Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year! <]:0)

Hi everybody!

****HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D****

Image from: here

Hehehe, do you like the fireworks? No expenses spared! lol :0)

I hope you are all having a wonderful time :) Me and my family are celebrating by having ice cream coated with sweets and sauces as a special treat :P YUM! and we are watching a film and playing games too!

I'm sure many of you have made new years resolutions, I managed to achieve many of mine from last year so I'm going to try to do the same this year :) Here they are, well the fun ones anyway :) :
  • Continue and complete my portfolio ready for applying to a textiles university course! (try to do at least 10 minuites a day)
  • Continue to improve my sewing, knitting, crochet and general crafty skills by trying new techniques, reading, designing and making :)
  • Continue to expand my doll collection and make lots more lovely clothes for them (and maybe even try some customising!)
  • Continue to have fun posting on my blog and keeping in touch with all my lovely friends online and meeting new friends too :-)
Hehehe, I wish everyone a really, really, happy new year, again! :D

Keep a look out tomorrow as the special giveaway I mentioned may just open! ;0)

Hehehe, see you all soon!


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Advent calendar gifts revealed

Hi everyone,

With all the excitement of Christmas I nearly forgot to post up the picture I took of all of the things included in the advent giveaway I did!

luckily I remembered the other day :P Here is what was in the parcels:

The things in the little bags that you can't see that well are some different christmassy charms and beads o<:0)

I will be doing another special giveaway soon so make sure to check back :D

See you all later,

Byeeee! xxxxx

Sunday, 25 December 2011

*Happy Christmas!*

Hi guys!

I have had a wonderful day and I hope all of you have too :)

I had and amazing surprise when I came down this morning and my first prezzie was revealed to me... My very own Great white shark (they are my favourite animal) that swims in the air! I called him Bubbles:

 Heehee, he is coming for you! lol :0)

I also got lots of other great presents, look at these cute plushes my brother got me:

Soooo sweet :3

And here some of the other cool gifts my parents got me:

Some more clothes for my monster high doll Frankie

This very cool creepy crochet book that I saw in a shop and thought was great. I really want to make murdering mental Mary from inside the book, she looks very funny!

Some yummy chocolates and this little Berry man :P (well these were from Santa!)

I absolutely love this beautiful crafty themed handmade charm bracelet they got me, I'm never going to take it off!

And look who else came from underneath the wrapping paper... :)

 Hehehe, She fits right in with the gang! (I got the outfits for Christmas too :)

Me, my brother and my dad always watch spongebob as my parents bought me this spongebob hug t-shirt!

Not too many more pictures now, I am just so excited about all my presents!

So sweet :3

I have the hat to match this scarf and lemon chocolate is my favourite! :D

And finally I love these retro tins/boxes, I love everything in fact &lt;3

Thank you to my very generous family and friends!

I am also very happy because everyone liked the gifts I got them too, here is my brothers finished big present, a nacho hamper, can you see Mr Chilli Pepper?

lol :0P
I'm off to bed now, I got up very early so I am quite tried and eating lots of yummy food makes you tired and I have done alot of that today too,

Thank you to my lovely generous family again and also thank you to all you wonderful readers and followers I hope you had a brilliant day as well!

See you all soon,

Lots of love Jordan XXXX &lt;3

Friday, 23 December 2011

Last preparations for Christmas!

Hello everybody :)


Today I was doing my last preparations ready for the big day :) My dad baked the biscuits for me and my brother and then we decorated and put together this very yummy looking (if I may say so myself :0) shortbread biscuit house, I shaped the snowman biscuit at the front:

Hehehe I think the side bit looks like a face :-) We had to add the round biscuits and wafers as I messed it up and decorated the side pieces the wrong way round so there was a big gap between the sides and the  roof  :P Silly, silly me! But oh well, it worked out in the end and I've got lots of it to eat in the morning! mmmm.... :P

Tomorrow is the day I always go round my nans house for the evening so I made sure I got her Christmas mouse all done today, here he is (o:3

He is one of the Dickensian mice  from Alan Darts pattern. I adapted one of the hat style patterns slightly and added a bell to the top to make it look more elf-ish and then gave a little snowball. Finally I added a pretty Christmas star (from my Christmas swap parcel) to complete the look!

Tonight I am also going to make one of my quick n easy Christmas tree decorations for my Aunt who will also be at my nans tommorrow :)

Now all thats left to say is.....

