Friday, 29 June 2012

Sock wildlife

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice week!

 I helped out at my school sports day yesterday, that was fun :) And today was textiles club :D It was only me today as I think the other years had exams but the teacher said I could make a sock toy from a book the textiles department just bought. It was called Stray sock sewing and there was tons of cute creatures to make in it but I chose a little sock piggy. I made about half in school and then when I got home I finished him off :0) Here he is....

Hehehe :P I decided to call him Sid, the sock pig!

After I finished sid I had the urge to make another sock animal but this time I thought I would make up my own design, using a similar construction method. I came up with Sock shark:

Just when you thought it was safe to rummage around in your sock draw...... lol!

It is quite amazing just how much you can do a couple of socks really :-) I might try another animal out of the book next week, I will look for some good socks at the weekend! If you want to try some sock animals I reccomend looking in £1 shops as they often do packs of different socks for £1 and usually they are kids socks so are super-bright coloured!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

See you all soon,

Bye XXXxxxXXX <3 <3

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I passed! :D

Hi guys,

Today I passed my driving test! :D

(hehe I know this is completely un craft related but I had to share it with you all :)

Image from:here

I am not a learner any more, I am a P! :P

Image from: here

I was so super happy when the examiner said I had passed :-) I can't wait to practice more and get driving by myself. I might try driving myself to sainsbury's on saturday. I will see! Eventually I really want to drive myself to the Hobbycraft near me and have a bit of a shopping spree :0)

In a couple of weeks I think I am doing some motorway practice with my instructor, In the mean time I am going to make her a little gift to say thanks for helping me learn to drive, I'm not quite sure what yet though. I will get thinking!

See you all very soon,

Bye XXX <3

Friday, 22 June 2012

And the winner is...!


Entries are now closed for the Great Britich giveaway and the winner, as selected by the random number generator, is.........  :0)

Sarah (sadiekate)!!!!

Congratulations! :)

I have emailed you via ravelry asking for your address so I can get your prize off to you as soon as possible :D


Of course, as usual don't worry if you didn't win this time as I have plans for many more giveaways soon :-) And a huge thanks to everyone for reading and following!

See you all super soon,

Bye xxxxXxxxxxXxxxxxX

Thursday, 21 June 2012

One day left...

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know there is only one day left to enter the ***Great British Giveaway*** :) If you haven't already don't miss out!

Thank you to all the lovely followers and good luck to everyone :-)

See you all soon,

Byyyeeee xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Farmyard swap :0)


This month's theme for the cute and quirky swap I run on Ravelry was 'Fantastic farmyard'. I was super excited about this swap as I haven't taken part in one in agesss! My partner, Keri recieved here parcel from me on Monday so now I get to show you what I made/sent her....

Hehehe :0) Keri said she liked pigs so I tried to find the cutest pattern I could. This little piggy was made from a Annie Obaachan pattern and I added a bow to try to boost the cute factor even more! Keri liked her so I was happy :D

And today I came home and my parcel was waiting for me so I was happy once again!!! Look at all this super cool stuff I got:

- A super soft knitted duckie dishcloth :3
- some farmyard note paper and envelopes
- A piggy tape meausre
- A pretty butterfly trolley coin
- And a beautful quilled cow card!

Thank you very much to Keri, my great swap partner! :0)

I love swaps!!!! <3

Hehehe, see you all soon,

Bye xxXxxX

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day! :D

Hi guys,

I hope you have all had a super fab day! I am happy to say my dad liked all of his gifts including his custard cream keyring :0)

He also liked these cupcakes me and my brother made him:

Hehehe, it took about 3 hours to bake the different cakes and make the different icings as I am not a seasoned baking pro but they did taste nice (even if I do say so myself :P). The ones on the left are Victoria sponge ones with raspberry jam centres, the ones in the centre are chocolate, obviously, hehe :-) And then the ones on the end are Yorkie and Malteser ones. I think all in all today my dad has had 6! So he definitely must like them :0)

My nan also liked her bag when I gave it to her yesterday when we all went dog racing for the evening (the dogs are well looked after and enjoy running and everything :), here is it finished:

and here is it wrapped :):

Soon I have a swap make to show you when my partner recieves thier parcel :-) I can't wait for my parcel to arrive too I haven't done a swap in agggesss!

