Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sunday Style

It has been a while since I posted a Sunday Style outfit so I thought it's about time I did!

So today I bring you the mix and match blue kimono style jacket/top I designed and made with matching blue wig and crocheted Minnie mouse style head band :0):
(Once again I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but when I do I shall post a picture :)
The back is done in the same half and half style but opposite so it looks cool and different from the back too! I got the two different fabrics in the IOW a while ago and then one day got thinking how it would be cool to use them together and they are quite contrasting but sort of do compliment each other in a way too:

It fastens at the top with a little bow of blue heart ribbon.
And here is a close up of the head band- the novelty yarn I had was perfect for making it with:

I am really pleased with this look to add to my Sunday style collection.
I hope you all like it too! :3
See you all soon, thanks for letting me share my creations with you :)
Byeeeee xxx

Monday, 24 June 2013

A fun day with dad

Today was my first Monday off since finishing my exams and seen as my dad didn't have to work we got to spend some time together which was nice. We went to the shops and had a good look round for all the good bargains :P We also went to try and get some fabric to turn into curtains for the dining room- but the shop was closed, luckily I found some nice fabric online though :)
I did manage to find some good  stuff on our shopping trip and kindly my dad treated me to them. I found these two cute felt craft kits which I can't wait to get started on:

You even get the box for the cupcakes and the doily for the cake included :P They were only £1 each!
Also Recently I have started using incense- I find it very relaxing and in the same shop, again for only £1 I found this box of 6 packs of fruit scented incense, you get; apple, grape, melon, tutti fruity, apricot and strawberry. They all smell nice so I am excited about using them :-)
I hope you all had a lovely day too :3
See you soon,
Bye xoxo

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Free mini Hamster cross-stitch chart! :)

As I posted about before, I really love Hamtaro- the Japanese Hamster character (and my love has only been further enhanced by Steph sending me a lovely big cuddly hHmtaro in the post :D). I also just really like Hamsters in general too, I think they are lovely and interesting creatures. For this reason I wanted to do some hamster related crafting! I looked online for different cross stitch patterns but was surprised to find there were not that many :( The ones there were were good but not quite what I wanted so I just got out my threads box and made up this simple little design myself:
It was really fun making up the different patterns on the hamsters, I have more ideas for cute patterns and designs to try/to try them in different colours :)
I thought I would give the chart for the above hamsters just in case anyone wanted to stitch a few/ experiment with their own designs for the little guys :-)
Here it is:
You can use the picture of my finished cross stitch in the picture above for extra help/reference if needed- the diamond shapes are french knots and the dots are just normal cross stitches (use two strands of thread for all)
I hope you like the chart and are having a lovely weekend!
See you again soon,
Byeeeeeeeee XXxXxXxxXxxxX

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Today is the start of something new :D

Hi everybody,
Today I finished the last ever of my A-level exams meaning I am done- finito- done, done, done, done, done!
It is a fabulous feeling as now the next chapter of my life can finally begin- what I worked so hard for- to go to university and study costume production; my dream career!
I have the holidays and several weeks and lots to do before I head off to do that but I am so happy as now I can really start the rest of my life :)
Hehehe, I was just so happy I wanted to share my thoughts with you all!
Thank you all for all of your lovely comments and reading my blog and everything as all of it really helped me through my Alevel/exam years being able to talk to all you fabulous people!
See you all soon (when normal posting will resume- but with all the new stuff in my life included too :P),
Byeeeeeee XXX

Friday, 14 June 2013

Fathers day bunting


As I am sure many of you will know this Sunday is Fathers Day :D As my dads handmade gift I wanted to make him something fun and happy. I picked up some cool ice cream/lolly fabric in Rainbows in the Isle Of Wight but I wasn't quite sure of my plan when I bought it but it made me smile. About a week ago I decided on bunting! My dad had to throw away his other bunting as it had faded because it was outside in the sun (and rain) for the last two summers. I found some more fabric and ribbon from my stash and..... here it is all finished:

I have wrapped it up ready, I hope it likes it :0) I went with Chelsea football club blue (my dads favourite colour because he loves Chelsea! :)
On Sunday we are all having yummy banana splits to celebrate Fathers Day too :P mmmmm.... I can't wait.
Hehehe, I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are!
See you all soon,
Bye XxXxX

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Crochet box

Some of you may remember the tutorial for the crisp packet coaster I did a while ago (if not it is on the free pattern page if you want to check it out :)
I kept saying to myself I wanted to turn some into a box but never did. Finally about a week ago I got round to it and sewed a few of the coasters I made a while ago into this little pencil pot:

It was sitting in my room and my brother said he really liked him so I said he could have it- it was just my little experiment but now it has a home :-P

I might try making some large versions of the coasters- placement size to make table setting sets and maybe even try making some boxes with lids- I will do some more experimenting!

See you all soon,

Bye xxx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Yes, I do know it's not Easter... :-P

I hope everyones week is going OK so far :)
About two weeks ago some friends of my family were meant to be coming round for picnic for the bank holiday and I decided to make some little chick/duck/birdie sweeties holders as little presents (based on the chick Easter egg holder my mum got me as a gift at Easter :) I was pleased with how the pattern worked out as I thought they came out pretty sweet. Sadly though one of the family friends was ill so couldn't make it. In the end we rescheduled and so they came round the Sunday just gone. I put the little chicks away safely until the came and used them as little place settings:
I think they looked quite nice on the plates and they were well received :-)
Without thinking though the day before they came I made some chocolate crispy nests to go with the cakes my dad made for dessert, when I thought afterwards I had to laugh though... chicks.... crispy nests, hahaha, I thought people would think I was confused thinking Easter was coming up! :P

(They may have made me look a bit crazy but they did come out pretty tasty! :0)
We all had a really good day in the end, all my dads food was delicious as usual, mmm... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, we finished off the last of the leftover cake today!
See you all super soon,
Bye xxxx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

*Gift wrap giveaway winner!*


The time has come :) Entries are now closed for the gift wrap giveaway and the winner, as chosen by a random number generator is......
~ Cucki ~
A super big congratulations!!!!
I have messaged you regarding your address so I can get your prize on it's way to you ASAP :)
Don't worry if it wasn't you this time as as usual I have already got my next giveaway idea in mind :0)
See all you lovely people again very soon,
Byee xxxx