Monday, 7 May 2012

Summer bolero - finished!

Hello everyone,

I finished my bolero!!! :D I was so happy that it came out how I wanted that, despite the weather not being that great today, I donned my new bolero anyway (with a long sleeved top underneath though - it was much to cold for the vest top and shorts I planned to wear it with!) and set off on the canal boat trip, which was very fun (but rainy!)

Hehehe, here is me modelling it......

I am hoping it will get lots of wear over the summer :)

In other news I made one of my crochet crisp packet coasters for my driving instructor :-) Last lesson we were having a chat about recycling and my crafting and when I was saying about bags I have seen made from recycled packets and my crocheted crisp packet coasters and my instructor was intrigued on how textiles/crochet could be mixed with food wrappers, So I made her this one:

I hope she likes it, I get to give it to her tomorrow :0)

I hope you all had a nice weekend/bank holiday!

See you all soon,

Bye xxxXxxx


  1. It looks fab Jordan! Well done! I absolutely love the colours. Your crocheted coasters are just brilliant too, I must make some! Enjoy your driving lesson, hope you're getting on okay with it. Laura x

  2. Love your bolero - great idea :-)

  3. Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks! Hehehe :) They are going well, my test I think will be in a couple of months :-) xxx

    Lillian <3 Audrey:Thank you! :D

  4. Oh my goodness, it's so bright! I love all the colors

  5. Alyssa: Hehehe I love all the colours in the yarn too :D


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