Friday, 30 August 2013

A little mouse + some hats :-)


Today I bring you my latest crafty finish, this little mouse :o):

It was a kit- but there were a few pieces missing (I don't know how/why they were missing!?) so I had to improvise a bit- with the eyes and head and things but overall I am pleased with how she came out. I decided to name her little big ears :-) I am going to sit her on my bookshelf along with the little bunny I finished while on holiday- the one with the long legs- they can be friends :oP
In other news It is almost that time again for the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit, hahah yes the time for me to knit many little crazy hats :D
I have started this year with these three fairy coloured/style versions of my gnome hat pattern I put up last year :-):
I'm off to start some more now. Hehehe, it is verrrry addictive!
See you all soon, have a lovely weekend,
Byeeeeeee xxx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

And the Fuzzy Llama's new name is.....


The voting for the Fuzzy Llama giveaway is now closed, the votes have been counted and the winning name is....
So congratulations to Melissa Graham!
If you could send me an email containing your address to then I can get your prize in the post on it's way to you ASAP :)
Starry Skies is very excited about going to his new home- and he is bringing his mini surprise prize parcel with him! :D
Congratulations again to Melissa!
And I will see you all again very soon with more fun stuff!
Byeeeeeeeee xoxoxoxo

Monday, 26 August 2013

Calling from Copenhagen!

Hi everybody,
Haha, yes I am actually in Copenhagen, in Denmark doing this post :P As the last part of our family summer holidays me and my family booked to come to Denmark for four days- none of us had ever been before so it has been cool discovering stuff alltogether. Today is our last day and I think we are going to the Guiness World Record Museum, which looks cool as I think there is some Marylin Monroe style dresses there for me to stare at :P
Yesterday we went to Tivoli Gardens- the theme park in the centre of Copenhagen that inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland and that Also inspired some of Hans Christian Andersons Stories. Hans Christian Anderson lived in Copenhgen and was born in Denmark so we went to the mini Museum about him too, it had a series of pieces of paper which he had actually written on of his stories on, which apparently cost millions of Danish Kroner for them to buy!
Anyway, back to Tivoli :oP
There was a lot less ques than there are in places like Disneyland which was good as it meant you could pretty much get on anything you wanted in one day. I went on tons of rides with my brother and my parents came on a few- but I was the only one brave (MAD!) enough to go on star flyer- basically an extremely tall chairoplane:
I still don't know how I managed to get myself on to it, I suppose it was my curiosity of what it woud be like to be flying high in a little chair!? I am the one in the middle of the picture, some how my dad managed to get a picture of me all the way up there:

Haha, I was holding on Verrrrryyyy tightly but I was having fun, and the view was amazing, I think I could see the whole of Copenhagen :P I could see all of the park and quite a lot outside it too. I felt quite refreshed after I got off too- it must have been all of the fresh air up there, it was so windy!
Tivoli was very pretty, I could see why it had inspired so many people:

I'm off now because me and my family are off for breakfast so we can get on and get out :) But one more funny thing before I go- Over here Strawberries are called Jordabaer, which has mde me laugh because it is so close to my name (Jordan :), I am a little strawberry! :P
See you all soon, I hope you are having a lovely weekend,
Bye! xxx

P.S. I will bring you the last few pictures from my holiday when I get home, and don't forget if you haven't already to vote for the name in the fuzzy Llama giveaway as there isn't long left now :0) xxx

Bye xoxoxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's time to vote!


Entries for the Fuzzy Llama giveaway are now closed.
 Here are all of the name entries:

Starry Skies
Glama the Llama
Northern Sky
To vote for your favourite just leave a comment below (you don't have to be a follower to vote)- if you have entered you can't vote for your own though :P
Voting closes and the winner will be announced on the 28th of August!
Good luck to everyone- they are all cool names!
See you soon,
Bye xxx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My New Room :D

My room is now complete- from top to bottom! So now I bring you pictures- of mainly my parents hard work :P I tidied but they did all the painting and DIY and hard stuff.
Though I did help with the painting of my multi-coloured fireplace:
It was my dads idea and we painted it together :)
Here is my new sewing table- my pride and joy, my baby... you get the point! :D I even now have a proper lamp so I can see what I am doing for once:

And my new craft storage boxes make my crafting life a lot easier:

Hahah, yes all of that is only my craft materials. I have collected lots over the years :-)
I have a teddy hammock for all my cute plushes- me and them combined were getting too much for my bed to hold up! And my dad kindly treated me to a new TV because my old one was broken, so I can now watch Create and Craft shopping channel in the morning :oP

