Tuesday, 9 December 2014

More wig-iness!

Hi everyone,

Just  quick a quick post again today (I promise they will get longer soon!). I just wanted to show you the last couple of the wig styles I worked on last week in college :)

First up is the style I designed for the character titania (the fairy queen) for Shakespeare play midsummer nights dream.  Well all designed and worked on a wig for different characters so by the end of the day it was like we had the whole casts hair :p
I was really proud of mine as hair is not something I am user talented at and before starting the week I never could have imagined I would be able to achieve anything like it from just a straight hair wig!:

And then here are a couple of shots of the finger waves me and a friend managed to do:

They were a super popular style in the 1920s and another thing I an proud to say I can know do!

As promised I will bring more info on how these wee achieved if anyone fancies potentially sporting one if these styles :p

I hope you are all well

bye xxx

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