Wednesday, 17 September 2014

You may notice some changes...

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that some changes are taking place on the blog...

I hope you think they are nice changes as I would hate to upset you lovely readers, just as I have mentioned before I like my blog to grow with me, so as I feel the main content of my blog start to shift, i.e. from knitting, to Kawaii crafting to fashion, costume and bridalwear, I like to update the look and style of my blog.

I like this approach rather than starting again, as what has gone before is my history and the growth of my knowledge and interests as a person- not things I want to delete and remove or sweep away to be forgotten!

I hope you will stick with me and follow me further on my journey as I enjoy talking to you all,

speak to you again soon!


Jordan xxx

p.s. the blog address will remain exactly the same, and please do leave comments of what you think of the revamp below :)

P.p.s the giveaway enrty deadline day for the recent vintage style giveaway is coming soon- don't miss out! Enter it now if you haven't already :D Good luck!

Byeee xxx


  1. I love the changes. very elegant, stylish and grown up background and pics. I agree with the updating. Maybe I need to give my blog an update to keep up with you :P the blog is growing with you, which is brilliant I love it.
    don't forget I have two blogs. I updated both quite recently. xx

  2. Oh, I love it :D

  3. Thank you everyone for the support! :) xxx


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