Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm not obsessed with Domo... well maybe just a little bit...

Hello everybody (and a big warm welcome to my brand new followers!!! :)

I loved the Domo my brother got me when I got my tooth taken out soo much that I have been desperate to expand my collection. I went on eBay and saw a pink Domo, which I couldn't resist and yesterday she arrived :D
Domo is very happy to have a companion :)
And 'who is that in the middle?' I hear you ask. It is tiny domo, a brooch I made because Domo and pink Domo are a bit too big to carry round with me but tiny Domo can easily cling to my jumper!
Hehehhehe, and because I have Domo on the brain I thought 'now I need a domo hat!' (to go with the Domo bag I also recently bought :-)... so I got out my crochet hook and got to work, I am really happy with how it turned out, I really want to wear it even though it now getting sunny!:
Luckily I had just the right colour and texture yarn, and I also have it in pink so I can make myself a pink one too!
Hehehe :) Now, In other non- Domo related news my cute and quirky swap parcel arrived :oD This months theme was Valentines. Look at all of the amazing things I got from my very generous swap partner Holly:
I especially love the handmade hearts and cute mini calculator! <3
Thank you Holly!!!
I'm off to to bed now, to snuggle down with my Domo friends of course :)
See you all soon,
I hope you are all having a nice week :-)
Bye xXxXx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Free 'Happy weather' biscornu pattern chart!!! :o)


Here, as promised is the chart for my 'Happy weather' biscornu design :D I have put pattern notes and a key below the charts for the sides of the biscornu, I have tried to make everything as clear as possible but this is the first cross stitch chart I have ever written/designed so if there is anything you don't understand don't hesitate to ask!

There is a handy guide on how to make up your biscornu once you have finished all your stitching here!

Happy Weather Biscornu :o)

Side one:

Side 2:

(Please don't sell items made from this chart without asking me first, thanks :-)

If you do make the biscornu: Happy stitching! :D

See you all soon,

Byeee byeee
xxxxx <3

Friday, 24 February 2012

Swap biscornu- It arrived!

Hello everybody!

It took an extra day (my post is very slow at the moment :-/) but it arrived today, the biscornu from partner camilalino82!!!!! :) It is so lovely, look :0):

It is defintley the perfect first addition to my new biscornu collection!

 Thank you Camila! <3 :-)

The parcel I sent for this months cute and quirky swap (valentines themed) has arrived with my partner, Holly, so now I can show you the felt heart decoration I made:

You can see the rest of what I sent on Holly's blog: Holly's creative crafts. (You can also see a really cool cake she made too- shaped like an X-box controller!)

My parcel should come soon, I really hope the post speeds up I am very excited!

See you all very soon,

Byyyeeeee xxxxx

P.s I should be posting up the chart for my biscornu design I created for the swap so check back! :)

Bye <3

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

First biscornu swap - my design :)

Hi everyone,

This month I decided to join in a biscornu swap on Craftbubble. I have admired many other bloggers baskets and boxes of biscornu's and really wanted to get making and swapping some myself :)

I had an idea for a design when I signed up and I got making! :-) I sent it off (along with some chocolates :0) to my partner last week today it has arrived so I can show you all pictures!

Here is my first ever biscornu I have made and designed, It was so fun to make :0D:

I am soo pleased as my swap partner liked her biscornu! And my biscornu should be arriving tomorrow so I am very excited :o) It will be the first in my new collection!

I will be sure to post pictures.. and I will post up pictures of the cute and quirky swap related goodies I made too when my swap partner receives her parcel :)

See you all soon,

Happy crafting and thanks for reading!

Bye xxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

IOW goodies giveaway! :D

Hi everyone!

It is now time for the giveaway of the goodies I picked up (and made!) while on holiday in the IOW!!!!

Here is what is up for grabs :0):

  • A bundle of mini skiens (designers testers) I bought in Quay arts, a cool art shop attatched to a little gallery. Perfect for adding pretty stitching or finishing touches to projects :)
  •  Some Hello kitty and cute snail buttons, I couldn't resist buying sets of both as they were both soo sweet!
  • A yummy chocolate owl from Chocolate Island, where my valentines lolly and huge bunny last easter was from :-)
  • And..... A mini baby biscornu I made, and designed! I really enjoyed making my first biscornu for the biscornu swap on craftbubble ( pictures coming soon!) so wanted to make one for the giveaway too :D


The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere and all you have to do to enter is:
  • Leave a comment containing some way for me to contact you if you win e.g craftbubble or Ravelry name or blog address
  • Be a follower (please metion this in your comment also :)