See you all soon,


P.s If you haven't already entered the Giveaway! don't forget too! Entries are open until the 22nd of June :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gifts galore


As many of you will know it is Father's Day on Sunday! I down yesterday and thought about what I should make my dad as a gift. I have bought his other presents (a teapot and two teacups with a bunting decoration and a Queens Jubilee commemorative PG tips tin with the monkey on it- we love the little monkey and my dad loves tea :0). I thought of a couple of different things but then I saw the custard cream keyring kit on top of my cupboard, I promised I would make my dad one when I got the kit from my nan for Christmas but hadn't yet got  round to it yet.

I thought what better time to make one for him than now, it even fits with the tea time theme of my other gifts :P Here is how it came out:

I hope he likes it :-) I had to knead the clay A LOT it was very hard, my fingers kinda hurt now!

But, that didn't stop me doing a bit more work on the bag I am making for my Nan for her 70th. I finished the embroidered design a while ago and today I stitched down the straps, now all I have to do is stitch the finished straps to the bag. I have until Saturday evening. I will get back to stitching tomorrow when my fingers are OK again because I have to hand sews the straps rather than machine sew as our machine can't sew through that many layers!

Hehehe, I tried to make the flower look super happy :D I hope it make my nan smile!

I hope you are all having a brilliant week!

See you all soon,


Saturday, 9 June 2012

***Great British Giveaway!***

Hi Guys,

As promised, I give you another In it to knit it giveaway!!!!......

Seeing all of the Britain themed stuff in the shops due to the Queen's recent Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics made me feel very patriotic so I thought I would do A 'Great British Giveaway!'

The giveaway prize, as seen in the picture is:

~ 3 Star buttons
~ 2 wooden Heart beads
~ 1m of Union Jack ribbon
~ A pack of Union Jack tissues
~ And a London bus cross stitch kit

I hope you like all the goodies!!


The Giveaway will be open until the 22nd of June 2012, on this day entries will close and the winner will be announced :-) The Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere!

All you need to do to enter is:

> Be a follower
> And leave a comment below :-)

Please make sure to leave me some way to contact you in your email, either a ravelry name, email address or blog/website address, just in case you win!

(Please also mention if you become/are a follower in your comment, just so I know. Thanks xxx)


Good luck to everyone! :D

See you all soon,

Bye XXX <3

Friday, 8 June 2012

Back home!

Hi everybody!

I am back now :-) I had a brilliant time in the IOW despite lotssss and lotsssss of rain! Due to the rain I didn't manage to take many pictures around the Island but when the rain did finally stop for about and hour I managed to get outside and take these pictures of the mill where we were staying :)

Hehehe, I  kept trying to give the chickens a hug but my dad said I never would never manage to catch one, Rocky could barely do it in the films!

There were baby ducklings but they were hidden away in the nest, there were also some baby birds who had nested in a crack in the walls of our cottage, they were super cute but I didn't want to disturb them by taking a picture!

This is the view from the highest point on the mill land and there is a nice little bench you can sit on at this point too:

The rain meant lots and lots of shopping, which is never a bad thing :D

I got lots of different bits and pieces but one of my fave buys was this pin cushion:

It was handmade in Mandarin, I love the tiny people around the edge! <3 I think I am starting to build up a pincushion collection.... :0)

The rain also meant lots of staying indoors and crafting (and watching all the Jubilee celebration T.V!), I managed to get quite a bit further on the mermaid costume I am making for my dolls, just a few more beads left to sew onto the tail now :)

I hope you all had a fantastic week too and the giveaway I promised is coming up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!!! :0)

See you all soon,

Byeeee xxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

IOW Holiday Time! :D


Today I am off to the IOW for the half term week! I am soo excited as this will be the first holiday in ages I haven't had to revise on, just lots and lots of crafting :-)

And I am even more excited s we are going back to Calbourne Mill one of my favourite places to stay as you get to see all the little chickens and peacocks at the mill and go on the little rowing lake whenever you want.

I won't have internet while I am there though as the signals in the area are too weak (you literally have to hang out the window of the little cottage!) but I will take pictures and fill you all in when I get back :0)

I will also be doing a special giveaway when I get back as I haven't done one in aggggeeesssss!

I hope you all have a nice week and enjoy the Queens Jubilee, I am going to a big picnic on the beach :-)
See you all soon,

Bye! XXX