Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee pin cushion, nans birthday present and naming a turkey!

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday I finished the last of my AS exams so since then I have had tons of lovely wonderful crafting time! :D I have got so much done, It's amazing how many hours there are in the day when they are not full of revision, hehehe :-)

I finished my Jubilee pin cushion:

I didn't add a message to the back in the end as I liked it just plain :)

I also managed to start this tote bag:

(Hehehe, you can see where I have had the embroidery circle! :P)

I stitched the bag using the sewing machine after cutting out the fabric using a cardboard template I made from using another bag I had as a guide. Now I am just stitching the flower design on the front and then I have to add the handles. I think I might stitch a little smiley face on the flower :)

I am making it for my nan as a present for her 70th birthday, I will keep you all updated on my progress! I hope my nan likes it when it is done :0)

Some of you were probably now wondering about the 'name a turkey' part of the title, well let me explain.....

Before my exams my mum said as a treat for working hard at the end of my exams I could have a little treat (she also bought me some more vegan marshmallows to munch on during my revision :). As many of you will know I am vegetarian and I also am often concerned on the welfare of animals in the food industry and one day when I was looking up what producers used free range eggs, out of interest, and by chance came across the site of a place called Hen Heaven ( It is a sanctuary for rescued battery hens and turkeys. I thought the rescue work they did was brilliant and when I saw their name a turkey appeal I knew what I wanted my exam finishing gift to be!!!

I had great fun trying to think of a name and in the end came up with 'Lord Gobble Gobble' hehehe, I thought it sounded very regal! :0) Yesterday my mum paid and sent off the name I chose and hopefully I will get a certificate through the post  sometime soon :) One day maybe I may even vist little 'Lord Gobble Gobble' :0)

I am going to do some more stitching on my nans birthday gift and dream about all the cute little turkeys at Hen Heaven :) I hope you are all having a nice week,

See you soon!

Bye xxxxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision and Queens Jubilee pin cushion :)

Hi everybody!

Today Is eurovision, Yay!!!! :D I really love watching eurovision each year I have made some scorecards for me and my family to write down notes and a score for each entry :-) It is soo fun and we have lots of chocolate to enjoy also and in between watching all the performances I am going to continue to make my pincushion commemorating the Queens Jubilee :) Here is where I am at so far:

I am going to stitch it usingg the type of sewing you do for the edges of a biscornu so that the trim goes outwards all the way round the edge and the stitched design is revealed clearly and I will probably stitch a commemorative message to the back

Im off to get to work and watch the next song! :D

See you all soon,

BYE! xxxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Cute orange blob pattern :D

Hey everyone!

Here is the pattern for the cute orange blob as promised :)

You will need:

Orange (or whatever colour you want) DC yarn
3.5mm crochet hook
A small piece of black felt
A smal piece of white felt
A pair of scissors
Craft/fabric glue
A darning needle
And a couple of handfuls of stuffing :)


The body and head is worked all in one, stuffing as you go along :0)

Using 3.5mm hook and DC yarn make a magic ring, 6 dc into ring (6sts)

2dc into each st around (12sts)

*1dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from * to* around (18sts)

*5dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from *to* around (21sts)

*5dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from *to* to last 3 sts, 3dc (24sts)

1dc around (24 sts)

1dc around (24 sts)

*5dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from *to* around (28sts)

1dc around (28sts)

*5dc, dc2tog * repeat from *to* to last 4sts, 4dc (24sts)

1dc around (24sts)

*5dc, dc2tog* repeat from *to* to last 3sts, 3dc (21sts)

*2dc, dc2tog* repeat from * to* to last st, 1dc (16sts)

*2dc, dc2tog* repeat from * to* around (12sts)

*1dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from *to* around (18sts)

*2dc, 2dc into next st* repeat from *to* around (24 sts)

1dc around (24sts)

*4dc, 2dc into next st * repeat from *to* to last 4 sts, 4dc (28 sts)

1dc around (28sts)
1dc around (28sts)
*5dc, dc2tog* repeat from *to* around (24sts)

*2dc dc2tog* repeat from *to*  around (19sts)

Stuff now! :-)

*dc2tog* to last st, 1dc (10sts)

1dc around (10sts)

*2dc, dc2tog* from *to* last 2sts, 2dc (8sts)

*1dc, dc2tog* from*to* last 2 sts, dc2tog (5 sts)

Fasten off

Making up:

Gather up top and darn in lose end. Then cut out felt like seen in picture and stick on with fabric glue :)

                                                                          All done!
I hope you have fun with your cute orange blob :D

Hehehe, see you all soon!

Bye xxx

P.s Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the pattern (or find any needed corrections) :)


(I am using UK crochet abbreviations)

st(s) = stitch(es)
dc2tog = double crochet two stitches together
dc = double crochet

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cute orange blob!

Hi everyone,

I was watching TV the other day when this advert came on:

I was captivated by its super cute-ness (and awesome dancing routine!) The advert makes me so happy :D I think he is called Zingy :0)

I watched the advert about 20 times on youtube and really wanted my own Zingy, sadly they don't sell them yet, soo I decided to make my own little guy :-)

He seemed to like it outside in the advert so I thought I would take my creation outside too, I think he liked it...

Hehehe :D

 (I promise I will put the pattern for Zingy up soon, I have just got to get it all typed up and everything)

I'm off now as Zingy said he would teach me his dance routine, lol! :P

I hope you are all having a lovely week!

See you all soon,

Bye XxXxX

Friday, 11 May 2012

Recycled quilt

Hi everyone,

The other day I was sifting through my sewing box and found the beginnings of this quilt I started making out of old t-shirts and fabric:

I completely forgot about it but was happy to have stumbled across it as I was looking for my next project :) It might take me a long while because I want it to be realllllly big and snuggly! I have lots of old t-shirt and bed-spread fabric, I think it will look really cool and colourful when it is done as all the fabric is of different textures and patterns.

I think I'll go sew on the next hexagon now :D

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

See you all soon xxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Summer bolero - finished!

Hello everyone,

I finished my bolero!!! :D I was so happy that it came out how I wanted that, despite the weather not being that great today, I donned my new bolero anyway (with a long sleeved top underneath though - it was much to cold for the vest top and shorts I planned to wear it with!) and set off on the canal boat trip, which was very fun (but rainy!)

Hehehe, here is me modelling it......

I am hoping it will get lots of wear over the summer :)

In other news I made one of my crochet crisp packet coasters for my driving instructor :-) Last lesson we were having a chat about recycling and my crafting and when I was saying about bags I have seen made from recycled packets and my crocheted crisp packet coasters and my instructor was intrigued on how textiles/crochet could be mixed with food wrappers, So I made her this one:

I hope she likes it, I get to give it to her tomorrow :0)

I hope you all had a nice weekend/bank holiday!

See you all soon,

Bye xxxXxxx

Friday, 4 May 2012

Almost finished!

Hi guys :)

I have been working really hard on my mini bolero... and.... It works, all my finger crossing worked, It fits and looks how I wanted it to look :D:

I am almost finished, which is good because I want to wear it on Monday when me and my family and some of our friends go on our canal boat trip!

I'm off to keep working on it......

See you all super soon (with the finished product)!

Bye XxXx