Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brother's Birthday! :D

Hello everybody,

Tomorrow is my brothers birthday! :D This year he got his cake a bit early as my dad had to work on Saturday so wouldn't of had time to finish it for Sunday then so he started early and presented it to my brother yesterday. My brother loves space and anything to do with it, this is the cake design my dad came up with for him this year:

A to-scale (and factually correct) cake representation of the first footprint on the moon!!! The flag behind the cake is also made of icing and the ridges underneath it are made of chocolate rice cake crispie and the moon rock chunks are made of coloured icing, so everything, as usual is edible :-)

It is super delicious but after two days we have barely made a dent! Hehehe my dad said there was 36 eggs (!!!!) that went in to it so luckily we all have good stamina when it comes to eating cake :P lol!

I didn't quite create anything near that scale for my brother but I did design and make him this little ami Nasa astronaut:

I tried to get it a little bit factually correct by adding the little badges and straps on the space suit, I really hope he likes it :0) I also got him a Domo plush because he keeps admiring my collection and two trading card thingys with real moon and mars rock on them!

In other news I sent of these ten chicks/snowmen I made for a cancer charity's chick knit that some of you may remember I participated in last year:

It took me longer than expected to complete them but I am glad I managed to finish and get them sent off before Easter :)

I'm off to eat some more cake now, hehehe :P

See you all soon,

Bye xXxX

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

March Swaps


The other day the ATC's I made for Laura as part of the March ATC swap we decided to do arrived do now I can show you them :):

The 'Meer-Bunny!' cross stitch design was from a kit I bought in Hobbycraft. The cross stitch designs on the Food ATC are my own and I called that ATC 'American diner' :-) Laura liked them so 'Yay!'

I really enjoyed making the ATC's and will definitely be making more in the very near future!

Thank you for swapping with me Laura , and sharing your ATC know-how :)

Another swap I signed up for in March was the Cute and Quirky swap, this months theme was 'Super Safari' and yesterday my parcel arrived from Oddsocks, look at all the super cool stuff I got :D:

I can't wait to make the cross stitch kit and I really love, love, love the little crochet elephant she made :) The eyes are even handmade! They are so effective, I must try making some eyes soon (I think they are made from fimo type stuff)

Thank you Oddsocks!!!

Here is the little lady in a leopard costume I designed and stitched to put in the parcel I sent :P:

Hehehe, pretty random I know but it was just and idea that popped into my head when I looked at the leopard print felt I had and thought it would be fun to make and the swap is for quirky stuff :D She was liked, so once again 'Yay!' :0) You can see the rest of what I sent on Oddsocks blog: here!

I'm off now to keep working on the mini ami astronaut I am making for my brother for his birthday which is coming up this Sunday,

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Blythe sock hat - tutorial

Hello everyone :)

The other day I was sitting doing some work when I looked over at my girls Candy, Catherine and Etty.M and a pair of socks I got for Christmas sitting on my dresser and had an idea.... Blythe sock hats!

And here they are, I made them all one:

I thought it was really cool how different socks gave such different effects 

They are very simple and fun to make so I thought I would post up a tutorial so any little Blythe out there who wants one can have one too!

Blythe sock hat tutorial:

You will need:
  • A needle
  • Some thread
  • A pen
  • A sewing pin
  • A sock, of course :)
  • And any decorations you want to add

How to:

First step, choose your sock!

Then turn it inside out and pop it onto your Blythe (or other dolls) head. Once you have got it on properly place a pin through both sides of the sock at the very top, where the hat should end:

Once you have done this carefully remove the sock, making sure not to displace the pin and pick up your pen! Onto the hat draw an outline of where you will be stitching, draw an outline similar to the red dotted line in the picture for a bunny style sock hat or the blue dotted line for a beanie hat (or you can experiment and come up with your own hat style):

Don't cut anything yet as if you cut before sewing the sock material will roll at the edges making stitching difficult. Stitch all the way around your outline:

Then carefully cut out you hat shape, leaving about 1/2 to 1 cm gap of sock around all the stitching. (If making a bunny hat make several small cuts at the bottom between the ears to prevent gathering up in  this area when turned right-side out):

Then turn you hat right side out...

... decorate, however you wish, and with whatever you wish....

... All finished!!!

I hope you like the tutorial :) <3

See you all soon,

Byeeeeee xxx

P.S. A huge massive thank you to Kerry from the fabby blog Ramblings of a bisconu addict and Rie from the super cute blog OMG toasties who both passed on  the liebster blog award to me as well as Laura :D I feel so very loved! xxx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award! :D

Hello everyone,

I awoke this morning to find I had been awarded the Liebster blog award by the lovely Laura over at Cute Crocheted Creations! I am so thrilled, thank you Laura :-D If you have never visited Laura's blog you definitely should, here creations are definitely cute!

The rules of the award are:

1. Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
4. Share five random facts about yourself that people don't know about you.

I am passing the blog award on to: 

  • Lyndell over at Fashioned by Lyndell, I love seeing the amazing outfits she makes for her sweet Blythe dolls whose adventures always make me smile :)
  • Holly from Holly's creative crafts because her blog is really lovely and her makes are getting even cuter with all the baby stuff she is making as she is now a mum to be! 
  • Jas from Jasmines crafts because her blog is really cool, and she gave me my first ever blog award and I have always wanted to give her one back as a big thank you! :-)
  • Alyoops over at Aly-oops! because I love her blog tons too! 
I can't decide which one more blog to pass the award to so I will have to have a think and post this later, there are so many fab ones to choose from!

