Monday, 25 November 2013

A little stitched hamster :)

Last week we were given a couple of extra days off college so that we could go away and do some research ready for starting our mini kimono making project this week. In between doing my research and homework and stuff I managed to finish off one of the toy kits I got for my birthday, a little hamster:

Hehehehe, I called him nibbles! Oooh I love hamsters so much, they are soo sweet! :03  It is quite detailed (many different shaped pieces and some with darts) which was good because it means if you sew it carefully you get a really good toy. The kit was by minicraft- I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner, as, as I said you do have to do careful little stitches with a small seam allowance on sometimes awkward shaped seams to get a nice finished product. But if you want more of a challenge go for it- they have tons of cute animals to choose from! :) I still have my guinea pig kit to make too :D
In other news I have also made progress on my random patchwork purse, it I coming along ok but I would definitely not say it was finished yet- it still doesn't look quite right to me :-/ I am going to keep experimenting until I'm happy:

Hmmm I will get my thinking cap on!
I'm off now to pack my lunch for tomorrow- hehhehe I don't normally pack it the night before but tomorrow I am going on a trip with college to see 101 Dalmatians at the New Vic Theatre in stoke- a long way away- so we have to leave early in the morning. I am going to pack myself a lovely lush lunch with extra treats- just like my dad used to do for me when I went on trips when I was little :) You need more energy when you go on a trip! :-P
Speak to you again soon,
Bye XxXxXxXxXxX

Friday, 22 November 2013

***12 days of Christmas giveaway winner!***

Helllooo, helllo, helloooo!

I am here to do the special job of announcing the 12 days of Christmas giveaway winner :D
There was lots of entries for this giveaway which was nice to see :) But now, drum roll please........ the lucky winner of the 12 little parcels is.......
Jordyn Dunaway!!!

 Image from: here!
If you could send your address to then I can get your prizes on their way to you!
I hope you all have all had a good week and have something nice planned for the weekend to treat yourselves :-) As usual don't worry if it you were not the winner this time as I try to keep lots of fun stuff not far around the corner o<:0 p="">
See you soon,
Byeeeeeeeee xxx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Uni stuff and The Asian Wedding Show!


I hope you are all well :)
This Friday at Uni my costume group was back in scenics to finish our taster of the scenic peoples course (as part of our carousel I mentioned in another post :-). That meant I was able to get my mask finished, yay! I was pleased with how it came out seen as I am not so great at painting. Some of the girls masks were amazing- Just like the ones out of the Lion King!!!
Here is mine, it is meant to be a forest/tree lady:

My favourite part was probably adding the gold paint and the flowers which I added glitter too (because sparkly things are pretty!)
Also this week we had our bit of time in the lighting department which I found really fascinating. We set up a little scene using some props and lights and music. We used different colours and tried out different angles of light and we even used a screen and switched which lights were on and off to allow only certain dolls in our scene to be seen at any one time- they could almost disappear and appear in different places in our little set using just lights! Here are some pictures I took of my day, our story/scene had a Cinderella theme:


I think lighting is something I may experiment with more at home when taking pictures of my dolls in outfits I have made them :-)
In other news, yesterday me and my mum went to the International Asian Wedding And fashion show:
I really wanted to go to look at all the beautiful dresses and learn more about Asian fashion.
It was FANTASTIC!!! I had such a brilliant day, I looked around all the stalls and my mum even treated me to some beautiful Indian Saree fabric for me to try making something pretty with:

And we got to see a whole hour long catwalk show in which the models could only be described as looking like stunning princesses- some of the beading on the dresses was breathtaking! I felt like I had been transported to a wonderful exotic palace and was watching all the royals walking around, It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of the catwalk I managed to get between peoples heads :P:

Hahah and If that wasn't enough for one weekend yesterday evening we also went to the theatre to see 'Barking in Essex' which was really funny and since I have been at theatre based college I have learnt so much more about the theatre making it even more interesting to go to now :o)
Hahah, Im off to bed now after all my fun busyness! More costume history tomorrow- yay! ( I promise I will get round to doing a post about that sometime soon :)
See you all soon,
Byeeeeeeee my lovely readers xxXxXxXxXXxX 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

A patchwork charm bag for me :)

I hope you are all well :) 
This weekend apart form some costume history work (I am planning to do a post soon on some of the stuff I am learning in that lesson as it is very fun and interesting- I may even make some mini garments for my doll from the times so they can model and show you all 'the look' :-P) I didn't have tons to do which was good as it means I got to start another craft project!
I was inspired by the pouch I saw on Steph's blog which she made to put some Halloween treats in. I decided to start making a similar patchwork style purse/bag out of different bits of scrap fabric and all the findings, charms and beads I have been collecting for so long and haven't got round to using yet!
I want to make each square/patch say something about me or what I like, I have only got the main sides done so far, still the flap and then all the sewing together and lining left to do but here are some work in progress pics;
Hehe, I love sponge bob so he had to be featured :P
I also love apples!
I think leopard print is really cool, and different cool/cute dolls which is what I put the Russian doll fabric in for :)
The little scrap of African fabric in the corner under Spongebob was given to me By Stefany the dressmaker where I work sometimes so that is special to me too :3

My sweet tooth is also huge!