Entries close on Friday the 2nd of March and the winner will be announced on the same day,

(-:   I hope you like all the prizes!   :-)

See you all soon,

Bye :D xxxx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Im back! (+ valentines day update)


I am back from holiday now, I would have kept you all updated but there was no internet where I was so I have had to save my pictures till now :) Hehehehe, I will try not to bore you all :0)

First up HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!! I was a bit sad I couldn't wish you all a happy, lovey, dovey day on the 14th so I had to do it now! My family loved their bookmarks so I was very happy :) I was also super happy because my dad gave me this lovely chocolate lolly from 'Chocolate island' (one of my fave shops on the IOW) as a valentines gift...

It was sooo delicious, I had to wrestle it off Domo, Etty M and Candy first though! Hehehe :oP

For dinner my dad also made heart shaped pizzas and garlic breads for dinner too, here are the garlic breads but the pizzas got eaten before I could take a picture:

They were super yummy too!

I really hope everyone had a lovely day :-)

In other news, I now bring you a picture of the infamous choc dipped Ice cream, I think I wrote about these in my last IOW holiday post but didn't remember to take a picture, but this time I did and this time I had a super duper double one.... mmmmm....

It was very big, but not quite as big as the one outside the ice cream shop.....

hahaha :D

I will leave you all with the picture I took of view of the sea I saw as I strolled along eating my ice cream :)

Keep an eye out tomorrow as I will be opening my special giveaway of the little parcel goodies I picked up whilst on holiday :D

See you all soon,

Bye! xxxxx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Families Valentines gifts- all finished!

Hello all my lovely readers! :)

Last week I finished my mums valentines book mark gift, meaning all my valentines gifts for my family are complete :D I have really enjoyed making them all, I hope my family like them :0)

Last night I wrapped them all up and added 'Handmade with love labels' here they are- all ready for the 14th of Feb!

For my mum I decided to do little birds in the end. The pattern is a modified version of a little bird motif from an old cross stitch magazine my nan gave me a while ago :-)

I am sooo excited about giving them to my mum, dad and brother, so far I have managed to keep everything a tip top secret....... Now all I have to do is get them to the Isle of Wight, where we are going on holiday to tomorrow!!!!! :D

Wooooo, I am excited about that too :P As many of you will know I visit there regularly and really love it <3

Whilst there I am going to look for some bits for a special giveaway when I get back

Hehehehe, see you all soon,

Byeeeeeee XXXXXXX

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blythe downsizing challenge

Hello everyone,

A while ago in the Blythe swap on Ravelry someone posted up a downsizing challenge thread, I thought this was a cool idea; making mini versions of bigger patterns so I thought I would join in :)

The pattern I decided to make a mini version of was Twinkie Chan's Cupcake hat, hehehe :-) Here is Etty.M wearing my mini creation!:

I knitted it instead of crochet. I spool/french knitted the top bit then sewed it all swirly, that's why it took me so long to make!

It will keep Etty.M warm in the snow we had where I live recently so I finished in perfect time, hehehehe :o)

I am off now to add the finishing touches to my family's bookmarks ready for wrapping them, I will post pictures when they are all wrapped nicely so you can see them all. I decided on birds for the theme of my mums one :)

See you all soon,

bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! xxxxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Valentines family gifts - WIPs

Hi everyone,

This year for Valentine's day I decided I wanted to make my Mum, Dad and brother a little gift to remind them just how much I love them all! >o<

I have been in a cross stitching mood lately so I thought I would make them all a cross stitch book mark as they all read a lot more than I do! :-P

For my brother I decided to use the pattern I got in the cross stitch kit I was sent by my swap partner in the space swap as he really likes space and reads lots of space books. I moved the different motifs around (so they would fit on a book mark shape :) and then added some extra little stitched stars:

I made the little astronaut blond, so he is like my brother, hehehe:

It is backed with material and I added a little ribbon 'loop' to the top with one of the 'handmade' charms I was sent in the Christmas swap by Laura. I'm going to do the same with my parents book marks too when I have finished stitching them :-)

Here is what I have done for my dads one so far...

I am really happy because I designed this cross stitch pattern myself! It is the first ever full cross stitch pattern I have designed myself :D

My dad loves teapots so that is why I chose them as the theme for his bookmark.

I'm going to try and finish his off tonight so I can get started on my mums ready for the 14th! I haven't decided on a theme for my mums yet though.... I'll have to get thinking!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend ,

See you all very soon,

Bye! xxxx :D