I love the Rachel loves... post theme :D

I'm off to keep test knitting my gloves now, I should be finished by tommorrow and then I can put up my pictures on ravelry! I have typed up the pattern fully, tension and all! :)

Hope everyone is having a nice week :-)

Talk to you all again soon!


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wicked word clouds!


A while ago for a geography project I used Wordle it makes these really cool word clouds and the more the word is entered the larger it appears in the cloud. I hadn't used it for a while but I was checking out the website the other day and found that you can enter the link/url for a blog or website!..... sooo..... I entered my blog link and got this very beautiful cloud <3

I love it! and if you click the randomize button you can get your cloud in hundreds of different styles, fonts, background colours etc... :-)

I then got a bit carried away with creating and made this one too:

I just typed it loads of different yarn craft related words and this is what came out :) They are soo cool, once you start you'll be there for hours playing around :D 

Next I'm making one full of things that inspire me to put on my wall!

See you all soon,

Thanks for reading!

Bye     x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Blogiversairy Prezzie!!! :D

Hello everyone!

I just got back today and waiting for me through the door was a letter containing a cute fondant fancy card and a verrryyy sweet monkey cross stitch kit! They were sent to me as a blogiversairy gift from the lovely Laura over as Cute Crocheted Creations :-) I'm going to take the monkey kit with me on holiday to make by the pool! :0)


I love getting post, especially prezzie and swap post :)

I'm off to get my (beauty :0) sleep now because I'm tired after the long journey in the car, but I will be up bright and early to start crafting again as I have A LOT of things I want to make with all my new stuff from holiday.

See you soon,

Tar raa! (hahaha that means bye!)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holiday and crafting update

Hey guys,

It's not long till I'm back home for a while (then I'm off to Cyprus :) so I thought I would do a bit of a IOW holiday/crafting update and show you my very special new design I have been working on.....! :D

Firstly on my holiday update, I have been back to the haberdashery shop.... some of my families savings are still intact, I promise! (hahhahha :) My (lovely <3) mum treated me to another two cross stitch kits. I chose a pretty seahorse one and funny cat-buried-under-snow one:

I finished the Oriental Lady kit I got :) I haven't decided exactly what to do with her yet but she is very pretty!:

My mum also bought me this bag of different material scraps for me to make some great stuff with :D It was a bargain for only a £1! and that £1 went to charity :) All the material is sooooo coool, I can't wait to start some different projects with it:

In other non-crafty holiday news :) my (brilliant :) Dad bought me this fun Wonka anniversary chocolate bar from a local sweet shop:

It is so great, you even get a replica golden ticket inside! I was like *EEEEEPPPP* when I opened it! hahhaa :D

He and my mum have also bought me mountains of pic and mix and various cookies/cakes....mmmmmmmm :P

Now for some designing news...
I have been working on a new design recently which I hope is gunna look REAALLLLYYY GOOODD when I have finished, it's my new DICE SCARF!!!!!

I'm aiming to finish it before I go to Cyprus so I better keep working hard! :0)

I really hope it's going to look good, I really, really hope! I came up with the design a while ago but had to get the yarn I needed which I didn't have a chance to till now.

I'm off to go eat another cookie and then get back to work! :)

I hope you are all ok and having a nice week,

See ya!

Byeeee xxx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

DAL Is Done!

Hi guys,

I worked really hard last night on my Dal project and I managed to get it all finished! :D It was quite a lot of sewing for all the flowers but I am really pleased with how my gloves turned out.

Here is the picture I used as inspiration (just to remind you all :)

And here are a few pictures of my finished Cherry Blossom Gloves!!!!!! :]

In the end I worked them flat as it was quite fiddly trying to work with a relatively small number of stitches in the round.

I made the centre of the flower darker than the petals to make the flowers look just like real cherry blossoms. The back is just plain :)

They are very comfy (and so they should be after the time it took me to get sizing right!). One side had to be longer than the other so they fit hands nice and snugly :-)

I hope you like them!

I really happy with my design. The DAL has been really fun. Also I'm early, the deadline for submitting your design is the 25th of August :0)
Thanks Alyoops for setting up the group!
I'm off to put up my pictures in the completed thread,

See ya!

Bye xxx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ice cream, sea, sand and shopping!

Hi everyone :)


I'm in the Isle Of Wight on my holidays now! :)

I'm having lots of fun.We only came on Sunday and I've eaten 2 ice creams already, a bannoffe one and a hot choc dip, speciality of the Sandown! (a flake 99 dipped in melted chocolate :P). I've also been down to the beach and in the sea, which was FREEEEZING!!! *o* but I had a full body wetsuit on so I could just about cope :0)

Our apartment is quite nice and we have a little balcony which overlooks the beach, here is the lovely view:

The other good thing about our apartment is that it is only a short walk (although uphill!) away from two brilliant crafty shops, a cute haberdashery shop called Rainbows and a bead shop called Purple Moon Beads. I have been visiting them most mornings and picking up some different bits and pieces.

I managed to get some really good bargains such as this piece of beautiful oriental style material for only 75p!

...... Which will go perfectly with the Oriental Lady cross stitch kit I bought as well :)

(I had to get the bat kit too as it was just too cute to resist :3)

It's been nice having time to relax as it has meant I can catch up and do some more on my many knitting projects. Over the last few evenings I have been making more innocent hats:

I'll probably carry on with my DAL project tonight and maybe make one more hat as well,

I hope everyone is having a great holiday, wherever you are! :)

Speak to you all again soon!

Bye bye xxx