Image from: here


Just in case any of you are too busy having fun on Christmas day and I don't get to wish any of you happy Christmas then :)

I'm off to get started on this decoration then, see you all soon !
And remember.... You better not pout, you better not cry because Santa Claus is coming to town o<]:0)

Bye :D xxxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dolls Christmas party :3 + Free Blythe Cracker hat pattern!

Hello everyone!

It has been a very fun day today :) Candy and Catherine had a special Pre-Christmas party today with thier newest friend Penny (A tangkou doll I bought on Ebay :) They chatted lots and drunk quite alot of orange juice too! For this special occasion I made them all some Christmas cracker/party hats, they liked them alot. Hehehe here is a shot I got of them all in deep discussion about how Candy keeps her hair so pink, lol!:

I thought I would give away the hat Pattern free just in case there are any other Blythes anywhere in need of party hats :0D

Here it is....

You will need:
  • A pair of 3.25mm needles
  • DK yarn in any colour you want (the better quality/slightly thicker the better as this stretches less when ironing flat)
  • A darning needle
  • A pair of scissors
  • And an iron (or you can block your piece)
Party hat pattern:
(Avoid knitting too loosely as this could lead to hat being too big)

Cast on 66 sts
Row 1-7: Stst 7 rows beginning with a K row
Row 8: In P, cast off 1 st at each end and work purl over rest of sts (64 sts)
*Row 9: K8, then working on these sts only (leaving rest of sts on needle) work first point:
(P across on all even rows)
Row 11: K2tog, K4, K2tog (6 sts)
Row 13: K2tog, K2, K2tog (4 sts)
Row 15: K2tog twice (2 sts)
Row 17: K2tog (1st)
Then fasten off for first point*

Rejoin yarn and work from * to * to work next point and then following remaining 6 points (8 points in total)

Making up:

Darn in all loose ends leaving just cast on thread for sewing up hat later. Then carefully iron hat piece to flatten slightly, avoid ironing the piece heavily as this will flatten it too much causing the hat to be too large. Alternatively you can block the piece to flatten, this takes longer but it you do not stretch piece too much this does reduce chance of hat being too big. (elastic can be sewn in to hat if this does happen anyway :) Then finally mattress stitch two end edges of crown together. You can then add any decorations you want :0)

All done!

I hope you like the pattern and I hope it enhances some other Blythe/doll parties! :0P

See you all very soon,

It's not long till Christmas now, I can't wait! 

Bye!! xxx

st(s) = Stitch(es)
K = Knit
P = Purl
K2tog = Knit two stitches together
Stst = Stocking stitch

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas swap parcel!


I was very happy the other day because my Christmas swap parcel arrived from the cute and quirky swap I organise on Ravelry. It was amazing and was sent to me by the lovely Laura from Cute crocheted creations!

Look at all these brilliant gifts, and they all came wrapped :D

I got:
  • A box of yummy Hello Kitty chocolates :P
  • A bag full of different festive crafty charms, beads and some sparkly thread
  • A special thread cutter
  • A mini stocking and Christmas tree decoration made by Laura
  • Some earrings (which I wore yesterday to a carol concert I went to at the Royal Albert Hall) and a cute crocheted penguin also made by Laura :)
  • A Cristmassy door sign kit which I will have fun making soon
  • And also a very lovely Blythe scarf Laura Crocheted, which Candy has claimed and will not take off!

Isn't he just sooo sweet? :3

Thank you to Laura my very generous swap partner, the parcel made my day! :0)

I'm off now to try and convince Candy to let Catherine try the scarf on! lol :P

See you all soon,


P.s Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Quality Street Green Triangle - Free pattern!! :D

Hello everyone!

It is the tradition in my house at Christmas to have a big box of yummy quality street! Normally we open the tin before Christmas but this year my Dad said 'Christmas day is the opening day, otherwise all of the good ones are gone by then' :P

One of me and my brothers favourites are the green triangles (they disappear the fastest!) so I thought I would make a little pattern to make some woolly ones to replace the ones I eat so I can eat more before my brother notices they are all gone!

And just in case any of you have to employ the same tactics as me to get your favourite sweets I am giving away the pattern free :0P Here it is:

Crochet Green triangle Quality Street

You will need:
  • 3.5mm crochet hook 
  • Dark green DK yarn
  • A small amount of toy stuffing
  • A darning needle
  • And a pair of scissors
Pattern: (I am using standard UK crochet abbreviations)

Top (make one):

^Make a magic ring, 6dc into ring (6sts)

*1dc, 2dc into next st* Repeat from * to * around (9sts)

*2dc, 4dc into next st* Repeat from * to * around (17sts)

3dc, 5dc into next st, 4dc, 5dc into next st, 4dc, 5dc into next st, 1dc (27sts)^

(1dc into each st around) x2

Slst and fasten off

Bottom (make one):

Work from ^ to ^ then slst and fasten off

To make up:

Sew top and bottom together and stuff as you go along. Darn in any loose ends, Finished!

