Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A present for my mum (+ advent pics!)

I hope you are all having a super week :)
The other day my nan visited and she brought me a little present, a WHOLE quality street tin FULL of buttons! I was so excited, she said it was her friends but she didin't need it any more as she is almost 100 and doesn't get round to doing much sewing anymore. I had a long look through and therewere so many pretty ones. The more buttons the merrier- it means you can always find the perfect one for the project you are working on... which is exactly what happened today:
When me and my mum wwnet to the V and A about a month back now to see the costume and fashion displays when we weree in the  gift shop my mum saw a pretty collar accessory but it was a little bit too much for us to afford! I remebered she had liked them but couldn't find a collar that I thought was her style to buy her for Christmas, Yesterday I thought why not just make her one! So  did, I made up a pattern piece and got started :) Today I finished it and then went through my new (giant) button box and found the perfect centre decoration for my collar:
My mum said that button was her favourite so that is the one I added, so it was her style :-) She really liked it and when she tried it on it was perfect size so I was super happy! :D as you never quite know until you try it on. 

Hehehe :0) In other news I finally bring you the photo of the gifts for this years crafty advent 
calendar giveaway for any of still curious:

See you all soon,
Bye :) xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ooops, I forgot!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are well and having a lovely week :) I was looking through the pictures on my camera the other day and found a picture of a mini project I forgot to blog about, so I thought I would share it with you now (better late than never, lol :P).

For Christmas I got my nan this build a bear teddy:

I bought the cooking apron and glove outfit but to give it a bit more of a personal touch I stitched the bow and knitted the little cookie too :) My nan liked it so I was pleased!
I also realised I have not yet put up the picture of what was in this years crafty advent calendar so I will try to find the pictures I took and get them to you soon :P Only a month late but just in case some of you were curious :)
See you all soon,
Byeeeee xxxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

More felt finishes :)

Firstly, sorry for not replying to the lovely comments that have been made on the last few posts, blogger has been playing up! I do always read all comments and try to reply to each one too so please keep making them! :0D
Last post I put up pictures of the stuff I had been making from my craft kits :) I have carried on working away and have managed to finish the her and string kit, so just the fox left now:
I really like the hedgehog, it came out so sweet, there are such good designs in the kit!
Whilst rummaging around in my room I came across the teatime cake pincushion (crafty nana) kit my nan gave me for Christmas last year and as I am currently in such a felt-kit crafty mood I couldn't resist whipping up a couple of the treats, here is my strawberry-pastry-shortcake-stack thing and berry tart:

Hehehe, when I look at them I feel peckish! :P I still have the piece of Victoria sponge left, I will probably finish that off tonight......
......Are felt craft kit obsessions possible... lol! :P
I hope you are all well and have lots of fun and exciting things coming up,
see you all soon,
Bye xxxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crafty kit makes :)

Hola my lovely friends!
Last post I mentioned the purse I made from the Crafty nana kit I got from my aunt. It was easy to make and I managed to finish it all in one day, christmas day, using my sewing machine, ready to use in the January sales to hold all my bargain hunting money, lol :P
Here it is, the bow wasn't part of the kit, I just added it for fun and to glam it up a bit:

And last post I mentioned the Paper and string kit I bought in John Lewis, in the sales, quite a bargain I would say at £7.50 as I have been having alot of fun with it. Here are my two woodland friends I have finished so far:
An acorn and a mushroom..... any good name ideas anyone? lol :0D I tried out googly eyes for the mushroom (not part of the kit, again just for fun :P) and I think it made it look cute. I still have a fox and a hedgehog to make too, I can't wait to have the whole crew finished, I will probably cut out the felt using the patterns for them later!
I will probably experiment with some different felt characters of my own designs when I have finished, I have had a few ideas whilst I have been stitching these little guys up.
I hope you all had a lovely Monday,
see you all soon
Byeeeeeeeee xxxxx

Friday, 4 January 2013

Im back, and a bit of an update :)

Hi  everyone!
I am back from my holiday now, I hope you all had super super happy New Year!!! :D Hehehe, I had a super time at Disneyland paris, here are some of the best holiday snaps:

These ones are of the Disney christmas parade :0)
My fave ride i went on was probably Space mountain on the last day with my mum, hehehe I thought it was going to be terrible so I was a bit nervous but it wasn't all that bad it was actually fun. In the shop I got a Tiana doll (from the Princess and the Frog) as her dress is my fave of all the princesses
In other news yesterday I went sale shopping and in John lewis I got a mini felt craft kit to make your own woodland friend felt toys, they are so suppperrr cute! The kit was by Paper and string, I reccommend checking out her blog/shop, all her felt kits are very sweet! I will post pics of my finished friends when they are done :-)
Soon I will also put up a pic of the purse I recently made from a kit my aunty got me for Christmas too.
See you all soon,
byeeee xxxxx
P.s. soon I will be setting up a page to put up pictures any of you lovely people send me of things you have made from any of my patterns or tutorials or makes inspired by any of my posts as I got a lovely pic of some mini octopuses from my patterns, too cute not to be shared!
Bye! :)