My bed- I went with leopard and zebra print because I think it's Jazzy, and my new house shaped bejewelled mirror:

Hehehe, and now the last of my room pictures- my new fluffy doorstop friend, Mr piggy (yet to have a full name! :P):

Sooooooooo cute! and he does his job very well :-3
So thank you verrry much again to my parents for helping me and funding my room makeover!
I hope you are all having a lovely week,
I will see you soon  with a list of entries for the fluffy llama giveaway, which you only have a day left to enter so don't miss out on the fun! :)
Bye Bye XXX

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Results and a Fuzzy Llama giveaway!

As many of you will know from the news Thursday was results day for all the A-level people, so that includes me :P I got A* in Psychology, General studies, Maths and Physics and A in Business & Economics. When I got home from picking up my results I checked my emails and all the confirmation for my uni place had been sent through, so YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I am DEFINITELY 'in' to study Costume Production :D I am soooooooo excited- I have started buying the books and stuff I need so am waiting eagerly for the different bits to arrive through the post! :-)
As I feel in a very celebratory mood on confirmation of my uni place I thought I would do a giveaway- with a bit of a twist!
As Enriko, the little fuzzy llama I made, got such a good reception when I blogged about him I thought I would make another little llama friend to do a giveaway with....
As well as the little llama you could also win his surprise little prize parcel!- here is just a teaser pic of it:
To enter the giveaway:
You have to be a follower
And now here comes the twist...
Then comment below with a cool name you would choose to name the fuzzy llama.
On 21st of August entries will close
Then on the 21st of August I will put up a list of all the names/entries and then everybody can vote for there favourite name (not their own entry obviously)! The name with the most votes after a week will win the Llama and the surprise parcel :D
As usual the giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!
I hope everyone has got that- I will go over it again just to make sure as sometimes I don't explain well :P
- To enter the giveaway be a follower and comment below with the name you would give to the fuzzy little llama on offer (make sure you include a way to contact you too in case you win e.g. blog or email address or ravelry name)
- You have until the 21st of August to enter
- on the 21st I will post up a list of the name entries and then there will be voting open for a week where you can vote for the name you think is best (not your own entry)
- Then the person whose name got the most votes will win all the goodies and the fuzzy llama!
Good luck everybody- I can't wait to read all the great names :o)
if anyone still has any questions feel free to post them below,
See you all again soon with pictures of my room which is now all done- apart from a clock :P,
Byeeeeeeee xxxx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sunday Style

As you will probably know I have been back of holiday for a few days now. My parents have been offering for ages now to do my room up but with all my studying for A levels and stuff I hadn't got round to it- but now it's the summer holidays and I am free! :D so me and my parents have been painting and decorating since we got back and it is almost done. I am sooo excited, I have new craft storage boxes and a sewing area and a funky fire place me and my dad decorated. I will post pictures when it is fully completed, which should be by the end of the week :-)
But in other news today I bring you another Sunday style, which I actually wore to family barbecue before I went on holiday:
I made the pattern myself by draping on the stand :) It was a little tight, but that will teach me to drape a bit more loosely next time :-P

I did diagonal underarm darts and straight back waist darts- the darts being the main design features as I thought the fabric was so pretty that I didn't want to take away from it by adding too much to the dress. I think it is a print of forests and lakes and old fashioned ladies:

To me it reminded me slightly of Japanese traditional gardens :)
I'm off now to get in bed so I am ready in the morning to finish off the tidying of my room :P And in the afternoon me and my family are going to see Charlie And the Chocolate Factory in the theatre in the west end so I mustn't be too tired for that either!
See you soon,
Byeee xxx
P.S. Thank you to Steph for sending me the lovely parcel of incense after reading on my blog that I have been using some it :) They all smell so nice!

Friday, 9 August 2013

More holiday happenings


Tomorrow I head home from the Isle of Wight so this is my second and last holiday update post!
This week has been just as good as last week though so I can't complain :D
We went to Carisbrooke Castle which is nice as you can walk all around the ramparts (I think that's what they are called :P) which means you can get some really good views...... see :):

In the evenings, as well as making my bunny, I have been practising some of the embroidery from the books I picked up- Here is my first finished piece:
I thought it was such a cool design and even more cool was the way you could completely cut around it and even cut out the space between the loops. I am going to use it as a patch and keep trying some more embroidery- it was very fun and didn't actually take me that long to work up :0)
Another outing me and my family took was to the IOW bus museum, which was surprisingly very fun! You could get on pretty much any one of the old buses and  sit in the drivers seat or go and sit at the back on top of the double deckers (hehehe, and yes I did pretend I was driving all of the buses- like the 5 year olds at the museum were doing too :P)  
These were my favourite ones :-):
I love the brown and cream colour of this one!