Hehehe, I hope you like the pattern :-)

I'm off to make lots more ready to replace all the ones I'm gunna eat on Christmas day, I'll leave my brother one, well, alright then, two! Because I like the toffees too :0P

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx

P.s If you make them in all different colours you can use them as giant trivial pursuit pieces, lol!



slst = Slip stitch
dc = Double crochet
st(s) = Stitch(es)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Friends Christmas presents

Hello everyone,

Today I gave out all my friends Christmas presents that I made them :) I had to keep them all top secret until now to prevent ruining the surprise (they sometime check my blog to see what I am up to! :0P).......

......But now I can show you all what I made, here is the little crochet fruit ninja (based on the game/ipod app) I made one of my friends who likes that game and she taught me how to play it (I am rubbish with gadgety things/mini games etc..!):

Hehehe, I was very pleased because she liked him a lot :D

For my other friends I made some sock bunnies :) I saw some ones in a shop once and thought they were really cool so I decided to attempt making some similar style ones as gifts. I made a Mr and Mrs one :P

Once again I am pleased because they liked their gifts too :-) And they gave me a Christmas gift back too; some chocolate Santas, a cute Me to You Christmas decoration and a lovely smelling Lush bath bomb (that I plan to use on Christmas day!

Last year I made a piece of cake for my other friend I made a crocheted piece of chocolate cake so this year I made her a crocheted cupcake (using my own pattern :) to match:

And finally for my other friend in my form I made one of my special ice lolly brooches :)

Hehehehe Im off to bed now I am tired after giving out all my presents!

See you all very soon my very lovely readers <3

Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

More Christmas finishes


The other evening I had some spare time so I decided to sit and make up the little Christmas cross stitch decorations I have been making, I am pleased with how they turned out :):

They are quite 'rustic' though, heehehe!

I'm not sure If I will manage to finish both of the others but I am pleased I managed to finish these three, they make a good group! I am trying to make a special Alan Dart Christmas mouse for my nan and grandad as a gift to take round to them on Christmas eve which will probably take up quite a lot of my crafting time between now and Christmas :)

See you all again very soon!

Bye xxx

Friday, 9 December 2011

Quirky is Finished!

Hello everyone,

I am very happy as yesterday I completed Quirky, feathers, feet and all! Just in time for when we have some family friends coming on the 11th of December (my target day for finishing),

Here he is in all his turkey glory :0):

The feet were so fiddly but I got there in the end, I think this is the largest/most detailed toy project I have ever done.
 It is so amazing to look in the magazine at the picture and then look at Quirky and think; 'I didn't buy that I made it!'  That is why I love making things :D

Quirky has lots to do this Christmas, he is the centrepiece on the 11th, guest of honor at my nans on Christmas eve, centrepiece again at mine on Christmas day and he is also celebrating New Years eve with us all too, he is ready for it though with his party hat and blower! Lol :0D

See you all again very soon,

Bye! xxxXxxx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A cat and a chilli

Hey guys :)

Last week I finished another one of the Christmas cross stitch kits I have been working on, here it is:

 I said to my friends he either wants a hug or is doing Jazz hands and they all decided it was jazz hands and named him Jazz cat! Lol :0)

I like Jazz cat! <3 Next I am making a penguin one which my friends have already decided will be called Pingu!

I also finished this little knitted chilli pepper:

Hehehe, it is to go on a present for my brother for Christmas  (he likes chillies! :) I made up the pattern myself and decided to call him Mr Hot 'N' Spicy :P

I hope my brother likes him!

I am off to work on more of my Christmas crafting, so much to do so little time!

See you all soon,

Bye! :D

Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's the 1st of December! :D


The countdown for christmas has finally begun!

This year I have a Thorntons chocolate advent calendar and a special Hello Kitty toy advent calendar :D

In todays door I got a teeny weeny pink chair, Look, look :0D

Isn't it just soo cute! You get a whole little Hello Kitty christmas scene :3

Hehehe I wonder what I will get in my toy advent tommorrow??? :P

In other news if you were wondering about what was in the crafty advent calendar I gave away, Eleanor is posting about the prize she gets each day so you can satisfy your curiosity :)

I'm off now I have to get a good nights sleep as tommorrow I am hosting a christmas party with my best friends :P

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cousin's christmas present - done! :)

Hi guys,

Some of you may remember last year for Christmas I made my little cousin a knitted doughnut and some flower hair clips and this year I wanted to make her another special present because she is just so adorably cute! :3

My aunt always calls her Minnnie and she really loves to watch Mickey Mouse club house on Disney channel so I came up with the idea of making her some cute mouse ears and here they are:

Hehe :) I crocheted the ears and sewed the little bow and added them to tiny headband I bought, I had to find a small one as she is only 2 1/2!