Christmas is probably my favourite holiday of all time!!!

With Halloween coming close because cute creepy stuff is amazing too!
I don't have too much stuff going on Tuesday so I will probably get down to work and try to finish it then. I reckon I will manage it as now I am back at my uni house I can use my machine which I brought with me, at home I have been hand sewing everything (which I don't mind actually) :P It is so much fun just being so creative with it and sewing on all the ribbons and buttons and charms making it all personal to me!
See you all again soon,
Byeeeee xxx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

***12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway!!!!*** o<:0D


Yes, yes, yes, the time has come around again for my Christmas Giveaway! Yay :-) As most of you will know I normally do a kind of advent giveaway, this year is similar but I have changed it up slightly- just to keep things fun!
This year I have chosen 12 gifts (some contain two little gifts combined, and some are a it bigger- so don't worry there is not less prize because it is only 12 parcels :P) One for each of the 12 days of Christmas! Then I started thinking, when actually are the 12 days of Christmas? The first 12 days of December, the 12 days before Christmas day? I don't actually know! Haha, that is why instead of writing 1, 2, 3 etc... on the wrapped gifts as I normally would I have instead decided to leave it up to the winner, they can select what surprise they want to open and also their own 12 days they want to open them on to make it most fun for them :-)
Here are all the little wrapped gifts:
As usual each one has a festive and crafty theme (so that you can put them to good use in your holiday knitting, sewing, crochet, cross stitch etc... projects :).
The Giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere and all you have to do to enter is:
1. Be a follower (or become one :-)
2. And then leave a comment below containing some way to contact you if you win (e.g. a blog address, Ravelry name etc...)
And if you want a second entry.....
..... all you have to do is put up a link to this post, or my new folksy shop on your blog, or facebook page etc... and leave a link to the post in your comment below :D
Entries close on the evening of the 22nd of November and the winner will be announced then as well.
Goooood luck to everyone!!! :)
Speak to you all again soon, I hope you like the giveaway!
Byeee xxx
P.s. here is what was in last years advent calendar giveaway- to give you a flavour of the type of things included in the 12 mini parcels :-):
P.s.s. I will of course after the giveaway and Christmas reveal what was in the parcels so nobody has to wonder forever- hehehe :-P
Bye again xxxoooxxx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A little catch up

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all well and I hope you all had a great Halloween too! Me and my family had a good time, we watched the 'Great Pumpkin' episode of Peanuts which was cool and I made these Pizzas and Garlic bread, shaped like mummies and monsters and ghosts which was also fun (the mummy ones were an idea from a Warburtons ad but I used pittas and cheestrings to create a similar effect :P):

I don't think I did too bad for the limited range of materials I had in the holiday kitchen (a bit 5-year-old-ish but I had fun!!!)
My dad also carved this funny little pumpkin face (with tiny stalk and everything!) into a yogurt peanut for me as we were all in the mood for tiny stuff after my rice keyring, and we didn't manage to pick up a real pumpkin this year:
Hehehe, it was adorable, I munched him down that evening though :P
The rest of my holiday was very good too, I picked up some more great fabric from Rainbow's and also some more special bits for the Christmas giveaway coming soon...ooooohhhh......! And this weekend at home we had some fireworks for bonfire night :)
I also finished off the rest of the green donut jumpsuit for lalaloopsy and started on a pair of dungarees too:

Hahah, the crazy dungarees fabric was actually part of the stash I bought at Rainbow's, she just needs a top to go underneath them now as it is a bit cold to be that naked :-P That is next on my to do list!
I start college again tomorrow- and I have my first lesson on costume history, YAY :D I am very excited, I have been reading my book on Corsets and suchlike over the holiday so hopefully that will help me be extra clued up.
I'm off to bed now, see you all again soon,
Bye XxXxXx
P.s. I have just listed a few more bits on my shop over the weekend (some mini Llama pin cushions!) and there are more things, like fimo buttons which I should have up by the end of this week so please do check if you get time, just in case you see something you like- just click the shop button at the top of my blog on the side to be transported there :o) Thanks! xxxxxxxxxxooooooxxxxx Bye :3