Sunday, 24 October 2010

Inittoknitit is off to TOKYO!!!

Konichiwa! (hope I spelt that right!)

arrived in Japan today after what seemed like hours on a plane! :( Had to have my bag strip searched because I had a crocet hook in there which looked odd on the x-ray sreen thingy so that was fun :/ Its extremley interesting however the language is unreadable and didnt 'get far today as still trying to get bearings but tomorrow we are heading to the city centre :D Hopefully I will find something craft related or be able to get some good inspirational pictures there! keep you updated :)

I will leave you with this line from a menu from a pizza place, does anyone know what this means!!!??? : S

"Spaghetti with enough protit of nood bird and cabbage"

Talk soon and will upload pics when i get back home :0 bye

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