Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hey everyone :D

Since I started 6th form where you can wear whatever you want (as long as it is smart :) I took a pledge to wear something handmade, by me, everyday, so far I have managed it :D I have worn the big bow headband I posted about, my DAL gloves, some of my knitted brooches and I have also been making some new stuff that I thought I would show you all today :)

First up I made this knitted sushi charm bracelet using the mini sushi pattern I created a while ago:

Then I did some sewing and made this little heart brooch and headband...

 I love her! <3 I used the beads my friend got me for my birthday for her eyes :)

And to make the headband I used some fabric I cut out of a handbag I had ages ago, I thought the writing gave it a bit of a couture look :0) It went perfectly with my brown and yellow stripy jumper! :)

The last thing I wanted to show you was this dessert ring I made using fimo and a Polly Pocket plate and cup :-) It was inspired by all the cool rings I have seen on From Japan WIth Love. People at school were like 'did you really make that?' Lol :o) I had to be careful I didn't poke anyone with it!

The funniest thing was I actually had to 'bake' the tiny fimo cookies! Hehehe!

See you all soon,


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Swap parcel and a prize package! :)


The day after I got my lovely birthday present from Laura the postman delivered my cute 'n' quirky swap parcel from Odds0cks! :D This months theme was sweets and treats, here's what I got!:

  • 2 lengths of pretty flower ribbon
  • A pack of jelly beans and some tasty fudge! (YUM! :P)
  • A cute cupcake birthday card
  • A pack very cool ice lolly/ice cream buttons :)
  • And an ultra kawaii amigurumi sweetie key chain designed and made by Odds0cks! :3

These are gunna be sooo great for adding to amigurumis!

Isn't he just soo sweet! I named him Tommy the Toffee :-) I have put him on my school bag zip too along with the twin cherries, they are my mini ami crew! :)

Thank you Odds0cks!!!! I love everything <3

Oddsocks has a blog which is really cute and I advise you definitely check it out as she said she might even put up the cute sweetie amigurumi pattern sometime!: http://0dd-socks.blogspot.com/

And if that wasn't enough great post already, today I got my special prize for being one of the winners of the summer DAL on Ravelry! (Heehe, it was such a coincidence Alyssa asked me if it had arived yet yesterday!)

Aren't these some of the coolest stitch markers you have ever seen? :0)

The DAL is run by Alyssa, from http://aly-oops.blogspot.com/ and this lovely prize was provided Stephcuddles, so thank you to both of you!

If you are jealous of my fab stitch markers (heheehe :)  you can visit Stephcuddles etsy shop where she has a huge range of uber cute stitch markers including the mini mug and cream cake ones above I was lucky enough to win: http://www.etsy.com/shop/stephcuddles You can also visit her blog which is really cool too: http://www.stephcuddles.com/

I wonder what the postman will bring tomorrow, lol! :0P

See you all soon,

Bye! xXx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lovely birthday package! :D


Today I got home from school to find a very large parcel waiting for me :) It was a birthday gift from the very lovely (and newly-wed! :) Laura from Cute Crocheted Creations.

Excitedly I opened the parcel to find all these wonderful gifts!!!!:

All my presents were wrapped in cute dinosaur wrapping paper and Laura even included a little goody bag from her wedding containing some of the beautiful leaves that her mum made which decorated the wedding tables :-)

Here are some of my gifts up close :0):

I love these two guys, they are soo sweet! I'm putting them on my school bag zip to make me smile every day :)

Laura also made me this cool charm, and pair of stitch markers which will come in
 very handy when making amigurumi!

Here is the little wedding goody bag <3

The socks are so darn cute! and really snuggly too :0) And I was like 'WOW!' when I saw the lemon scented embroidery thread :P

I've already started thinking of what projects to use all these buttons and charms on, my fave is the little silver froggy! I had to carry all of them to my room in the cute lemon purse to prevent losing any of them!

Laura Started me on cross stitch and now she is helping me continue by adding to my cross stitch kit stash! :o)  I was really happy when I saw the little Hello Kitty figure as I have a mini collection of them and now I have one more!

Thank you Laura for all the amazing gifts!!! The parcel made my day :D

I'm off now to admire all my prezzies from afar as I finish my homework. Then I'm off to go an be a guide at the open evening at school for upcoming year 7's :)

See you all soon, bye!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Plaster protectors - Free pattern! :)

Hey everybody,

Now everything is settling back into routine what with school work and everything I've had time to whip up the pattern for something I came up with the idea for a while ago: A Plaster protector!

