Friday, 23 November 2012

Trouser progress

A post or so ago I mentioned the vintage fabric and pattern I picked up when I was on holiday, today I thought I would show you my work in progress :D......
I just have to add the waistband and zip now, which I will probably do over the next few days. I should be finished by Sunday and then I can start wearing my creation :0)
Doing the sewing course I go to on Wednesday evenings has really helped make using the commercial patterns a lot easier. I learn how to read darts from a commercial pattern and then we practised them so doing them on the trousers was easy :)
I can't wait to wear them somewhere!!!!!! :D
See you all soon,
Bye xXx

Friday, 16 November 2012

2nd Advent Giveaway Winner!!!

Hi everyone!

Entries are now closed and the time has come for the winner of the Advent calendar giveaway to be
announced! :D
Dramatic drumroll (lol :P).............

.......The winner as chosen by the random number generator is....

Image from: here!
Congratulations!!!!!!! :0)

I have messaged you via ravelry asking for your address so I can get your calendar gifts on their way to you ready for the 1st of December!


To all the other entries, don't worry if you didn't win this one as, of course :), there will be more giveaways and other cool stuff coming soon and I will be putting a picture up of all the things included in the calendar after the 24th of December, like last year, So you won't have to live without knowing what was in all the little parcels :P

See you all soon and congratulations again to Knittotheend! :0)
Byeeee xxx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vintage sewing patterns and fabric

I forgot to mention in my holiday posts that when I was in an antique style shop I found a whole box of vintage sewing patterns :) I got sew excited (lol :P) because they were all only about 90p each and some of the garments looked so pretty! I picked up my 3 favourite ones and then later in a vintage themed craft shop I found a neatly tied up bundle with a vinatge bedspread and pillow cases in it- for only £10! It had a pretty flower pattern on it and I thought it would be great for making up some of the patterns in:

I think I am going to get started on the trouser and top set tommorrow, Yay! Then I will have a cool vintage outfit to wear :-)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :o)

See you soon,

Byeeeee XXXX

Monday, 5 November 2012

***The 2nd Crafty Advent Calendar Giveaway!!!***

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come for the return of the Crafty Advent Calendar Giveaway!!!...

I am once again giving away to one person 24 festive crafty gifts to countdown to Christmas- a crafty advent calendar! :0D

Image from: here

I had tons of fun looking in all the craft shops for the different little festive themed gifts that can be added to/used in your Christmas craft projects :)
I hand wrapped each  one and added a number for the 24 days, here are all the little parcels o<:0 p="p">
You can put them all in a fancy bowl or a fill it yourself decorative calendar (those felt/stitched ones with pockets :) and then open the right one each day from the 1st to the 24th of December (like the choccy calendars) to get your little surprise!
Here is what was in the last crafty advent just to give you some idea (though I have bought some differeent stuff for this year of course :-)......
Giveaway entries are open until the 16th of November and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on the same day!

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere! :)


To be entered you must:

> Be a follower

> And leave a comment below with some way to contact you in case you win! :)
(e.g ravelry name, blog or email address etc...)
I hope you all like the giveaway, It was very fun arranging it!

See you soon

Bye xXxX