Friday, 5 June 2015

Arga Arga Bridal Fashion Show

Hello everyone! 

I'm baacck after too long a time really! It's just the last uni shoes are keeping me very busy- I'm working 10am till 8pm every day at the moment :p

But today I bring you some pictures of the bridal fashion show I helped dress on a couple of weeks ago.

The company I was getting experience with was called 'Arga Arga Bridal' (they have a website so definitely give them a Google!)- I met the designers at Brides the show last year and amazingly they kept me in mind and got in contact with me to help out at one of their line launch bridal fashion shows!

It was very exciting as there were hair and makeup people behind the scenes too and the dresses are so beautiful (why they caught my eye at Brides the show!!!). They are different to the traditional white wedding dress as the cuts are often so interesting and Arga Arga are known for incorporating beautiful hand worked embroidery into their dresses also.

Now enough of my waffle here are a couple of shots from the day :) :

It was so great to get the experience I'm very grateful and will definitely be keeping in contact with the designers- hopefully they will have more events I can help out at In  the future!

My next post will be about the dress I have just finished for my recent uni show :)

Speak to you all again soon and I hope you are well,

Bye xxxXxxx

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