Friday, 31 August 2012

Last holiday update!

Hello everyone,

This is my last holiday update as tommorrow I am coming back home. I had a really good last day today though as the sun has been shining and me and my family went back to the Chocolate Apothecary (a reaalllyyy nice cafe). I had half a cookie, half a brownie (I shared with my dad as they are to good to try and choose one of them :P) and some appletizer :0) Mmmmmmmmmm! Also this evening when we went to the pier my brother won a cute donut plush on the grabber/claw machine and gave it to me (we have been trying for the whole week to win something and finally on our last day we did!)
Yesterday we had a 'chipnic' ( a chip picnic :) on the beach, hehehe :0) my dad made up the idea. we packed some rolls and sauce and then went and bought some IOW potato chips from the local chip shop and sat on the beach and ate our chip butties :P I had a few chips left at the end so I fed them to the seagulls, they went crazy for them!!!
On Wednesday we went for a meal at pizza express with some of the gift vouchers my nan gave us, that was really nice I had doughballs, some margherita pizza and then a big toffee glory ice cream :P It was very tasty :)
Tuesday was a shopping day really, my mum took me back to the vintage clothes shop as I really enjoyed looking round it the first time. She helped me look through all the rails for something my size and I tried on some different dresses, they were all so pretty and in the end my mum treated me to my two favourites and a cardigan for me to wear to my upcoming 18th birthday celebrations!(Pictures coming when I get home I am just still struggling to upload them)
This week I managed to finish the teddy bear cross stitch kit I started a while ago and the mini butterfly one my mum bought me last week. And I started another dress for my Monster high doll out of some pretty Chinese style fabric I bought in the IOW this time last year! I also came up with another tutorial to share with all of you which I shall be posting up over the next week or so :D
I hope you all had a lovely week,
See you all very tommorrow to announce the winner of the 2nd blogiversary giveaway, If you haven't entered yet don't miss out! Good luck to everyone :0)
Bye xxxXxxxXxxxX

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Butterflies, fish, monkeys (and more shopping!)

I had a bit of a temporary trouble with the internet, thats why I didn't check back sooner :0) I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
On Thursday me and my family went to butterfly and fountain world. It was my choice, even though I have a mild fear of butterflies and moths, because I wanted to see the koi carp in the japanese garden there. (I took pictures but am having trouble uploading :/ so will have to wait till I get back)
On Friday it was shopping day :P Hehehe, there were some lovely masquerade style masks in one shop and my mum said I could choose one as a treat :D I chose a glittery light  purple one with pearl style string beads dangling from it :-)
On Saturday my aunty came over on the hover ferry to spend the day with us and we went to the owl and monkey haven. All the monkeys we soooo sweet one called 'fudge' kept us all very amused he just kept picking grass and eating it, lol! He acted more like a cow! :P
Today we had lunch at Chocolate Island, I had a piece of chocolatey caramel shortcake :0) It was deeellicious (I would send you all a piece if I could :). Then we did some strolling and a bit of shopping I got a couple more masks, a pretty purple cat one and a blue harelquin one in one shop. Then in another my dad treated me to a little recycled paper flower brooch. In a fossil shop I found a bookmark with the heiroglyphic alphabet on it, it was super cool and when I took it to the counter to pay for it the shop owner (Jurassic Jim, lol :P) gave me a mini egyptian quiz, for the prize of a scarab beetle bead. I got the question wrong- it was why do the egyptians like scarab beetles so much; because they thought a giant one rolled up the sun into the sky each morning (scarab beetles are kind of like dung beetles). Jurassic Jim gave me the prize anyway though, lol he was very nice :0D
Tommorrow we are off to mini golf and then me and my brother are cooking for my parents again. I will try to remember to take pictures before eating it all this time though :P I might also manage to finish the mini teddy bear on the beach cross stitch kit I started a while ago and have been working on recently :)
See you all soon,
Byee xxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mini shopping spree + some sights :)

Hi everyone,

The meal me and my brother cooked for my mum and dad went well they thought it was very tasty :0) we made mexican pizzas and some wedges (the wedges were a little bit hard though but still ok - me and potatoes don't get on well, they are always slightly hard whatever I do! :/) I forgot to take a picture though and when I remebered they were already gone :P

To make up for it I took some pictures of the places I went today :o)

