Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Space swap makes


Yesterday Annamaltoys received her parcel from me for the cute and quirky swap so now I get to show you what I made :)

Annamaltoys said she liked stars so I made her the rainbow star sun catcher from Hama beads (those ones you iron :) The little baby alien was from the Creepy crochet book  I got for christmas, I couldn't resist making him for the swap, hehehe, he was just too tiny and cute! And the planet keyring was from the pattern I made up a while ago, also I folded the little paper stars  :0)
I had a bit more time this swap so it was great to be able to make lots of little bits and pieces, and Annamaltoys said she liked all the handmade bits of her parcel especially so I was very happy :D

Now I have lots of little projects I need to go and get finished so I can show them all to you soon :)

See you all very soon,

Bye! xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

My tooth is gone!

Hi guys,

Today was the day I got my wisdom tooth taken out! I was a bit scared when I was sitting in the dentists waiting (wearing Norman my wisdom tooth badge, of course :0) but the dentist and dentist nurse were very nice. The numbing injection was the bit that hurt the most (well it hurts a bit now too) but during that I had to try and find outer mongolia on the map on the ceiling, hehehee!

Why I got home (with a numb mouth and dribbling everywere!) my very generous family gave me the gifts they very generously got me for being brave :) Here is the beautiful doll my mum got me:

She is sooo lovely <3 I cant wait to make some clothes for her, I have just got to finish the mermaid costume I am making for my Tangkou doll (pictures coming soon :D)

I haven't decided on a name for her yet... maybe Tianna? :)

Here is the jumper my dad got me, I am always cold so my dad got it for me to keep me nice and snuggly! hehhehe and because the label says 'brave soul' on it lol :o)

And my super duper, lovely jubbly, fandabby dosy brother got me these two brilliant gifts!

A Domokun plush and VEGGIE MARSHMALLOWS made by Sweet Vegan! I have been looking for veggie marshmallows
F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!! and never found them and Domo is hysterical, I LOVE him! :D (my brother showed me the Domo show on you tube, well worth a look, it is very funny :o)

Hehehehe, I am hugging my lovely Domo now <3 (and eating my marshmallows :0P)

My nan and auntie also got me some bath stuff so I can relax and rewind if my mouth is hurting,

Thank you to my fantastic family, I love you all so much <3

See all you lovely readers again soon too :)

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Space swap parcel! *o*


The swap theme this month in the Cute and Quirky swap was 'Super space!' and today when I came home my parcel was waiting for me :D I was so happy because I wasn't expecting it to come today. It was such a great parcel, look at all these cool goodies:

Everything is soo cool, I love the crocheted alien, he has been added to my ami collection :) The little star is also sooo sweet :3 And I can't wait to stick up the glow in the dark stars in my room!

As well as everything above, 0dds0cks also sent me this really cool dress she stitched for my Blythes, here is Etty modelling:

I think it is so gorgeous and so does Etty!

 Thank you to my generous swap partner 0dds0cks :-)

Hehehe, I love getting swap parcels <3 I will put up pictures of what I made for the swap when I have posted my parcel and my swap partner has received it.

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mini leeks

Hey guys,

A girl at school who sits next to me in form really loves manga (and is really good at drawing it too!) She was once telling me about this singing manga Character called Miku Hatsune, she sounded really cool so I  looked her up on you tube and found some of her songs which I thought were really good (even though I can't understand them because they are in Japanese, lol! :)

Here is a picture of her:

Image from: here

I love her blue hair :0) There was only one thing... why is she holding a leek!? None of her songs are about leeks or anything? It took me a while to find out why, but in the end it is something to do with a funny welsh song; 'leekspin', featured in an anime program in Japan.

Once I unveiled the mystery of the leeks I found myslef having an overwhelming desire to make some!

Hehehe :D Here are my mini versions of Miku's signature leeks:

They were so fun to make, I am turning one of them into a brooch for myself and am going to give the other one to the girl who introduced me to Miku and her wonderful leekiness! :0P Hehehe, I hope she likes it.

I am off to sew pins to the back of my mini leeks :)

See you all soon,

Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

All prepared!

