Monday, 2 June 2014

My Jolly Jar

Hi everyone,

The time just seems to be flying by at the moment, probably because I am coming to the end of my first year at college- only 2 and a half weeks left! It doesn't seem that long ago that I was posting to you all about how excited I was to go off to uni and now soon I am going to be a 2nd year.

But anyway... before I start to get all emotional I will move on. Last week my family went on holiday to the IOW as it was half term. I was at college but my family were lovely to me and picked me up some special gifts, including some garlic fudge (I will  let you all know my verdict on that, lol!?)  and this cool jar filled with fabric and sewing bits and bobs:



My  mum said the Lady in the shop made them up her self- she definitely had good taste as all the fabrics were so cool and the buttons and ribbons are all really cute and quirky too. I have set myself  a challenge to take the jar on holiday with me during the summer and make something really cool using the bits inside :) So I look forward to what inspiration takes me....
Back to college news Now, pictures from my last project of the year (I will try to hold back the tears! :P). We are each collaborating with a theatre design student and creating one of the pieces from one of their costume designs for a character from the play Duchess of Malfi. My designer set the play in modern/contemporary style and so I am making the fitted tailored peplum jacket she designed for the Duchess' court dress.
Here is my little half scale tester- that I made to show my designer to check I was along the right lines with interpreting her design:
And now here is my work in progress toile, which hopefully I will be able to fit  on my model tomorrow :):
This project is really independent which is good as it is really pushing me. I am trying to draft the patterns with as little aid from pattern drafting books as I can in order to develop my understanding of the shape of the body and measurements and how they relate to the shape of pattern pieces as best as I can :-)
I better get off to bed now, speak to you all again soon and I hope you are all well!
Thank you for reading my blog my lovely friends,
Byeee XxXxXx


  1. Beautiful yummy jar
    Enjoy your sewing x

  2. beautiful jar xx
    I'm nearly finished too, we'll have to meet up again in summer when I'm back home :)
    Would love to try garlic fudge, it sounds amazingly crazy

    1. Wooo! Yes we definitely do need to meet up :D Hahah, the garlic fudge I did not like in the end! It smelt really strong and tasted like normal fudge that had been rubbed against garlic bread- A bit weird! :P


  3. That jacket is amazing :) love the sewing jar too!

    1. Thanks! :-) I love love love the fabrics in the jar, I was like 'so cool!!' when I opened it :P xxx


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