I also bought the chocolate wand you can see in the picture too as last time she came round she was playing with the Mr potato heads me and my brother have and she loved the little wands that went with them :)

I hope she will like it!

See you all soon,

Bye! xxx <3

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi :)

I just wanted say I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving!

I know it was on Thursday but we don't celebrate it in England so I completely missed it :0P But I still wanted to wish everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving!

Image from: here!

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One down, four to go!

Hello everyone,

I recently realised that if wanted to get all my Christmas crafting done I was going to have to start taking some of it to school too! So I sat and thought about what would be most practical and decided cross stitch would be the best option as I have a lot of books and that is small enough to fit in my bag :)

In Hobbycraft a while ago I bought 5 Christmas cross stitch kits to make decorations for my tree so I took one of those in and now I have finished it:

I am soo happy, he is soo cute!

One of my friends did one stitch, she really wanted to try it, hehe :0) she did very well, she stitched one of the pieces of fallings snow.

It took me a week and a 1/2 doing it in my breaks, registration and lunch if I got a chance. I had to do a bit of undoing due to counting wrong because of the noise in the common room! lol

I lost the mini kit at one point as it fell out of my pocket :( but someone found it and handed it in at the office which I was very grateful for as I really wanted to finish him! and now I have :D

Only four more left now, a cat (which I am starting tomorrow), a penguin, a robin and a little Santa too. I think I will manage to get them all finished....

I'm once again off to bed now,

See you all very soon!

Bye xXx :D

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Quirky Update! 8>

Hi guys,

I thought I would do a picture update on Quirky as he is gradually looking less and less deconstructed and more and more like a turkey! Here is him so far:

I love the face, it took me a long time to stitch but it was worth it :) Just all the feathers left to sew on and his little party blower and feet left to knit, not much at all :0)

Im soo happy and excited to have him almost finished! My family are getting excited too :D hehehe!

Another thing that made me happy today is I managed to pick up this cool Monster High Frankie Stein crafty-home economics themed doll :) She comes with a little stitched toy and needle and thread accessory and everything!

Since I got my first Blythe I just keep wanting more and more different special dolls to make outfits for :) And I love her with all her cool crafty stuff. I got her for a really good price in Smyths, only £15.49 because we got a discount!

I'm off now as It's my bedtime, hahaha :-)

See you all very soon,

bye xxx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Introducing... Candy! :)

Hi everyone :)

For passing my driving theory test my nan (very generously!) gave me £20 to spend on whatever I wanted, later when I was looking at stuff on ebay I saw some beautiful basaak dolls, Blythe clones, which were only about £21 each so I ordered one using my treat money and the other day she arrived!!!! She like Catherine was very nicely packaged and tied up string and everything:

And here she is...

I called her Candy :)
(a suggestion from knittinggirl on Ravelry which seems to fit her perfectly and she loves!)

She is quite shy but her and Catherine are getting on like a house on fire! Catherine is very happy to have a new friend :)

Candy's hair clip was one of the many pretty extras (The seller even included a pretty little bag for me with London buses and things on, so cute!) which came with her but I designed and made the outfit she is wearing in the picture for her :0)

Catherine's new coat was a gift to me for passing my theory test from my mum (I have a very generous family! :-) She really likes it and doesn't want to take it off because it keeps her soo snuggly and warm!

Im off now, I have some work to do before having pizza for dinner and then watching glee with my mum Catherine and Candy, lol :P

See you all soon,

Bye from all three of us! xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

*Advent Giveaway Winner!!* :D

Hi guys!

Entries are now closed and the time has come for the winner of the Advent calendar giveaway to be announced! :D

Drumroll please (hahaha :).........

.......The winner as chosen by the random number generator is....



Image from: here!

I have sent an email to you asking for your address so I can get your special prize on it's way to you ready for the 1st of December!


To all the other entries, don't worry if you didn't win this one as, of course :), there will be more giveaways soon and I will be putting a picture up of all the things included in the calendar after the 24th of December. So you won't have to live without knowing what was in all the little parcels :P

See you all soon and congratulations again to Eleanor! :0)

Bye! xxx :0D