Don't worry, I don't have that many boo boos :) Hehhee I'm just modelling them all!
If you are a bit confused, don't worry I will explain :) In my house we only ever have the beige/tan boring plasters, never the Hello Kitty, Winne the pooh or character plasters (mainly because they are really expensive and my dad and brother wouldn't want to use HK plasters, lol!) Every time I end up getting a paper cut etc... I try to decorate my plaster with stickers, doodles and all kinds of other stuff but nothing ever works (I'm not crazy I just like pretty stuff!). My plaster also usually ends up getting stuck to my hair whenever adjust my fringe and it and eventually falls off :/

So.... to solve this problem I came up with the plaster protector, a cute little snuggly cozy which you slip on your poor injured finger over your plain, boring plaster to make it look much more fabulous and interesting and stop it from sticking to your hair and clothes! :D

And here is how to make your own so you too can solve all your plaster related problems (If you have any like I do! :-)

You will need:
  • 3.25 mm knitting needles
  • Small amounts of any chosen colour DK yarn
  • A darning needle
  • and a pair of scissors
Basic Pattern:

Using 3.25mm knitting needles and the main colour DK yarn cast on 16sts for medium size: to fit index finger, middle finger, ring finger and thumb. Or cast on 14sts for small size: to fit little finger or smaller childs hand. (To adapt the pattern to fit larger or very small hands just takeaway or add one or two sts to either end accordingly and work as normal.)

Row 1-2: *K1, P1* repeat across
Row 3-9: Stst (begin with a k row)
Row 10: *K1, P1* repeat across

Then Cast off in K1, P1 ribbing (cast off in pattern) and fasten off.

Charts for designs:

The basic pattern makes a single colour plaster protector but you can get as creative as you want and decorate them with whatever you like! :) For example by doing rows in alternating colours you can make a stripy one :0) Below I have included the charts for how to make the heart one and the skull one shown in the picture. (Use the basic pattern along with the charts to get your chosen design :)

Heart chart:

Skull chart:

Making up:

Sew up seam at back of plaster protector to create ring which you can slide over your finger, then darn in any loose ends.
All done! :D

I hope you like my little pattern ! :D

See you all soon,

Bye :)

  • st(s) = Stitch(es)
  • K = Knit
  • P = Purl
  • Stst = stocking stitch (K 1 row, P 1 row)
  • ** = repeat what is in stars across row

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's My Birthday! XD

Hello guys!

Today is my birthday WOOOOO!!!! and It has been brilliant! :D My dad (as you will know if you have been a reader of my blog for a while) always makes me and my brother a special cake for our birthdays, and this year my dad really out-did himself! Look, everything is edible even the lid (which is made of rice crispy cake)! :P:

He combined my two fave things, knitting and cake!! :0)

It looks soo great and tastes just as good! The balls of wool are homemade chocolate chip muffins coated in icing :0P

My dad even made an icing replica of the little felt monster I made him XD He's yet to be eaten, Lol!

Today my other friends gave me a birthday present :D I got a giant Hello Kitty poster and these two cross stitch kits which will be soo fun to make:

They know me well :)

My family were also extremely generous with gifts too!

My brother made me a mini hamper with sweets, a hello kitty surprise egg and a cool purse in a really pretty box, the sweets and choccys are in the fridge now but here is the box and purse:

I love my little bro, and my new purse hehehe! <3

My nan and grandad got me lots of gifts including a couple of cross stitch kits, one of my aunties got me two funky pineapple dance tops and my other aunties got me some make up and bath stuff and £20.00 to spend in Miss Selfridge.

Here are some of the wonderful prezzies I got from my parents... : )

I can't wait to read the book about Lady Gaga's fashions, they facsinate me! ( I'm listening to the Born this way CD right now! :)

Do you think that's enough chocolate and sweets for one person? Mmmm :-P

Look at all these Hello kitty goodies! :3 Im going to put some of my crafty bits and bobs in the tin


WOOOO! These four cuties were on my b-day list!!!! They are Hannari tofu plushes, random and cute, perfect! I loooooovvveeee them! <3 <3 <3

This tin my dad got me I also really love, it has talking grain of rice on it, hehehaha, so random :-)

My parents as an extra gift are also paying for me to start taking driving lessons, my first one is in two weeks, I'm soo excited!

I still can't believe all the amazing gifts I got (thanks everyone! xxx)

And thanks to everyone who left a comment wishing me a happy birthday, I really have had the best day ever! :)

See you all again soon,

Bye! XxXxXx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lucky me!


