Thursday, 9 April 2015

An interesting find...


First up Happy (belated) Easter to everyone! I hope you had a fabulous time :)

I am currently in the Isle of Wight for my Easter holidays and am having a good time

Yesterday me and my family went into ryde and had a walk down the high street. There is a shop there my family always go in called the 'Fantastic Store' it is basically a comic book and action figure store which covers both retro and new items. I am not to into that kind of stuff if I'm honest but I usually have a look around whilst I'm waiting for my parents to finish as on the odd occasion I do find something cool :p yesterday happened to be one of those days!

I was looking at the piles of magazines on the floor and came across a stack of old (about 1980s) 'military modelling' magazines, I don't really know why but I thought ill flick through one of those- just to see what it's like I suppose and then I saw that in each is sure was articles on, and sketches of, some military uniforrms! Talked about in really good detail (to help the diehard modellers I suppose)- so absoloutely fascinating for me from a costume perspective.  There was even the odd scaled down historical jacket pattern.


At only £1 each I picked up three of them :p hehe I never know what show ill be making for next but if it is set in world war 2 and there are some paratroopers taht need costuming I will know where to turn to start my research! ;p

If you can get your hands on any copies the costume bit is well worth a read if you are interested in such things as I am :)

See you all soon, 

Bye!  Xxx

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