And my 5 random facts are:

- The names like for my children (in about 20 years :P) are Rubeena, Bea or maybe Milly if it is a little girl or Buzz for a boy
- My favourite dessert is probably ice cream covered with sweets and Toffee sauce
- I would like to do something to do with textiles when I go to university (as I haven't done art in school before so many textiles courses may not accept me, but I am making a portfolio), but otherwise I would probably do something involving physics/engineering as enjoy learning about that at A level
- My favourite restaurant is probably Pizza Hut or Marine Ices in London
- I watch Spongebob Squarepants every morning with my 'LB' (lovely breakfast :P) that my dad makes me it is kind of a mini platter of fruit, cereal and sometimes a little biscuit or piece of cake, I must post a picture sometime soon!

Thank you again to Laura for passing on the award to me!

See you all soon,


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Amazing ATC's!


Today when I got home from 6th form a special parcel was waiting for me, the ATC's (artist trading cards :) from Laura as part of the March ATC swap we arranged to do :D We decided to swap one Easter themed one and one food or treats themed one. I  was super excited as this is my first time of making/swapping ATC's. I was even more excited when I opened the envelope and saw the two super amazing creations Laura had made!:

They are soo super fab, seeing the cute little chick made me immediately happier and the glittery aida the cupcake was stitched on is really cool, I must ask Laura where she got it! :0P I love them both soo much and they are first two in my collection of hopefully many :-)

Thank you Laura!!!

I am posting off the two I made tomorrow, I will post pictures when Laura receives them. I hope she likes hers as much as I like mine :0) I am also posting off this months parcel for the cute and quirky swap so will post pictures of what I made for that too soon :)

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day and a marshmallow! :3


My mum liked her bracelet! Yay! :D I was sooo happy :-) 

here is a picture of the card I made my mum too, I couldn't post a picture the other day as I hadn't finished it yet:

My Mum likes squirrels :P the design was from a Mouseloft kit I got for my birthday and I added 'nuts please!' because I thought he looked a bit cheeky like he was asking for some food! It is a fridge magnet :)

And today when I was watching a murder mystery with my mum I stitched this little marshmallow:

She is called Marsha Mellow (as named by my Dad, hehehe :-) I will soon be making her a chocolate topping too because my favourite sandwich ever since my brother got me vegetarian marshmallows is toasted marshmallow and chocolate spread :P mmmm yum yum! I reccommend whipping one up and trying it :)

Happy Mothers Day Mum! 

Hehehe, See you all soon,

Bye <3

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mothers day bracelet


For mothers day I wanted to get my Mum a special piece of jewellery :) I looked on lots of different websites at some very beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery but I didn't know that any of them would be able to arrive in time for Mothers day :( I was talking to my Dad and he said why not just make my mum a special bracelet or necklace? I had a think about it and had a look in all my craft boxes and found some bits and pieces that gave me an idea for a bracelet inspired by the one my dad bought me for Christmas:

After being slightly worried at first about how my jewellery would turn out (especially as it was going to be one of my Mums main gifts) but I am really happy with it :) I hope my Mum likes it!

I was also happy because I learnt a new skill, making felt beads :D I had lots of wool in the needle felting kit I got the Christmas before last so I had a large selection of colours, they are fairly simple to make and there is a great tutorial here! :-)

Now I have go to finish some of the little knitted chicks I am making for charity, like the ones I made last year! :)

See you all soon,

Byeeee xxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Pirate ship t-shirt!

Hello everyone :)

Welcome to my new followers also! Today was non uniform day at my 6th Form and I decided I would wear my domo hat about a week ago! I wasn't sure what top to wear though but then I remembered I had a stitched pirate ship t-shirt I started making agggeesss ago for a themed party but then it got cancelled :( So I thought I would finish it off for today, I managed it just in time:

I was really happy because everyone said it was really good :-)

I got the fabric in a bag of cuttings I bought from a craft shop in the IOW a while ago (I think I posted about it, it was only a £1 but I have found so many uses for all the bits of fabric so far!)

I really want to try stitching some more t-shirt designs soon, I have had lots of ideas.... hehehe :)

I am off to keep working on the ATC's I making for a swap I am doing with Laura from Cute crocheted creations at the end of March, I am sooo excited!

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mums Birthday!


Today is my Mums Birthday :D


Hehehe :)

As always I like to make a handmade gift, as well as giving bought gifts when it is my family's birthdays and for my Mum's birthday I decided to make her a mug cosy. I made one using one pattern but then when I had finished it it wouldn't fit any mug in the house! So I looked for another pattern and found one for a lovely cabled mug cosy :) I am happy with how it turned out, I hope my mum likes it! She is opening her gifts when we all get home from school/work:

I used a little heart button to fasten it :-)

I'm off now to sing Happy birthday! hehehehe,

Bye xxxx

Friday, 2 March 2012

***IOW goodies giveaway winner!***

Hi everyone :)

Entries are now closed and it is the time everyone has been waiting for (hehehe :) the winner of the IOW goodies giveaway is..... Drumroll.......

Melanie (trot26)!


Image from: here

I have sent you an email on ravelry so I can get you prize to you as soon as possible :-)

Of course don't worry if you were not the lucky one this time as I have got another giveaway up my sleeve for the not too distant future! :0)

Congratulations again to Melanie,

See you all soon,


P.s This is my 200th post! I love posting on my blog and reading all the comments from all of you my fabulous readers so thank you very much :) Help your self to a balloon so you can join me in my celebrations!

Image from: here

Hehehehe, Bye! :P


Thursday, 1 March 2012

One day left to enter IOW giveaway!

Hello everyone

Firstly a huge welcome to my new followers :D 93 followers, thats amazing to me! It makes me soo happy to know that I have so many lovely friends who like my little blog, thank you everyone :)

I just wanted to let you all know there is only one day to left to enter the giveaway, don't miss out if you haven't already entered!

Image from: here

Good luck :-)

See you all soon!

Bye xxxxxxxx