Monday, 12 November 2012

Vintage sewing patterns and fabric

I forgot to mention in my holiday posts that when I was in an antique style shop I found a whole box of vintage sewing patterns :) I got sew excited (lol :P) because they were all only about 90p each and some of the garments looked so pretty! I picked up my 3 favourite ones and then later in a vintage themed craft shop I found a neatly tied up bundle with a vinatge bedspread and pillow cases in it- for only £10! It had a pretty flower pattern on it and I thought it would be great for making up some of the patterns in:

I think I am going to get started on the trouser and top set tommorrow, Yay! Then I will have a cool vintage outfit to wear :-)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend :o)

See you soon,

Byeeeee XXXX


  1. Wow nice..can't wait to see your progress on it..
    Hugs x

  2. ooh sounds great good luck with it Jordan!

  3. cucki: Thank you :) xxx

    Kerryp77: Thanks, I am half done on the trousers now :-) xxx

    Sprinmusician: Thank you, I hope you are having tons of fun at uni! :D xxx

  4. yh Uni is brilliant :) very busy, but loads of fun

  5. Thats good :) I have my first interview coming up in a few days so I am verrrryyyy excited :D xxx


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