In the fabric shop I visit on the Island every time I come I found this bag of rainbow fleece material scraps, it was only 95p but as soon as I saw it I thought of tons of random  things I could make with it all.
Here is one of the first ideas I had, a fuzzy wuzzy mini llama! :oD:

He is called Enriko, seen as that is what the button I found in a draw and used for his eye said on it. I am very happy with my new little design, I will definitely be making more of them using different colours of the fleece- I want a whole funky llama crew! I have become a bit addicted to llamas/alpacas ever since I got the kawaii mini alpaca backpack from Hyper-Japan, I'm sure the obsession will wear off soon..... maybe...... :-p
Hehehe that's all for my holiday update now, I hope I have not bored you all too much! I hope you are all having a lovely week,
Speak to you again soon,
Byeeeee my friends xxxx

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy holiday happenings

I hope you are all having fun in the summery sun, well, when it is not hidden by the clouds :oP
I am having a great time in the Isle Of Wight (as usual :) and thought I would bring you an update of what I have been up too.
First up- the tale of the giant cucumber! Me and my family went to 'Farmer Jacks' farm shop to get some stuff for tea and in the vegetable baskets we found some HUGE cucumbers so we picked up one (the biggest one :-)
Here it is, it is absolutely massive!!!:

It tasted nice too, the lady in the shop said they aren't usually so big but what with all the sun and then the downpours of rain they had thrived. (the small slice in the picture is a slice from a normal sized cucumber!- not a tiny one or anything)
Hahaha, from giant cucumbers to cool one-man band music machines it is all here in the IOW, yes one man band music machines..... you did not read wrong :P
At Quay Arts- the mini art gallery and shop on the island, there latest exhibit was of this music machine :) Just turn the handle and the wheel rotates and plays a happy little tune on the piano, the drum bangs and the umbrella attached at the
 side spins too!:

Quay Arts is always fun to visit as you never know what will be there but it is always something that makes you smile or makes you think :0)
Here is just a cool picture of the hovercraft coming into the dock/beach that my dad took when we were watching them today:

We did get a lot of sand in our faces though when one of them turned to go on its way and its propellers blew a gust of it straight at us! ahh well it was still fun watching them :)
In the evenings I have been working on this little craft kit my mum got me before we went away- I have sewn the body and arms and ears so far, pictures will of course come when my little bunny is finished ^o^:

And here is a picture of the great bag my dad generously treated me to in a fair-trade shop:

I loved it at first sight-All the little details and pretty colours. It was handmade in India and due to different pieces of scrap fabric being used to make it each one is completely individual. I am saving it to use a little rucksack for when I go to Uni  (:
We are almost at the end of my update now but I have got to mention the Vintage antiques fair we stopped off at this morning. I wasn't sure how much I would find when I walked in but on one table there was a whole stack of old sewing, craft and cross stitch books- all at only £1 each! I looked through all of them and found 6 I really couldn't put down. I can't wait to read all of them cover to cover, I have just got to finish off the two books (about sewing too :) I am reading at the moment first.

Hehehe, sorry, you can all go and give your eyes a rest now, I am done!
See you soon with more updates (if you can all face anymore :P),
Byee xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy belated blogiversary to me!

Hi everybody,

The 29th of July was my 3rd anniversary of starting my blog! I managed to miss it- silly me, being off of school/work means half the time I don't know what day it is :P
Image from: here!
3 whole years!!!
Doesn't time fly when you are having fun :D
And fun is definitely what I have been having; blogging, meeting all of you lovely people and discovering lots of other cool blogs to read too!
Thank you to all of you followers and even occasional readers who pop by to see me, I love reading all of your comments, it is so nice to be able to share my love of cuteness, craftiness and randomness :D
Hopefully I will still be here blogging in another three years! :P
See you soon (with an update of my holiday so far :),
Bye + huge love and hugs!
p.s As usual I have provided cake for the celebration, so help yourself to a slice:
Image from: here
Hehehe :oP