Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Easter

I hope all of you had a lovely long Easter weekend :)
I had a really great time with my family xxx As usual my dad did a fun Easter egg hunt for me and my brother, he really outdid himself and found tons of great stuff for it, here are all my goodies!!!:
I have finished one of the chocolate bunnies and lots of the little eggs already :p My mum got me an Easter egg too so I am well and truly spoiled with goodies! Thank you Mum and Dad!
This year I organised an egg hunt each for my parents too for a bit of fun :0) and to repay them for the years and years of fab Easter goodies :-)

Hehe, here is my dads pile of goodies (the Mars Easter egg is my dads from my mum :):
My pile makes my dads look tiny! but he and my mum said they  had a lot of fun doing my Easter egg hunt for them, my brother helped me hide all the stuff- he came up with tons of great hiding places!
For lunch we didn't have the usual Easter roast we had Pizza from Pizza GoGo instead, at my request as they have started doing a whole range of vegetarian Quorn pizzas!!! Which were delicious :P All the sides were tasty too, mmmm mozzarella sticks :) I definitely recommend it, in fact I think it has jumped to the top of  list as my favourite takeaway pizza (it was less greasy and salty- and very veggie friendly now!)
In other news this Easter Weekend I also finished my Kameez!:
I still may iron on a couple of flower motifs I picked  up at the creative stitches and hobbycrafts show down the centre back at the back neckline but I want to do some testing first to check it wont ruin  the fabric etc... But the sewing is all done :-) I am really pleased with how it came out- now I just have  to find the perfect occasion to wear it!
And my final  bit of news for this post- I have now begun my Elizabethan foundation garments in college (to go with my Elizabethan corset).
Here I my Wheel farthingale toile (tester), I also have a bum roll underneath this to support it:
And here was some test fabric draped over it so we could see the effect a skirt of the period would have on my foundation- so I could make any alterations to my foundations to get the right look:
I am reealllyy enjoying this module (as I do all of the really, but I do love me some Elizabethan costume!)
Hehe, I am off to get to bed now ready to wrestle with my 6m petticoat I am also making again tomorrow!
See you all soon, and don't forget to enter the spring giveaway which closes this Friday if you haven't already,
Thanks for reading :o)
Bye XxXxXxxXxX


  1. Beautiful
    Happy Easter dear x

  2. Your costumes are amazing! That chocolate will last you until Christmas ;)

    1. Hehe, thanks. Yes I think it probably will! :p

  3. amazing costume! well done you!

  4. Fabulous Easter goodies! Wow, I just love that Elizabethan costume, what an interesting period to be working on :-)

    1. Thanks :) Yes it is a very interesting period- queen Elizabeth and friends sure did wear some crazy outfits! :) xxx


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