Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese New Year (+ my button box :)


Happy (belated) Chinese New Year everyone! Even though I am not Chines, nor do I have any Chinese relatives I love to celebrate Chinese New year (as some of you will know from me posting up the chopstick case pattern I made one year :P). This year I had two special Chinese dinners, a takeaway one and a homemade one and I did this cross stitch kit in celebration:

The fan was a little mouseleoft kit and I added the writing to commemorate this year :) I think I am going to turn it into a pincushion using some oriental style silky fabric I have as a backing and I might maybe add a charm to the corner too to make it extra pretty :-)
On the Sunday of Chinese New Year I also went to see Cirque De Soliel 'Kooza' with my mum at the Royal Albert hall :D my parents had got me the tickets as a gift and it was AMAZING!!!!!! I can highly recommend it to everyone! The acts were mind blowing and the costumes were so detailed and interesting, I couldn't take my eyes away! On the way to the show we stopped off in John Lewis as I had finally chosen the sewing machine my parents promised me I could have for my Birthday and we ordered that which should be coming soon, I am soo excited :0D (so basically I had the best day ever! :P I  hope you all had a lovely weekend too)
And now, as promised I finally bring you all the pictures of the giant button box my nan gave me:
There are just soooooo many pretty/cool buttons...... I know they will all come in handy on some project at some point in the future.
See you all soon,
Byeeee! xxx
P.S. Happy Valentines day for tomorrow I hope you all have a super day with your loved ones!
Bye :o)


  1. lovely little stitch and wow at all those buttons

  2. Love the cross stitch and what an amazing box of buttons!!! Lucky you!

  3. Beautiful cross stitch, well done xxx
    I love the box, very groovy :P

  4. WOW! That is an awesome button box! I have one too, but they are all loose. My old (horrible) roommate left them when she moved out so I appropriated them :)

  5. cucki: :) Thanks xxx

    Kerryp77: Heheh, i know I was surprised by how many there was too! :P xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :) I know! I am very lucky xxx

    Springmusician: Hehehe, thanks! :-) xxx

    Alyssa: My smaller button box I have contains all loose buttons, It is ok but it makes it harder to find matching onesm it would be a nightmare if all these were loose though! :P xxx

    1. ooo, maybe you should sort your smaller one out, I love sorting through stuff :P


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