Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy Belated Christmas

Hi everyone, 

This is a Happy Belated Christmas post as my Internet was down for a short while. So first off I'd like to say that I hope you all had a fabulous christmas!!! :D
And next, as we have passed the christmas period I can bring you a picture of the contents of the crafty christmas advent Calendar;

Now onto a little bit about my Christmas, I had a lovely day with my family eating a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by my dad :D And then there was lots of present exchanging which is always fun too! Everyone was so generous and I got some lovely presents :-)
I got a wig stand (in my size :) which is extremely useful for testing hat patterns on:

And then I got lots of hat making materials So I can get to work and make a range of hats and fascinators using my new hat books I also got for inspiration:
I also got a book on wedding traditions in different cultures.  I have learnt so much from it  already! All the information will come in really useful for my 3rd year project I plan to do so I have been taking notes as I read :p

my last present I want to show you is my sylvainian families harvester. This is an older sylvanian family set so my family had to put quite a bit if effort into sourcing it! I thought it was really cute though and filled with all my sylvainian people and a bit of extra food and look at my bustling bistro!:

My last bit of christmas news I bring you is of the hats I helped my family make for christmas eve for fun. I used my new millinery skills. My hat is the crazy stripy one in the middle!
:p they were all based on historical styles I was really making everyone be a costume nerd :p

See you all again soon,

bye xxxx

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas stars!

Hi everyone, 

On Saturday my family and over some food friends for a dinner party :) Each time they come over- especially at Christmas I like to make some little table favours :)

This year I decided to implement some of my new found knowledge from the different skill weeks at college- I used printing!

I cut out my own little design of a star stencil and then printed 8 of them onto calico using some gold Dylan fabric paint though the stencil with a brush- a different method to college as I didn't quite have all the proper equipment :p

I then ironed them once dry to affix the paint fully, before backing with Christmassy fabric, placing ribbon between the two layers then sewing around.
Lastly I pinking sheared around them to stop fraying and give a simple decorative looking edge. And voila,  my little decorations were then complete; 

I think they looked nice on the table and they got some compliments so I was very happy :) they were also fairly quick to make due to some simple stencil printing being there main feature. I will definitely be experimenting further with this technique :-)

The Christmassy crafting really got me into the festive spirit too! It is soo close to Christmas now- I can't wait!  I hope you are all doing well and are happy,

see you soon,

Bye xoxoxo

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and starting to get into the Christmas spirit as that is not far around the corner!
Today Is just a quick post again- but I do assure you they will start getting longer no I have finished college for Christmas and I don't have the end of year hecticness. I mean I need to return to wigs to tell you all about how to work some crazy updos! :P
But back to the topic of today- Dancewear! Yes, this was the last week as part of my series of 4 weeks at college covering different disciplines within the area of costume.
We got to choose to make either a leotard or a catsuit in a design of our choice. We had to be realistic with our choices though as we only had 4 days to complete them- including pattern drafting and fittings.
I chose to make a leotard, and kind of wanted to go with something that looked suitable for a gymnast (We could take inspiration from dance or sports). We made them for ourselves which means I got to parade around in mine on Friday (I looked a bit silly but it was fun!)
Here it is, I kept it quite understated but there is a flash of sequined fabric at the collar and cuffs to give it a bit of pzazz! :0P
It was quite high cut- a little bit 80s aerobics but it fit well in the end so that made me happy. I had never worked with stretch fabrics before last week so it was good to start learn the techniques :)
That is about it for this post (I said it would be short and I wasn't fibbing)
But I will be back super soon, hopefully with some Christmassy related posting material :)
Bye XxXx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

More wig-iness!

Hi everyone,

Just  quick a quick post again today (I promise they will get longer soon!). I just wanted to show you the last couple of the wig styles I worked on last week in college :)

First up is the style I designed for the character titania (the fairy queen) for Shakespeare play midsummer nights dream.  Well all designed and worked on a wig for different characters so by the end of the day it was like we had the whole casts hair :p
I was really proud of mine as hair is not something I am user talented at and before starting the week I never could have imagined I would be able to achieve anything like it from just a straight hair wig!:

And then here are a couple of shots of the finger waves me and a friend managed to do:

They were a super popular style in the 1920s and another thing I an proud to say I can know do!

As promised I will bring more info on how these wee achieved if anyone fancies potentially sporting one if these styles :p

I hope you are all well

bye xxx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014



This is a really quick post as it has been too long since I posted but I don't quite have time to go into all the detail I want to.. yet! As I mentioned last time I post this week I am working on wig dressing in college. It is such a new and exciting experience for me as seriously I have 2 styles hair down or hair up in a ponytail- I know nothing else :p

But look at the fancy styles I have been being taught how to create:

I will shortly bring you more information on how these looks well created, as well as info on the rest of the cool hair related stuff I learn the rest of this week too!

Speak to you all soon,
Bye xoxoxo