Hey everyone,

In 10 days I am getting one of my wisdom teeth taken out because it is growing all funny and kinda hurts :( I was a bit worried at first but my parents and my little brother said they would get me a couple of presents  for being brave!!!! :D They are a very lovely and generous family, they also said we could eat lots of ice cream :-) Now I have something to look forward to I feel a lot less scared about the whole thing and when I visited the dentist to book the appointment all of the dentist-people (hehehe :) seemed very nice so that made me feel better too.

Some of you may know of my love of knitted/crocheted/stitched brooches so I thought I would make one to  wear to the dentist, a little friend to accompany me...

Here is Norman the wisdom tooth (that is why he has got glasses, hehee):

He is blushing because his roots have been revealed, lol!

The people at the dentists will probably think I am a bit crazy, but oh well, Norman will help me stay calm (and so will  the thought of the prezzies and ice cream when I get home! :0)

See you all later,

Bye xxXxxXxx <3

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mini New Year Blythe giveaway- Winner!

Hello everyone :)

Entries are now closed for the mini Blythe New Year giveaway and the randomly chosen winner is............



Her new years reloution is to finish writing a full length novel by July :)
Image from: here

I have contacted you through Ravelry so I can get your prize to you as soon as possible :) Miss Blythe  is very eager to meet her new family! Hehehe :-)

As always, don't worry if you didn't win this time as I am planning another giveaway for next month or so you will have another chance to win something else soon! :D

See you all again later, good luck to everyone with thier new years resoloutions and congratulations again to KJo!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Blythe swap outfit arrived!

Hello everyone!

A couple of days my outfit parcel from my partner in the Blythe swap arrived :D I was going to take pictures then but my camera battery ran out :( Oh well, never mind, now I have more batteries though so I can show off what I got in may lovely parcel :0)

Here are Catherine and Candy modelling the beautiful new additions to thier wardrobe. Candy loves the sweater and skirt, they compliment her hair so well and Catherine's spotty dress is so bright and happy! But who is that down if front? I hear you ask.... this is the new super cute addition to my blythe family also sent to me by my very genrous swap partner :)

I think I will call her Christina!

You couldn't see in the picture above but this is the bow headband which goes with Candy's dress, I love it! Sooo cute!

And if the spotty dress wasn't cool enough already it is also reversible, here is the pattern on the inside:

As well as all this my swap partner also included some little shiny star buttons and some charms in the parcel and said I could choose a free blythe pattern from her shop on ravelry, how kind! Thank you PandoraPhelps! :o)

Hehehe, here is Etty (short for Etty-Madeline, her full name :) talking to Christina and waiting for her turn to try on some of the beautiful clothes:

I made her the brown evening dress myself out of an old cushion cover, lol!

Hehehe, see you all soon,

Bye! XXX

P.s There are only a few days left to enter the mini blythe giveaway so don't miss out on your chance to win a little friend! Good luck :-)

Bye xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blythe outfit swap

Hello everyone :)

A while ago on Ravelry I joined the Knitting for Blythe group and a month ago a handmade outfit swap was opened! I was really excited and signed up straight away and got to work on an idea for my outfit, last week I posted mine off and may partner has now received it (and really likes it!!!! :0D) so now I can show it to you. It was apple themed and I tried to package it up like a real outfit you can buy, I call my outfit 'Orchard cutie!':

I designed the dress and hat, the scarf was inspired by the one I was sent by the lovely Laura in the cute and quirky swap and used a pattern from Puchi Collective for the shirt :) I hand felted the little apple too, just for fun!

As an extra I included these little crocheted Bunny slippers (my own pattern :)

Hehehe, It was really fun making my outfit!

I can't wait to see what outfit I get sent to meeee! :D

See you all soon,


Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year Giveaway!


To start the new year off with a bang I decided to hold another giveaway! As it is the first one of the year, I wanted to giveaway something special... I love my blythe dolls, and making things for them so..... the prize for this giveaway is a cute mini vintage style Blythe doll (and pet :0) which you can love and make outfits for too :) oooh and a yummy chocolate star as well! :P

All you have to do to enter is:

Be a follower and leave a comment at the bottom of this post saying one of your new years resoloutions (just for fun :)!

Please also make sure to leave a way for me to contact you in case you win! e.g a craftbubble or ravelry name or a blog or email address

The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere :)

Entries close on the 15th of January and the winner will be randomly selected and announced the same day :D

I hope you like the giveaway,

Good luck! xxxx