Here is steephill cove, it is a very pretty place a kind of secret of the island as it is so small and secluded:

And here is a picture of the tropical garden (there are lotttss of different gardens) at Ventnor Botanical Gardens, it is very pretty there too! So many lovely flowers and trees :)

Today we also did a bit of shopping, In my fave craft shop on the island my mum treated me to 6 mini cross stitch kits!!! (mouseloft stitchlets :) I chose a butterfly, a cupcake, a teapot, a rabbit, a dolphin and a Chinese fan one :D In another shop I treated my self to some different embroidered patches as they were on sale at only 50p each! They were mainly american themed and I thought they would look cool if I sewed them onto a pair of jeans :)

There was a fairly new vintage clothes shop in Ventor which was soo cool to look around, I really want to study costume at university so it was fascinating to see all the old clothes, it was seriously like going back in time. Some of the dresses and coats were so beautiful.

Hehehe, I am off to watch Big Brother now (lol, my guilty pleasure :P) and start one of those cross stitch kits (if I can with all the arguing on the show!),

See you all soon, I hope you are all having a lovely week xxx

Bye :-)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back in the Isle of Wight :)

Hi everyone,

Hehehe, yes once again I am speaking to you from the Isle of Wight! Me and my family are here for two weeks as the last part of our summer holiday :0)

We arrived yesterday and did a big shop today to get all our groceries, me and my brother had to pick up some of our own stuff as we are cooking for our parents tommorrow as a special treat :-) I will put up pictures of what we make if all goes well, lol!

I am super excited as not only do I get a chance to vist all of my fave crafty shops on the island now I'm here again but there is also a vintage fair happeing next weekend and me and my family are going, yay! I bet I will find tons of good stuff :-)

I will keep you all posted :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

See you soon! xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cooking and crafting

Hi friends,

Since I got home I had really been craving those 'Maxibon Cookie' ice creams, I had a check in my local supermarkets but none of them sold them :/ But then I thought what do I normally do when I can't find what I would like? I try to make it :0) So that is what I did, me and my brother bought some cookies, ice cream and chocolate and attempted to re-create the deliciousness! We had to work really fast as you could feel the ice cream melting. They weren't very neat but they were tasty :P:

Another thing that was very tasty was the chocolate bunny me and my dad made together today!:

I bought my dad the mould and chocolate as a birthday gift as he really likes cooking and today we gave it a go, it was very fun. The chocolate came out very thick as I bought my dad a 1kg bar of Cadbury's and we ended up using it all :-P We didn't eat it all this evening though, promise!

In amongst all the chocolate and ice cream eating/making I have been doing some crafting though, Here is the little sign I made as a present for my mum and dad:

It is made out of scrabble tiles and I made up the little rhyme myself :o) A while ago my mum gave me a bag of scrabble tiles that she found in my brothers games cupboard, I kept thinking what to do with them and finally came up with the sign idea, my parents really liked so I was happy. I might try making a little door plaque for myself out of some of the remaining tiles.

I'm off to bed now as I am quite tired after spending the afternoon chocolate making :P Also I have got to get up my energy too as tomorrow me and my brother are making another batch of the cookie ice creams for when my nan and grandad come round in the afternoon!

See you all soon,

Byeeeeeeeee XXX

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Second blogiversary giveaway! :)


Here I give you my special second blogiversary giveaway :D As I have enjoyed making sock animals quite recently I thought I would use that as the theme :-) Here is what you could win:

1 pair of long heart socks so you can experiment with making any sock animal you want

A pack of mini buttons to use for eyes, noses or whatever you like!

And a pack of cute bow buttons to decorate :)


All you have to do to enter is be a follower and leave a comment at the bottom of this post (please mention in your comment that you are a follower, thanks :-)

The giveaway is open to anyone, any age, anywhere!

Entries are open until the 1st of September 2012 and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the same day.


I hope you like the giveaway prize!

Good luck to everybody,

don't miss out!


See you all again soon :)


Saturday, 11 August 2012

2nd Blogiversary!!! :D

Hello everyone,

13 days ago (29 July :) was my second Blogiversary :D YAY, YAY, YAY!

Picture from here!

I love crafting and designing and getting to share my makes with such fabulous readers is really a pleasure :-) Thank you for reading and for all of your kind comments, they are a real encouragement to me. It is nice to know people like to see my projects (and listen to my waffle, lol!)

