Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pretty little lights!

Today I went on a course at the V&A museum in London to do with 'Soft circuits'- incorporating electrics into sewing :)
It was very interesting and gave me loads of ideas to try at home once I buy myself some conductive thread and some more LEDs and stuff. You literally just sew the path of the circuit, here is mine- I went for a really crazy up-down-across-and-everywhere circuit! As long as your threads didn't cross and you joined the LEDs on in parallel you were fine:

When you pull the drawstring the lights come on (as the little pieces of conductive fabric at the top get pulled together and complete the circuit). I had four lights in total- 2 on the back and two on the front:

The battery is tucked away inside secretly :P The tutors were really lovely and let you be really free and creative which was nice- here is their website in case you fancy learning more or seeing some of their cool projects-
Maybe I will do a tiny tutorial on making something with lights- a little thing I had an idea for while I was making my bag today, when I pick up some of the stuff :)
Another good thing about the course was that I met some cool new people including a lady called Janine who makes these really cool pop/geek style headbands which were super fab! I really may have to treat myself to them one day! Here is her Etsy shop if you want to look at it(which I recommend you should if you like kawaii, cool and fun things :P):
Hehe, in other news I am coming to the end of my 16th century corset and foundation wear project at college (the last week is next week). I have now finished my farthingale!:

I am getting there- just a bit more written work and my petticoat and bum roll to complete- I can do it!
I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend :D
Speak soon,
Byee! xxx


  1. Wow that looks amazing... I have never done anything like that... so yes please a tutorial would be great! :)


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