Saturday, 20 September 2014

Feeling all bridal part 2


last week I finished my two week Bridalwear course at the London college of fashion that I mentioned and showed pictures from in another post. Today I bring you the rest of my snaps!

Here are some different pictures of my finished bodice which I designed and made :):

(It doesn't quite fit the stand as I made it to fit myself, but you get the idea)

Here is the internal corset which is inside the bodice (under the CB):

Neck strap and gem detail:

And then here are all the buttons and roleau loops down the CB:

And here a pictures of my fishtail skirt design toile:

There are a few ways you can create a fishtail shape but my design incorporated godets at the sides and a central shaped flared pointed panels CB and CF:

We also learnt about bias cutting, veils, draping and twisting and bridal wear business tips so it was a really comprehensive course!

I absolutely loved it- I Wish I could do it all over again :D All the ladies on the course (Including me :) do get to visit the tutor Christina Sesays Bridal boutique as long as we bring treats to share :p so I am excited for that day!

I am off to get ready for bed as I have a big day tomorrow-  me and my mum are going to Vodafone London Fashion Weekend!!!! :D I GET TO SEE FASHION CATWALKS!!!! I am sooo excited. I will of course do a post of all my london fashion week and VLFWeekend news!

Speak to you again soon, hope you are well! 

Bye xxxxoooxxx

Friday, 19 September 2014

And the winner is...


The entries are now closed for the vintage/antique style giveaway and the winner, as chosen by random number generator is.........


Congratulations Mel, you are the lucky winner of all these goodies!:

I have left a comment on your blog but if you could email your address to me at then I can get your prize on its way to you ASAP :)

As usual don't worry if it wasn't you this time as there is lots of good stuff in the pipeline!

See you all soon for the news of the 2nd half of my bridal course! :-)

Byeee xxx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

You may notice some changes...

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that some changes are taking place on the blog...

I hope you think they are nice changes as I would hate to upset you lovely readers, just as I have mentioned before I like my blog to grow with me, so as I feel the main content of my blog start to shift, i.e. from knitting, to Kawaii crafting to fashion, costume and bridalwear, I like to update the look and style of my blog.

I like this approach rather than starting again, as what has gone before is my history and the growth of my knowledge and interests as a person- not things I want to delete and remove or sweep away to be forgotten!

I hope you will stick with me and follow me further on my journey as I enjoy talking to you all,

speak to you again soon!


Jordan xxx

p.s. the blog address will remain exactly the same, and please do leave comments of what you think of the revamp below :)

P.p.s the giveaway enrty deadline day for the recent vintage style giveaway is coming soon- don't miss out! Enter it now if you haven't already :D Good luck!

Byeee xxx

Monday, 15 September 2014

It's my Birthday! :D


Well, it was actually my birthday yesterday :P But I am bringing you my birthday post today.

First up has got to be my amazing cake, of course lovingly baked and crafted by my lovely dad. This year my cake was ice cream themed (because it is one of my fave desserts!) resembling a giant tub of ice cream and an amazing huge ice cream cone!!!!:

The ice cream cone is not even hollow! It was a moulded chocolate cone my dad made which he then added chocolate fingers to to strengthen and filled with homemade fudge sauce, cakes and biscuits before coating in white chocolate and broken wafers. Here is a cross section:

It is all soo tasty (as usual) and I am very much enjoying snapping bits off my giant ice cream cone and nibbling on them!

My brother also got me some amazing gifts including a grumpy cat cuddly toy and a star wars jawa figure (an in joke with me and him :p) abd yummy american candy and spreads- my favourite! My parents got me some chocolate too:

I love grumpy cat!! (I am not sure she loves me though! :p)

I got some cool fashion books and bits which I can't wait to start reading and using!!!:

My family are always so generous to me I feel so loved and lucky to have them and love them very much. I couldn't believe how many gifts I had- I think everyone went mad because it was my 20th :p look at all these cool food makers I now have to try:

I am trying to be healthy so am starting with the ice lolly maker :-)

My love for Hamsters wasn't forgotten either!:

And look at these adorable softies.


I also want to say thank you to my friends for
 Sending lots of birthday wishes and a lovely parcel of gifts from a college friend in the post and a knit your own boyfriend kit from my secondary school friend :p It is so nice to know you all and have you as my friends :)

Speak to you all again very soon I hope you are happy and well and thank you for reading my blog and being my friends too!

Bye xxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Feeling all bridal...


I hope you are all happy and well! Today I bring news on my bridalwear course I am taking art the London College of fashion.

