Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A WIP for my mum and it's Circus time...!

I hope everyones week is going well so far!
This week I started a new knitting project, something for my mum actually- a Kindle fire case :-) She got a kindle Fire HD from my dad for Christmas and a hard case to protect it, but I thought I would knit her a pretty case to slip it into when she takes it on holiday etc...
I came up with a style and colour in my head, then looked through my knitting stitch calendar from a couple of years ago to find the kind of stitch I wanted. Here is it so far: 
It will have the cables running all the way up and then ribbing at the top, and to add the final finishing touch I am going to sew this little hedgehog cross stitch that I am working on too:

It is another mouseloft kit- just in case anyone thinks he is cute and wants to start stitching him for themselves :P
This week for me is installation week at college- all the people on technical courses (like me :) have to work in groups to make a little exhibition piece thing and this years theme for the installations is fairgrounds/carnivals etc... so me and my group decided to make ours about a circus. Our piece gets a bit dark in places and we have lights and sound etc.. to convey our story but today we got our torn poster wall we planned up- it looks pretty good, I helped out with editing some of the old style posters we found and then distressing them with teabags and stuff- it was fun! Here it is:

Hehehe- still more to do for our piece, including putting out and focusing the lights onto the jars with little circus scenes in that me and a girl from theatre design put together. We will get there ready for showing them on Thursday and Friday though!
See you all again soon and I hope you are all well,
Byeeeeeeeee xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A little giveaway!

I hope all you guys are doing well :) I mentioned in my last post that I had a little giveaway planned so here it is!:
Up for grabs is:
> A pack of cute wooden frog decorations
> Colourful toadstool stickers
> Some ceramic style glittery flower decorations
> And a pack of flower charms!
I went for a nature theme :-)
All you have to do to enter is;
- Be a follower and leave a comment below (make sure to leave a ravelry name, blog or email address just in case you win so I can contact you).
It is that simple :)
But If you would like 2 (yes 2!) extra entries all you have to do is link to my folksy shop: http://folksy.com/shops/handmadebyjordan somewhere (e.g. facebook, your blog, twitter etc...)
Make sure to post the link in your comment below so I credit your extra entries :)
Giveaway entries are open until the 1st of February and the winner will be announced on the same day!
The giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere :)
I hope you like the giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters!
See you all again soon,
Bye xxxx
I would also just like to mention that today was my Grandads funeral. It was a lovely service, so I would like to say thank you to the funeral directors, who did an excellent job and remind my nan and family just how much I love them xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My trip to the UK wedding fair :)

Last Saturday my mum took me to the UK wedding fair at the excel centre in London (To study all the pretty dresses with my costume making eye! :P). I was very excited as many of you will remember me blogging about how amazing the Asian wedding fair I went to was.
Hehe, Instead of waffling on I will let the pictures I took do the talking- this time I managed to get clearer photos as me and my mum got really good seats right at the front for the catwalk show:

Who said a wedding dress had to be white? This is one of the vintage dresses they showed, here is another one:


I love going to bridal shows as it is an area I may go into in the future, after uni. You Learn a lot from them and often pick up tons of contact info and brochures (with tons of pictures!!!) I want to got to an African wedding fair next so I work my way around the globe-wedding fair style! :P
I hope you all are having a good week so far :) This week is my last week in college working on my half scale kimono- it is going to be a challenge but fingers crossed I get it all done (it doesn't have to be finished, the project is more looking at good technique but I realllly want to finish mine!).
I am thinking of doing a giveaway soon, so keep you eyes peeled :D
See you again soon,
Byeeeeee XxXXxXxXxXx

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Keeping crafty

Hi everyone,

I have gone back to uni now and things have been a bit hectic lately as we are well into our kimono making now and the making logs and research hand in deadline is coming soon, but I am still managing to find time to fit in some extra crafting!

I was listening to the new Lady Gaga CD my Dad bought me- I love all her fashions and pretty much all her songs and it inspired me to make the new bag I bought for uni while I was out with my blogger friend Eleanor (she helped me choose which bags to get- It was a fab day! :D) even more crazy than it already was- I added a  massive bejewelled J!:

I had a lot of fun choosing all the different jewels and then sticking them onto the zebra print felt I chose to cut out the J in :)

Do you think Lady Gaga would be proud....? Lol 
I have also been doing a bit of cross stitch lately in the evening (as I watch Big Brother :P) and I even did a bit at lunch today.
I finished this little gecko Mouseloft kit, and then added my own wording 'Little lizard loves...' and some little hearts just for fun, I think it looks pretty kawaii!:
And now I am working on this berry cupcake one, also a Mouseloft kit:

I haven't exactly decided what wording or what extra decoration I want to add to this one yet, but I haven't finished yet so I don't really need to worry about that yet.
I hope you are all having a good week and have got something nice planned for the weekend :) I am going with my Mum to the UK wedding fair- so I can look at all the dresses and fashions, I am very excited, I have been missing my family!
Before I go I would just like to say best wishes to all of my family, especially my nan, mum and uncle and auntie as my Granddad sadly passed away in the New Year. It was very sad but luckily we all have the very happy memories of Christmas eve where we were all together and having fun to keep with us. My friend sent me a very lovely quote by Helen Keller that I agreed with her is very true and would like to share with you all - “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”  xxx

Speak to you again soon,

Bye xxx

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy new year!!! :D

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good New years eve/day and I would  like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year! :)
Normally I have a whole long, long list of new years resolutions but this year I didn't really have any that I hadn't already started before new year, so my new years resolutions aren't so much resolutions, more continuations :P
My first aim is to become more chillaxed and happy as exams really stressed me out for A levels and all that but now I am finished and have started uni I am trying to stress less and not be afraid of getting things wrong sometimes. It is going well so far as I already feel less inhibited in my crafting and other things now I am allowing myself to make the odd mistake, which at the end of the day is just learning- making me better at my craft and other things anyway :P
My second aim is to keep reading and working hard at uni an trying to learn new skills to improve my sewing and crafting abilities :) hehehw I think learning new craft/sewing skills and improving at them will be on my list forever as I want to be amazing!!!
And my thrid aim is to look for more lovely blogs to read, as well getting a bit better at keeping up to date on all the fabulous blogs I already read. Sometimes I miss a blog post and don't see it till the next week so my comments are late- bad me! Now I am more settled in my routine I should be better :)
And my fourth and final aim is to keep working on and improving my shop (and blog as usual :) and try to make some happy customers this year :D Heheh I have already uploaded some of the new stock I made for the new year:
>Decorate your own button monster kits! (do you remember the button monsters........:
 hehe :)
> Friendship bracelets
>Fimo cookie buttons
And I have many more plans for other items!
I am looking forward to the year ahead :D I even have something very exciting happening tomorrow- I am meeting my blogging/ravelry friend Eleanor from My life, my thoughts, my hobbies :) We are going to catch up and chat and do a bit of sale shopping together so that will be uber fun, I can't wait!
See you all again soon,
Bye xxxxxxxxx