Thursday, 26 September 2013

Just a quick hi

Hi guys,

Byeee xxx

No, hahaha, it is not that quick! I just wanted to check in with you all :) I had my first proper day at uni on Wednesday (as I mentioned in my last post) and since then it has been pretty full on (10- 5 each day :-)  I am really enjoying it though!
We are working on lots of little samples at the moment but making sure we get them very precise and accurate to get our sewing up to professional standards.
I am hoping I can resume to more frequent blogging soon- I am just still working on getting my head round fitting in all the things adults have to do in a day for themselves like; working, cooking, shopping, cleaning, tidying etc...! Hahaha, I will eventually manage to fit in and remember everything without writing huge to do lists :-P
I will also hopefully get back to being able to check up on every ones blogs- but my blogger reading list has gone a bit funny recently and keeps telling me I am following no one :/ Ahh well, it will come back eventually- it always does, then I can have fun catching back up with everybody :0)
Hehe, that is about it for my quick 'hi' but I hope you are all well and thank you for bearing with me- I am just a bit slow to adjust! :oP
See you soon,
Byeeeeeeeeee XxXxXx
P.s. This is a message for Melissa Graham- I am still holding the prize you were the winner of from the Llama naming giveaway a while ago- if you want to email me your address to: I will pop it in the post to you :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

More hats!

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't posted sooner! I have been settling into my new uni accommodation (the house I share with a landlady and her dog Mabel :P) and have been going into the college for the different induction days too- I start properly sewing/costume making/my course on Wednesday!!! :D Soo close now!!!!
I have finished a few more hats in the time I have had because the induction days in the college aren't full days so I have been having a morning or afternoon off most days.
Here is my little collection of apple/fruit hats:

They were quite quick to make but hopefully quite fun, and I think they are pretty appropriate for the fruit smoothie bottles they will be sold on! :oP
Some little 'love hats' (using my applique heart I designed on top)- I am probably going to make several more of these in some different colour combos :):

Hehehe, and last but not least my ice cream scoop hat! This one is mint choc chip (my new food love!) I will probably also try to re-create some other flavours too as these ones are super fun to make with the little cherry and whipped cream :o):

I am home for the weekend now so it is nice to be with my family again, I missed them lots being away from home just a few days! I'm off now to raid my fridge to get the leftover cake from my birthday that they have saved for me whilst I have been away- and probably to get started on more hats :P Then we are heading off to Autographica (an event where you can meet astronauts etc... that my brother likes to visit each year).
I hope all of you have a great weekend!
See you all again soon,
Byeeeeeeeeee my lovely friends :) xxxxxxxxxooooooooxxxx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's my birthday!!!


Yes, today is officially my Birthday! :D I have had a fabulous day with my lovely family :-)
My Dad as usual amazed me with the birthday cake he made for me- it was so lovely to look at and to eat! (though my eyes were too big for my belly and I ate a bit too much :P)
Here it is in all its lovely leopard print and cute little mouse/bunny glory :D:

Isn't he adorable :3

Also as usual I was blown away by my family's generosity and thoughtfulness in the presents they got me because having them is a gift enough- and all the lovely stuff they got me ready for uni too- I seriously thought I might wake up and have stuff taken off me instead of getting more gifts as it seems like I have had more than my lot already!
Here are some pictures of my wonderful gifts- Thank you to all my lovely family and friends for all of them:
I am soo excited about reading all of these books :) I have already gained inspiration for my Halloween costume from the fashion book my friend got me :P

Hehe, two Kawaii fuzzy Llamas and a fluffy jacket to match- what more could a girl ask for? ;)

My mum got me the two little craft kits and my wonderful, lovely, brilliant brother got me the Hamtaro Bijou plush (he also got me a very cool Domo poster which I will post a picture of when it is up and the words he wrote inside my card he made for me were so lovely that they made me cry! And on top of all of that he offered to buy me a film and a Mcflurry- because I love them so much!)

I can now top up my chocolate stash thanks to my friends and dad (my friends also got me a pretty picture frame with a picture in it of all of us at my Halloween party dressed up- haha, it is coming to uni with to make me smile each day)

Some lunchboxes and luxurious bath stuff courtesy of my dad, I love the cat lunchbox as it reminds me of the Lucky Chinese cats!

And last but by far not least some cool Dvds and Cds. I have been wanting to watch the films for ages- mainly for all the amazing costumes in them and who doesn't love a bit of Andre Rieu? :P
Thank you again to my family and friends as my day would not have been so  special without you to share it with xxx
Hahaha, I hope all of you have had a wonderful day as well, see you all soon with more Innocent hat knitting news!
See you all soon,
Bye xxx 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Getting ready for uni!

For several weeks I have been getting all the bits and bobs I need for Uni like pots, pans, books, course supplies and..... clothes! :D Haha, I have enjoyed doing my clothes shopping, choosing lots of lovely outfits to wear.
I wanted to show you a picture of my most special, glam, saving-for-a-special-occasion dress that my mum and dad got me as an early birthday gift:
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I was drooling over it in the shop and said to my mum one day I will wear a dress like that! Then the next day she surprised me by bringing me one home :D It is sooo beautiful and it fits me perfectly :-) I am so happy to have it in my wardrobe ready to bring out for that perfect occasion! (and to put on and walk around in it in front of the mirror when I want to, lol :p) 
As my college is about 1/2 hour walk from my uni home I planned on using my bike some days and having a nice little cycle there instead. As another early birthday present my dad helped me do up my bike (which I haven't used in years!):
I got a cute basket :3:

And my dad made me a wooden vintage style crate to go on the back to give me even more carry space. I chose to put 'Gutermann & Co' the sewing thread makers so we painted it on the side and on the other side I want to paint 'Finest sewing thread' in an old fashioned style font to complete the look :)

Tomorrow me and my dad are taking some of my stuff up to my Uni home so that will be fun.
In other news here are my latest innocent smoothie hat creations:
An American style pretzel hat :D- I am going to make more in different colours.
And some little flowery hats that remind me of baby hats:
I used pastel self striping yarn and I think it gave quite an interesting effect.
I am off to carry on with more now, and check I have packed all my stuff properly for tomorrow!
See you soon,

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Domo/monster innocent hats

As many of you will know I have begun making hats for the innocent smoothies for this years big knit :)
Domo is a big part of my life and his latest bit of inspiration rubbed off on some of my hats :P
Here they are:
I made a brown one and a pink one- the traditional colours, but I may start making some random coloured little monsters too!
To make a monster/Domo hat it is pretty similar to the basic pattern but you just have to include a red intarsia square and some little teeth and eyes;
Using 4mm needles and the main colour DK you have chosen for your Domo/monster hat cast on 28sts
Knit two rows of k1, p1 ribbing
row 3- k 11 sts in brown, swap to red and k 5 sts, then swap back to brown and k the last 12 sts (using intarsia method of bringing different coloured yarns across back of work)
row 4- p 11 in brown,  p 5 in red, p12 in brown
Repeat rows 3 and 4 two more times :)
row 9- k across whole of row in brown
row 10- P across whole of row in brown
Repeat rows 9 and 10 2 more times
row 14- K2tog across (14sts)
row 15- P2tog across (7sts)
To finish thread yarn end through remaining stitches on needle, draw up and sew down back of hat- darn in and cut all loose ends also. Then using black yarn give your little monster two eyes and stitch/stick on some small strips of white felt which have been cut with pinking shears along one edge.
All done
Hahaha, I hope you like the hats-  I will have more to show you soon, I am sure of it :0)
See you soon,
Byeeee xXxXxX