It's fast approaching my birthday (woooo!) so on Friday I had a party with 3 of my friends, it was very fun, we played monopoly and had pizza :P (I also got some special Hello kitty plates to eat the pizza off of! ahhaha so cute!). One of my friends gave me my present (well actually 2) early and I couldn't resist opening them, they were calling me! My first present was a stick of rock she had got me from her trip to Brighton (in a mystery flavour!!! :D) And the other present she got me was a lovely stylish mini 4 draw storage box for me to put my crafty bits and bobs in, psychicly she must have known I was running out of storage space! :-)

... But thats not all she also put a little gift in each draw of the box! :D How lucky am I! In draw 1 she had put a few sets of beads, and very thoughtfully in the colour black so I can use them for eyes on my amigurumi (currently I have to paint brown and pink beads to get black eyes!)

In draw 2 was possibly the coolest eraser you have ever seen.... :-) A big mushroom!

My friend is so generous, I still can't believe she even filled all the draws with gifts <3 In draw 3 was something I have never, ever seen before:

Mini love hearts! I really like love hearts but I didn't even know they made mini ones so I got pretty excited, they are sooo cute :D

And last, but definitely not least, in draw 4 was a handmade paper crane chain for me to give me luck :) I love it <3 It is so pretty and it means so much that she made it for me :0) I have hung it up in my room now so I can see it everyday!

So cool! XD

Also recently my nan came round and she bought lots of ribbon she had been given by someone and she asked me if I would like it!!! There was tons of it and as many of you will know it is really expensive in craft shops so I was thrilled. Look!:

I especially love the brown dotty one and there is almost a whole roll! My brain started whirring when I saw it, thinking of all the things I could make with it. My nan also brought me round three balls of red wool, one ball of yellow wool and a knitting and crochet stitch book she had been given too, I felt spoilt :0)

And if the lovely birthday gift and crafty donations weren't enough I also was recently chosen as one of the lucky random DAL winners for the summer challenge on Ravelry! I have won some pretty mystery stitch markers which I will post about when they arrive :) I also got this badge to put on my blog, made by Alyoops herself  (the DAL group creator):

I have submitted my pictures of inspiration for this round but am currently stuck between a few different designs for my final choice to make, I think I have nearly decided though. When I have finally, definitely, chosen I will be posting my sketch for you all to see!

I hope everyone is having a nice week,
See you soon!

Au revoir :-) xxx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Holiday giveaway winner!

Hello guys!

Entries are now closed for the Cyprus holiday giveaway and the winner, chosen this time by the random number generator is.........


(Number generator from http://random.org used )

Congratulations Laura! :)

 I have emailed you and will get your prize in the post to you as soon as possible :-)

Don't worry if you didn't win this giveaway as of course there will be other ones coming up shortly!!!

See you all very soon,

Byeeeeee x :0) x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crafting Update!

Hey guys!

It has taken me longer than expected to get this post to you due to my internet being very temperamental lately :/ but I'm pleased to say, here, now, finally, is my crafty update!

I thought I would start by showing you all the stuff I made whilst I was on holiday :)

First up I made three pieces of bunting for my knitting group. If you can remember my previous post they are trying to make a really long string in celebration for the Olympics and set a world record too!

The dotty piece was the most difficult. I had to kind of make up where to put the dots as I went along because the pattern was only for a plain piece, there were pictures of dotty pieces though so that helped a bit. I brought them to the group along with some sweets I got from Cyprus and a kids knit book for people to have a look at. All the ladies are soo nice at the group, they really liked my bunting and were also very interested in my finished DAL gloves, which I wore to the group to show them now they were finished as they were the project I was working on last time :) Also whilst on holiday I managed to finish some more innocent hats and two more cross stitch kits:

I really like the way my ice cream hat design came out and I also love the hat with two colour pom-pom, I think the colours make it look kind of royal :-) So far I have made 15 hats but I am aiming for 25 by October!

The monkey cross stitch kit required me to do some french knots which were very difficult at first.  In the end I managed to get them though which I am really pleased about as now I can try more challenging kits and can use them along with other stitches to make pretty borders etc... around some of the other designs I have stitched :D

I haven't really decided what I am going to do with all my finished stitchlet kits yet, at the moment I am thinking of making some kind of wall hanging but first I am going to finish my bat and cat-under-snow kits.

That's all the stuff I made whilst I was away,  I was in the swimming pool all the other time! Now for the stuff I have made since I got back :)

Mainly I have been doing a lot of sewing lately in my ongoing attempt to broaden my crafty skills! I picked up a book from the library about how to sew your own fleecy monsters and thought I would give one a go. I decided to make this little cutie called 'Prudence':

I didn't have any fleece so I made her from a pretty patterned washcloth I picked up once in a store  (I knew if I bought it and saved it one day I would find the perfect project for it!) Prudence sleeps next to red nose day monster now in my bed with all my other cuddly toys :0)

Today I finished the pencil case I have been sewing myself ready for when I go back to school (which Is tomorrow so I just made it! Hehhe :) I am sooo happy with it! :D I was like a nervous wreck at the sewing machine, I had spent so long applique-ing the little bird so didn't want to ruin the whole thing!

