Friday, 20 June 2014

Finished.... but only just getting started... :P

Today was officially my last day of college for the year, though I actually didn't have to come in really because I got all my work handed in yesterday :0)

So now I can bring you the final photos from my Line and form project (the collaboration with a designer) that I have been mentioning in my last few posts.
I kindly got permission from my designer to put up a picture of her design for court costume of the Duchess of Malfi (for a contemporary staging of the Duchess of Malfi):
(Copyright of my designer Sarah!)
I concentrated on making the jacket in the design, and now you can see what I was going from here is my final realised garment: 


It is fully lined, but is made in calico- really I would make it in wool worsted, but that was a bit expensive for this project when I needed 4m of it! And calico was still a suitable weight.
I am really proud of it and I learnt so many things from it- like how to construct a notched collar, and fully line the jacket with fairly little hand sewing (the industry method). It fitted my model really well too (she wanted to take it home :-P) so I was pleased!
This week, as well as finishing my jacket, I picked up some really great bargains at the big costume store sale at college. They had a clear out and all the money raised is going towards re-stocking the store. I got all of these clothing items for only £5!!!!!:

So that is 50p each!!! My aim is to use the fabric or adapt each of them over my summer break to make some cool stuff :) Though I may end up just wearing some of the pieces as I might not have the heart to cut into them- especially the big purple mens coat; it has a label in it saying 'Nathans and Burmans' (a famous costume house), and 'Return to OZ' so it may have been in the film- I will have to watch and see! Hehe, that will give me a bit of excitement :P
I better get off to bed now though as I am working at the Bridal Boutique tomorrow and as tomorrow is the first official day of my summer holidays my summer plan (lots of reading about sewing and fashion and costume, sewing and designing, going on courses and doing work experience- in between going on holiday with my family :P) can begin! So though I am finished for the year, I am only really just starting as I have so much to learn and practise in summer :)
See you all soon, and I will keep you all regularly updated :-)
I hope you are well,
Bye xXxXxXxXxXxXxX


  1. beautiful
    love the purple dress. I would wear all of these in the condition they are in :) love everything about this blog post :)

    1. Yeah, I did get some really great bargains- loads of people there were just buying clothes to wear :P thanks, we really must meet up soon! Xxxx


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