As usual I have got in a cake for the occasion so make sure to help yourself to a slice :P

Picture from here!

Tomorrow I will be opening my special celebration giveaway so don't miss out! :0)

See you then,

Bye, bye friends! XXX :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Holiday (and Olympic!) snaps :)

Hi guys!

I am back now and as promised I bring you pictures, lol :P Hehehe, I will try not to bore you all! (I have only chosen my best snaps :)

Here is the view from the back of the glass bottom boat, the water was very blue in Malta and it was ALWAYS hot and sunny:

Interestingly there is no tide in Malta... I don't know why, there just isn't! :-P

This is the best picture I could get of the fish through the windows at the bottom of the boat:

It was cool to the see the 'underwater world' though I did feel a little bit sea sick!

Hehehe, here is the infamous 'Maxibon cookie', soooooo tasty :0)

It got a bit battered on the way home from the shop but It was still very yummy!

If only it was possible I would have got one for a giveaway, lol!

Another thing that was super tasty was the ice cream filled croissants me and my family had by the sea front, I very much recommend giving it a try at home:

I had cookie and banana ice cream......mmmmmm.... I wish I had one now :)

In the main set of shops near our parade they had lots of handmade Maltese lace and my mum and dad treated me to this beautiful umbrella, I absolutely love it. I can't wait too use it in the park on a sunny day or at  the next family barbecue!

Last of my holiday snaps are the pictures of some of my makes :-):

Hehehe, I hope you all had a nice couple of weeks while I was away too (and I hope my pics didn't bore you too much :P) xxx

In other news as I'm sure all of you will already know London is hosting the 2012 Olympics! Me and my family luckily managed to get some tickets, we got to go and watch the handball today. I had watched quite a few events on TV whilst on holiday so I was quite excited to go and see the Olympic park in real life. (I'm also lucky I only live 10 mins from Stratford so we didn't have a long journey to get there either!)

Here is the main Olympic stadium, what you  see as you walk in:

It is a very pretty stadium. As you can see from the picture the park was relatively crowded but not jam-packed which was good as it was quite hot today. The queue for the mega store was huge but it did move quickly and only took about 10 mins to get into the shop for a look.

I also saw the velodrome quite clearly too:

I got to go into the basketball stadium though as that was where the handball was

The basketball stadium:

Here are some pictures inside I took from my seat:

It was the mens quarter final, Spain V France. It was quite exciting at the end as it was 22, 22 with two seconds to go and then France scored to win the match. They told you all the rules at the start so that was good as then I knew what was going on :-P

I promise there will be less pictures in the next post, I will give all your eyes a rest! I just wanted to share with you all my adventures :)

See you all soon my lovely lovely friends!

Bye XxXxX

P.S. In the next couple of days I will be celebrating my Second Blogaversairy (well belated one as it was a few days ago now) as I mentioned before I went away so make sure to check back soon :D


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Holiday Update 2

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all still well and having a nice time :)

It is still very hot here in Malta (like it is all year round I think! :P). The other day me and my family went on an underwater safari boat trip, the boat drove out to a nearby rocky island and drove around it while all of the people on the boat got to go down to the glass bottom bit and look at the fishes. It made me a tiny bit sea sick :S But I did enjoy seeing the jellyfish/fish alot :0) (I'm still struggling with pictures but I will post them all up when I get home :)

Then yesterday we went and had an ice cream by the sea. Me and my dad tried ice cream served in a croissant, it was very yummy. I will definitely recreate it when I get home! (I will also try to recreate this ice cream I bought in a shop. It was called a 'Maxibon Cookie', it was like a half choc dipped cookie ice cream sandwich - DELICIOUS!)

After my croissant ice cream my day got even better as in one shop my mum treated me to a traditional Malta lace sun umbrella, it is beautiful and I can't wait to use it in the park at home!

Along with the chocolate brooches I previously mentioned I have now made candy floss, french fries and corn on the cob ones. I have been fitting in extra crafting as we have been staying in a bit longer watching bits of the Olympics which has been fun.

Which reminds me, the synchronised swimming is coming on very soon and I really want to see it (it looks so fun!) so I will speak to you all soon (probably when I get home now :)

Bye for now my lovely friends :) XxXxX <3 p="p">