Luckily it also fits everything in it :0) The pattern was from a book my mum and dad got me for Christmas called 'Fast Fabric Gifts'.

I also finished this big bow headband today which I may or may not wear for my first day, I like it LOTS but it is very, very, BIG! and I don't want to be told to take it off because the people sat behind me can't see the board, lol :D

And finally the last thing in my crafty update, this random Hello Kitty necklace I made from the top of a broken HK Pez and some bits and pieces I had lying around:

I think it's quite funky! :0) I will be wearing it to school sometime when I find an outfit it goes well with. That's the positive side of now being in 6th form, you can wear whatever you like :)

Well that's it for my (huge!!!!, sorry :) crafting update, See you soon


P.s don't forget to enter the holiday giveaway! There is only three days left so don't miss out :D

Bye :0)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Holiday giveaway! :D


It's now time for the giveaway of the holiday goodies I bought in Cyprus :)

Here is what you could win:

  • A pack of cute stickers
  • A pretty purple beaded bracelet
  • A teeny tiny turtle candle :3 (Mint scented!!!!)
  • A cute pencil shaped tube of chocolate sweets (which you could use to store buttons when all the sweets have been gobbled up :P)
  • And some different flavoured Cypriot fruity sweets :-)
The giveaway entries close on the 9th of September and the winner will be announced on the same day.

To enter you have to be a follower and then all you need to do is send an email to: iitki@hotmail.co.uk 
giving your name :)

Good luck!!!!

I will see you all very soon for a bit of a crafting update :)

Bye x <3 x

P.S Laura from Cute Crocheted Creations is getting married today :D So I would like to wish her lots of happiness :0) Have a lovely day Laura!!!!!!!

Byeeeeeee :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm Back! and better than ever, Hehehe!

I have missed you all lots!
 I had a brilliant holiday though! :0) The apartment we stayed in was nice and had a great view of the sea and the water park was very fun, we went rock pooling and snorkeling quite a few times too!

This was the view from our balcony:

and here is a picture of the water park:

In the end I was brave enough to go on all the slides :)

This is one of the beaches I visited:

The water was quite clear and contained lots of fish and little creatures, I went floating round on my lilo wearing a snorkel, exploring! I kept creeping my dad out by saying 'I can see a hermit crab' and 'Whats that thing?', he's not as keen on the creatures of the deep as I am, he worries he will tread on them and get stung/bitten etc...! :0)

I can't blame him though, I did see some pretty odd marine life, such as this centipede type thing:

I think he is quite cute in his own way :)...?

In the rock pools there were lots of crabs and some baby hermit crabs too, which, of course I took pictures of to show all you lovely people!

I also manged to fit in a lot of crafting (post coming soon :) and bought loads of good stuff from the local shops such as a realllly cute hello kitty backpack and pair of shoelaces, some little hair clips and some bargain bracelets which had loooaaddsss of beads on which I am going to cut up and use for crafting :)

I also bought some stuff for a giveaway which I will be posting up soon, it has just been pretty hectic first day back. My GCSE results were meant to be posted to me, as I was away but there was a mix up and they weren't (I did find a little thank you card in the post though from Laura from Cute crocheted creations for the gift I sent her for her wedding, which you can see on her blog. That made me smile, thank you Laura!)

In the end I had to go to school to try and get them, thankfully the exams officer kindly came in especially for me, to sort them out :-)

I got:

English literature= A
English language= A
Maths= A*
Biology= A*
Physics= A*
Chemistry= A*
Citizenship= A*
RE= A*
PE= A*
Geography= A*
Business= A*
Food tech = A*

I was soooooooooo happy! I really wanted to get straight a's and was really nervous but in the end I managed to do even better than hoped, I cried when I saw the sheet! :D My family were thrilled too and to celebrate they are treating me to pizza and ice cream tonight, mmmmm...,

Yum! :P

I am a VERY happy bunny! =:0)

I also got to go to my knitting group today :) ( I will post about that soon as well)

I think I need too go and lie down now though, I have had a lot of excitement today and I didn't get back till about 1:00am this morning so I think I definitely need to relax a bit before my next dose of excitement, my pizza and ice cream spectacular! 

See you all very, very soon!

Bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(p.s thanks to Cucki for looking after wooly! Lol :-)

Bye <3