Friday, 23 November 2012

Trouser progress

A post or so ago I mentioned the vintage fabric and pattern I picked up when I was on holiday, today I thought I would show you my work in progress :D......
I just have to add the waistband and zip now, which I will probably do over the next few days. I should be finished by Sunday and then I can start wearing my creation :0)
Doing the sewing course I go to on Wednesday evenings has really helped make using the commercial patterns a lot easier. I learn how to read darts from a commercial pattern and then we practised them so doing them on the trousers was easy :)
I can't wait to wear them somewhere!!!!!! :D
See you all soon,
Bye xXx


  1. wow it is looking so lovely..
    well done.
    hugs cucki x

  2. Wow, well done, looking great!

  3. cucki: Thank you :) Hugs back! xxx

    Kerryp77: Thanks, I have finished them now! Can't wait to waer them :)xxx


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