I am absolutely loving the course, it is absolutely brilliant- I have learnt so much from the lovely tutor- Christina Sesay, who has her own bespoke bridal business (like what I hope to have one day :)

I have not quite finished my bodice yet (I will be done by friday) but here is what I have so far on the stand. It is boned, fully lined and lo has an internal corset to pull the bride in that extra bit more if she wishes. The design is all mine and it was lovely to see something I had imagined coming to life in front of me through all the new skills and techniques I had learned:

As well as bodices, we have also been working on some skirts, just as toiles. I will have a fishtail style one to show you all soon, but for now here is the draped front skirt with integral train:

This one is so interesting. I am enjoying working on skirts as these are something I have experimented less with compared to bodices and tops.

I better go now though as I have to go there now for day 3 of week 2! :-)

Speak to you all again soon,

Bye xoxoxo

Friday, 5 September 2014

Vintage/antique style GIVEAWAY :D


As promised  I bring you the latest giveaway! :) This one kind of has an antique/vintage style to it:

So you could win:

-A set of little house shaped buttons
-A length of dotty ribbon
-A pretty set of note cards and envelopes
-6 flat back gold and silver, metal, butterflies and flower charms
-And last but not least 3 lace motifs for you to sew on whatever you want :-)

Now for the details:

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below. Make sure I have some way to contact you e.g a blog address or ravelry name- in case you win!

If you want a whole 2!!!! extra entries though just post a link to my Etsy shop or my blog on your blog or Facebook or Twitter (etc...) page (make sure to link to your post below :)

Anyone, any age, anywhere can enter and the giveaway will close, and winner will be announced on Friday the 19th of September. 

Good luck!!!!!

I hope you like the giveaway and I will speak to you all again soon to tell you about my wedding dress course :D

Byeee xxx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last bits of holiday news...

I am back from all of my holidays now, so I thought I would bring you my last few bits of news and pictures :)
First up- In the IOW there is a HUGGGGEEEEE Tesco Extra (I mean really huge! It looks like an airport hanger from the outside!). When me and my family were wandering around it I spotted some really cool biscuit spreads down the jam and spreads aisle; Bourbon biscuit, cookie, custard cream and cookies and cream :D I got sooo excited when I saw them- My parents treated me and my brother to the whole set to try (and also a pot of caramel biscuit spread which was on sale in Sainsbury's too :P). I can whole heartedly recommended all of them, they are so delicious (not very healthy though, so be warned if you do buy some- you will eat it all!). Me and my brother have been dipping everything in them :P:
Hehehe, did you spot the little bunny in the middle of all the jars? He is my latest little friend :) He is called Mr bunny and he is a hand needle felted little character made by a lady on the IOW. He was displayed in chocolate apothecary (along with some of his needle felted friends also available for sale). I have decided he is going to come with me lots of places as he can fit in my pocket and is quite an adventurous chap (as long as he gets his regular chocolate boost! :P).
Some other cool things I got in the Isle of Wight were these cool fashion plates- they are actually from the era so they are real fashion relics!!!:

They are so interesting to me- especially after completing costume history this year. They are the kind of things I see on slide shows so to own some is amazing! :) There were a pile in an antiques shop and they were only about £4 each- a really good price. I am going to frame them and hang them in my room to make it even more like a couture house :-)
And I also got these 3 little guys:

To add to my hamster collection! They were also handmade on the IOW (at the Arreton barns craft cabin)
My friend Eleanor recently visited the IOW as part of her holidays and she sent me lots of postcards from all the places she had visited which were lovely to receive and learn what she had been up to in the place I love :)
Hehehe, now I have finished being an Isle of Wight  promoter I will move on!
This is the last thing I have to share with all you lovely people. Not anything about holidays- I promise- because you are all probably sick of my holiday updates by now :oP As most of you will probably already know, my dad teaches maths at a primary school. He tries to make the lessons really fun and engaging and one of his aids is a little monkey toy which when it is tossed to you you answer a question :) Up until now the monkey just had a little badge on the front which said 'I LOVE MATHS' but my dad asked me if I could make him a new little shirt. I was happy to accept this fun challenge (definitely the first time I have made anything for a monkey :P)  and this is what I created for the little dude:

I also gave him a little pencil so he can write down all his clever maths calculations!
I really hope the kids like his t-shirt :-) My dad gave me a big hug- from both him and Nev (the monkeys name)
I better go now as Big brother is on (my guilty pleasure!) and then I have to get to bed ready to start my Wedding Dress sewing course tomorrow! Wooooooooooo! I am soo excited :D I will of course post pictures of my make :)
Keep an eye out as the giveaway I mentioned is coming soon also as I have collected all the bits for it now :)
I hope you are all well, speak to you again soon,
Byeeeee XxXxXxX
P.s. all the new makes I posted a teaser of in my last post are up in my shop now so please do check them out :)
Byeeee Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox