Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Back in the Isle of Wight

Hi guys :)
I am once again speaking to you from the (...currently not so...) sunny IOW!
We got here on Sunday and the place we are staying this time has a hot tub on the balcony so it has been fun using that, I hadn't really ever been in one before but they are very warm and bubbly and nice :-)
In between going out I have been working really hard on getting some of the finishing touches on my portfolio as I have now sent off my uni application (YAY!!!! :D) so the interviews are coming soon! I am sooo super excited!
I have also been knitting my own 'perfect boyfriend' lol! from a kit my great aunt gave me for christmas. Pictures coming soo when I make it a bit further I have only done one front so far so he doesn't resemble Mr handsome yet! :op
When out shopping Iv'e been picking up bits for the return of the crafty advent calendar giveaway coming soon in November. It has been really fun looking for the 24 different little gifts for each day for the prize, I have to find 6 more and then wrap them all :0)
Also as part of my work towards uni my dad has been helping teach me the basics of life drawing (proportions etc...) so that has been really interesting. I have mainly drawn faces so far, I think I am making progress :) Next I am going on to drawing bodies so that will be fun to learn.
Today we went out to the Chocolate Island Cafe for lunch and i had a slab of Millionaires shortbread, it was verrryyy tasty :P Tommorrow I think we are going to the Garlic Farm cafe so I think tommorrow will be their special garlic bread for lunch!
I hope you are all having a lovely week,
Speak to you all again soon,
Byeeeee XxXxXx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Blythe Halloween costume- complete!

Hi guys,
As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I started working on a little Halloween costume for my Blythe dolls and today I finished it! Here is Mirabelle modelling her new witch outfit! :03 

I am very pleased with how it came out :D It is one of the more detailed costumes I have made for my dolls :) I added little beads to the front to give some sparkle and embroidered the neckline a bit too. The hat was really fun to make and I added a red ribbon band to make it match the dress!
Mirabelle can't wait to show her costume off at my halloween party I am having with friends on friday :oP  (We are having a party early as I will be in the IOW when it is actually Halloween.)

 Now I have finished my dolls costume I can start on mine, lol! I am going to be Mummy,I bought some bandages yesterday and dipped them in tea to 'age' them now Ive got to go shread my T-shirt a bit so I will be ready for Friday!

See you all soon,

Bye my lovely friends xxxx

Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween giveaway winner....!


Entries are now closed for the Halloween Giveaway and the lucky winner (as randomly picked out a tea cup by my mum! :-P) is................

image from: here
Congratulations :)
If you could send your address to iitki@hotmail.co.uk then I can get your prize on it's way to you! :D
Thank you everyone for reading and commenting and of course there will be more fun stuff coming soon so don't worry if you didn't win this time :)
See you all soon,
Byeeeeeeeee xxx


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween Giveaway- one day left!

Just to let everyone know there is only one day left to enter the Halloween giveaway!!!
The prize is this halloween themed pin cushion (made by me :0) and creepy chocolate spider :P:

Go to This! post to enter
Don't miss out!!
Good luck :D
See you all tommorrow to announce the winner,

Monday, 15 October 2012

Astronauts and Blythe outfits!

Hi guys!

Over the weekend just gone me and my family went to an autograph convention as my brother collects autographs and he also loves space and quite a few astronauts were going too :) (There was also a uni open day near where we stayed which was good as I got to look round!!!) I thought it would be a bit boring if I'm honest but it wasn't bad at all, quite cool in fact! I saw Buzz Aldrin (2nd man on the moon) from afar and also Charlie Duke (anotehr moon walker) said hi to me too :0D Heheh my brother was like ' I'm sooo jelous!', lol! In the end though he got to meet and have his picture taken with all the astronauts so he has a cool collection now :-)

In the evening It was good becuase I got to relax in the room and make a start on my Blythe dolls Halloween costume! I will post pictures when I'm done but it is still in consturction phase in the moment. It is a witch inspired costume... I hope it comes out ok :P I think with my sewing course and tailors experience I am getting better, lol!

I hope you all had a fun weekend too,

See you soon,

Bye! xxx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween giveaway!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the slightly longer period between posts, I have been very busy as my sewing course started this week (yay!) and yesterday I did another day at the tailors which was super fun too (I learnt a lot about altering jackets :).......
But...... today I bring you something special........ the in it to knit it Halloween giveaway!!! :0D
Here are the (spoooookkkkyyy :P) prizes:
A handmade (with newt skin, dragon feet and cobwebs, lol! :-) by me, Halloween themed pin cushion and creepy chocolate spider!
All you have to do to enter is:
1. Be/become a follower :)
2. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, including some way for me to contact you in case you win! (e.g blog address, email, ravelry name etc...)
The giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!
Entries close on the 19th of October and the winner will be announced on the same day :-)
Don't miss out!
I hope you all like the prize,
See you soon,
Byeeeee xxxx