Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Christmas :oD


I hope you all had a super duper fabulosimos (lol :P) Christmas :D
I had a fantasitc day and got loads of amazing gifts thank you to my very genrous family, including an adjustable dress making mannequin (YAYYYYY! It is what I put on my list so I was so excited :), a giant cute pink piggy bank, a lovely new bag and a pretty scissor charm necklace and handmade 'love to sew' ceramic brooch (sp pretty!)
Tommorrow I am off to Disneyland Paris!!! :D I am verrrrrryyyy excited :-) I can't wait to look in all the shops and watch the parades :D And we are going shopping in paris!
I will have to take a blog vacation for the next six days whilst I am away though so I will see you all when I get back to share my news!
I hope you all have a lovely New Year! see you when I get back,

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas crafting

Hi guys,
Thank you for all the good wishes for my interviews :0)
The other day one of the people who work with my mum gave her a cool costume calendar to give to me as a present. It was so cool and had some beautiful pictures of period costumes in it, I can't wait to start using it in January :) As a thank you I made her two of my Christmas tree decorations (pattern can be found on the free pattern page at the top of the blog! :-):
My mum said she really liked them and left them on her desk all day and kept telling people I had made them! Hehehe, that made me smile :)
Another gift I made was this pincushion for my sewing teacher as it was the last class last Wednesday (sorry for the picture I took it just before I went to the evening class so it was a bit dark in my room):

I was pleased with how it came out, I went for a super-christmassy theme! My teacher thought it was sweet so I was very happy as I was a bit unsure about giving her a pincushion as I thought she might have hundreds of them already :P
I'm almost done for my preparations for Christmas and tomorrow I break up for the holidays so I should then have time to finish off the last little bits.
I hope you are having a lovely week and are looking forward to Christmas as much as I am lol! :D 
See you all soon,
Byeeeeee XXXxxxXXXxxx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Flower headbands

Hey guys,

Everything is still hectic here, (as I am sure it is for many of you now we have reached this festive season :). However the other day I did maange to catch 5 minuites for myself and I made these little flower headbands for my little cousing and two second cousins (who are all under 5 :0)

I was very pleased because they all liked them and I go lots of lovely hugs! :-) Hehe they ended up wearing them as belts though :P

I have another university interview tommorrow so I am once again very excited! :D

See you all soon,

I hope you have a lovely week :)

Byeeee XXX

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Busy bee!

Hi everyone :D

Sorry there has been a bit more of a delay between posts than usual, it is because I have been very busy making the last preparations on my portolio for my uni interviews!!!!! :D My first one is on tuesday, I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait!!!  :-)

I have also been busy sorting out Christmas stuff too now we have made it to december.

But I assure you normal posting will resume soon :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

See you soon,