Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Feeling all bridal...


I hope you are all happy and well! Today I bring news on my bridalwear course I am taking art the London College of fashion.

I am absolutely loving the course, it is absolutely brilliant- I have learnt so much from the lovely tutor- Christina Sesay, who has her own bespoke bridal business (like what I hope to have one day :)

I have not quite finished my bodice yet (I will be done by friday) but here is what I have so far on the stand. It is boned, fully lined and lo has an internal corset to pull the bride in that extra bit more if she wishes. The design is all mine and it was lovely to see something I had imagined coming to life in front of me through all the new skills and techniques I had learned:

As well as bodices, we have also been working on some skirts, just as toiles. I will have a fishtail style one to show you all soon, but for now here is the draped front skirt with integral train:

This one is so interesting. I am enjoying working on skirts as these are something I have experimented less with compared to bodices and tops.

I better go now though as I have to go there now for day 3 of week 2! :-)

Speak to you all again soon,

Bye xoxoxo


  1. Wow it's so beautiful..we'll done x
    Have a lovely day xx

  2. Wow, Jordan, this all sounds so amazing! First of all, London School of Fashion - just those words together sound incredible. Not only that but what you've got so far looks so good - and it's you're own design!

    You should be really proud, but so far it's looking stylish and beautiful, but also stands out a little bit from the norm. Keep working hard and have a great time, sweetie :D

  3. Beautiful! I am sure you will definitely have your own bespoke business. XOX


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