Thursday, 9 January 2014

Keeping crafty

Hi everyone,

I have gone back to uni now and things have been a bit hectic lately as we are well into our kimono making now and the making logs and research hand in deadline is coming soon, but I am still managing to find time to fit in some extra crafting!

I was listening to the new Lady Gaga CD my Dad bought me- I love all her fashions and pretty much all her songs and it inspired me to make the new bag I bought for uni while I was out with my blogger friend Eleanor (she helped me choose which bags to get- It was a fab day! :D) even more crazy than it already was- I added a  massive bejewelled J!:

I had a lot of fun choosing all the different jewels and then sticking them onto the zebra print felt I chose to cut out the J in :)

Do you think Lady Gaga would be proud....? Lol 
I have also been doing a bit of cross stitch lately in the evening (as I watch Big Brother :P) and I even did a bit at lunch today.
I finished this little gecko Mouseloft kit, and then added my own wording 'Little lizard loves...' and some little hearts just for fun, I think it looks pretty kawaii!:
And now I am working on this berry cupcake one, also a Mouseloft kit:

I haven't exactly decided what wording or what extra decoration I want to add to this one yet, but I haven't finished yet so I don't really need to worry about that yet.
I hope you are all having a good week and have got something nice planned for the weekend :) I am going with my Mum to the UK wedding fair- so I can look at all the dresses and fashions, I am very excited, I have been missing my family!
Before I go I would just like to say best wishes to all of my family, especially my nan, mum and uncle and auntie as my Granddad sadly passed away in the New Year. It was very sad but luckily we all have the very happy memories of Christmas eve where we were all together and having fun to keep with us. My friend sent me a very lovely quote by Helen Keller that I agreed with her is very true and would like to share with you all - “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”  xxx

Speak to you again soon,

Bye xxx


  1. Oooh fancy (the bag)! I have always wanted to learn to cross-stitch... :P

    1. Thanks! It is not too hard, and I find the little kits really fun- you should definitely give it a try :) xxx

  2. Love the bag :D Do come and share a link on my Creative Friday Blog Hop -

    1. Thanks for the invite to the link party :D I will pop over and share! xxx

  3. Some fab projects here Jordan. So sorry to hear about your Grandad. That's a really lovely quote though. Thinking of you xxx

    1. Thank you for your thoughts xxx :) and for popping over to say hi!

  4. I LOVE IT
    I'm so glad you chose that bag, your bejwelling of it makes it even cooler, knew it'd suit you when you bought it
    give your family my love xxx
    love your cross stitches :) xxx big hugs

    1. Hehehe, thanks!

      I will do, they are all doing fine :) xxx

      Hugs back! xxx

  5. So sorry to hear about your Grandad.
    The bag looks awesome and sweet stitches. Love the little lizard.

    1. Thank you xxx

      I'm glad you like the lizard, and my bag :) xxx


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