Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A big post- with lots of cakes :oP


Today, as mentioned in the title I bring you a rather large post!
The first thing I have to tell you about is my visit to the Fashion and textile museum in London :) I went there for a day course on couture sewing techniques, the price for which included a ticket to their current exhibition of Mexican Rebozos (Mexican rectangular shawl like garments).
The sewing room the course took place in was really nice, and I learnt a lot of cool tricks and tips too:

Then at the end of the day I had a wander around the exhibition, here is a really cool Rebozo knitted by Kaffe Fassett:
Here is a suit made from Rebozos- the cut is really sharp:

This dress is also made from a Rebozo- it is so wacky! :P:

Haha. This little dude was appliqued onto one of the shawls- I love him because he is wacky too!:

This painting is the last picture I have to show you from the exhibition, it was so cool, the canvas is cut away at the loom part so there is a real loom stocking out of the painting, it makes it 3D and makes the painting really come to life:

I really must learn more about weaving- the loom fascinated me, trying to work out how all the patterns in the cloth were being created :)
Now I am finished telling you about the Mexican shawls I shall move onto another culture- African culture, with a quick picture of the African dress I was helping Stephanie put little bits together of when I went to my Work experience on Monday:

The mannequin is slightly to small for this dress really so it doesn't quite show it off to it's full potential but it still does give you some idea of Stephanie's flair for design (and making!). The dress is so vibrant, I love helping Stephanie with her dresses as I love learning more about more traditional/popular African styles, they are so different to what I normally see/wear so they are really inspiring to me :-) My fascination with different cultures styles is also why I visit the Asian wedding fair as well as the UK wedding fair- that way I can see the different aspects specific to different cultures but also how on many levels they intertwine and mix and influence each other. I need there to be an African wedding fair too!

You are probably all thinking by now 'where's the cakes? the tile says there is lots of cake!', well don't fret as it is on it's way now :P
First up are these double chocolate chip peanut butter cookie cupcakes, I made them as dessert (as part of the American themed dinner party I cooked) for when my nan came round on Friday:

They were peanut butter choc chip sponge with cookie dough frosting and chocolate chips and a cookie to decorate :) They went down really well, my dad liked them especially!
After I made those and they went down so well I kind of had the cupcake bug (I've had it for a while now- after doing the TWO cupcake tours :-P). I decided to make some more today, these ones were even more decadent:

Peanut butter, choc chip cookie dough AND caramel cupcakes!: Peanut butter chocolate chip sponge and cookie dough frosting again but this time with a cookie baked at the bottom and a caramel filling too. I reallly liked these ones (though they are super sweet).
And because one variety is never enough is it? :P I also made these bounty ones:

Desiccated coconut and milk choc chip sponge, with half a bounty bar baked in the middle. Then coconut milk frosting, half a bounty and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut to top! I haven't tried one of these yet, that is on the menu for tomorrow. My mum said they were good though and my brothers eyes lit up when he was eating it so I should like them :0)
I may make making cup cakes my new hobby on the side as I enjoy it and people have expressed to me it is not healthy to think about/read about/practise/learn about sewing, costuming, pattern making etc... 24/7, lol. That will still of course take up most of my time as I couldn't bear to let it not!
For example, today I continued working on the dress I am making myself from the HUGE mens shirt I got from the costume store sale (remember? :). I unpicked it so I could basically just use it as fabric then drew up a pattern for a 60's inspired a line dress, here it is so far:

It is going to have some decorative pocket flaps and a collar in a matching colour scheme tartan style fabric from a skirt I got in the Costume sale- I will probably get those on it tomorrow- then It will be done. I did the bias binding on the armholes in the sink stitching method I got extra tips on at my couture course on Saturday :o) I have always found it tricky but now I have got techniques to make it not so hard and with practise I will get really neat at it! I want to have it done for Sunday when we are having family friends over for dinner.
Work has also started on my mums dress:

Quite a bit more hand sewing to go but I am getting there slowly. You have to do it a bit at a time though as I find I have to have the dress hung up as shown whilst sewing to check nothing pulls and that the edges of the panel are going on straight, but it makes your arm ache :0P
Phew, that was a long post! But hopefully an interesting one, or possibly just to much of me waffling :P
I will let you go now, but not before telling you to have a look at all the new headbands in my shop:  (with more coming soon!), for example, ice creamssss!!!:
They are inspired by my work experience at Queenie and Teds, the whole Idea of collage like, fun, applique/decoration :)
Hehe, now I will officially let you go!
Speak to you again soon, I hope you are all well,
Bye XxXxXxX


  1. Everything is just so beautiful ...
    Yummy cakes :)
    Hugs x

  2. Yum yum yum
    Those cocunut cakes look the best, but thats cause cocunut is my biggest treat food, my mum is allergic so when we were younger my dad would buy a cocunut, me my sis and older bro would sit in the back garden while mum slept off a night shift and we would tuck into it, naughty treat because mum is allergic, but healthy treat too :P

    I love the African dress, and the dresses you are making xxxx

    1. That is such a funny little story. Yes coconut it a fairly healthy guilty pleasure! :p thank you :-) I just love the African style fabrics so many great prints! Hope u are enjoying your summer so far xxx

  3. Love the wacky dress! love the dress you are making yourself! Love this post! Those cakes look amazing!! And I LOVE your headbands XOX

    1. Thanks steph. I am very glad you enjoyed my post :o) xxx hehe yes the wacky dress is cool! Xxx


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