Friday, 11 May 2012

Recycled quilt

Hi everyone,

The other day I was sifting through my sewing box and found the beginnings of this quilt I started making out of old t-shirts and fabric:

I completely forgot about it but was happy to have stumbled across it as I was looking for my next project :) It might take me a long while because I want it to be realllllly big and snuggly! I have lots of old t-shirt and bed-spread fabric, I think it will look really cool and colourful when it is done as all the fabric is of different textures and patterns.

I think I'll go sew on the next hexagon now :D

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

See you all soon xxx


  1. How big are the hexagons? My great grandma started on a scrap quilt with hexagons that were about 2 inches (5 cm?) wide and it passed through five hands in three generations before it was finished! It was beautiful, though!

  2. good luck with that, it'll be an amazing quilt when it's done. keep showing us progress pics.xx

  3. Alyssa: The hexagons are about 3 inches wide, hehehe ah well if I don't finish it I will rely on my grandkids to finish it for me! :-) xxx

    Kerryp77: Thank you :) Hopefully it will look good :0) Hehee, will do! xxx

  4. what a brillo idea :)

    also I love your bolero in your other post, it's really cool :)

  5. spingmusician: Thank you :D Hehehe I haven't spoke t you in ages!!!! I hope everything is good with you :) xxx

  6. everything is fab :) I'm on study leave at the moment, been revising a bit, less then I planned to cause my room is filled with stuff from my mums room as she had to take everything out of her room to move her bed and get her new furniture in there, and she hasnt had the time to sort her stuff out and put it away, I find it hard to concentrate downstairs and in mess, luckily no exams till June, so I have time

    ooo and it's my 18th on the 23rd of May :P

  7. This is fab Jordan! And funny too because while I was away this week (in Cornwall on hols), I met a lady in a shop making a quilt just like this and I was thinking it would be a great way of using up some of my scrap fabric! :D Look forward to seeing how yours develops :)


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