Saturday, 8 November 2014

Royal school of needlework class!

Hi everyone,

Today was the day of my Royal School of needlework class that I was the lucky winner of from the hobbycraft and creative stitches show a while back now. I had a lovely day- stitching away on the classroom at the amazing Hampton Court palace!

The tutor was Becky Hogg, she was really nice (and has her own etsy shop if you want to try some cool embroidery!:

We were embroidering some 17th century inspired  button badges today. Here was the kit we got given:


The buttons involved using different metalwork embroidery techniques such as cutwork, couching and sewing on spangles- things I have never done before so they were good to learn! Here is my first finished brooch:

I am very proud of it, even if it is not exactly as prefect as the tutors one. The metal cutwork threads (purl threads) were so fragile which made it quite challenging at times- I will have to practice!

And here is my 2nd one so far (once I have finished it properly I will put up a picture also :):

I hope you are all having a good weekend and hello to all the new followers! Also I am do happy with all the entries for my advent giveaway- I am so glad everyone is excited about it!

See you all soon,

Bye xxxxx


  1. They look amazing :)

  2. Oooh these are nifty. I like the little bird. I have a feeling my clumsy fingers would make a spectacular mess of such a dainty project (I am imagining them to be small?). :)

    1. No, I am sure you would be alright- the class was suitable for absoloute begginers :) They are quite small, about 3.5cm diameter. xxx

  3. Wow they are so lovely
    I love the bird brooch so much
    Big hugs x

    1. Thank you very much cucki. Big hugs back :) xxx


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