Monday, 2 February 2015

Fascinator Tutorial- Part 2

Hi everyone,

Today I return with part 2 of the fascinator tutorial! (see previous post for part 1 :) Overall there will be three parts so watch out for the last post in this series coming soon after today!

Now the last part ended with coating your hat base in fabric, so the next stage which we will start today with is adding decoration to your hat :) This is one of the funnest parts for many people- and there really aren't many rules so be as crazy and wild and creative as you wish! My decoration was made from a couple of small peacock/peahen feathers and a little brooch I have had in my random finds box for a while :P But you can use lace, beads, other types of feathers, bits of old jewellery- anything you want really.
as I said there are fairly few rules- You can attach your decoration by sewing it on (go through both the buckram and outer fabric) or gluing it on- whatever seems most appropriate. Generally go for sewing feathers on and if their spines are wide enough sew through the spines to hold them down really securely :)
So play around- see what works well and then fasten it in place:

Once you have fully beautified your hat you can then move onto cutting out your lining.
So choose your lining fabric and then find your base hat pattern again, and in the same way you did for your outer hat fabric cut around your template- adding an extra 1.5cm seam allowance around the edge and again not cutting out the darts- just mark them with tailor tacks or chalk again:

Then sew up the darts in your lining:

Once again, and as you did for your outer hat fabric, press the darts towards the back.
And we will stop there for today! But just to check you should have your main hat base coated in fabric and decorated and your lining all made up :)
Next time we will cover sewing in your lining, adding hair loops, or a comb or elastic to allow you to wear you hat! and possibly some other random bits and bobs too!
See you again soon with all that!
Bye XxXxX

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