Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy Belated Christmas

Hi everyone, 

This is a Happy Belated Christmas post as my Internet was down for a short while. So first off I'd like to say that I hope you all had a fabulous christmas!!! :D
And next, as we have passed the christmas period I can bring you a picture of the contents of the crafty christmas advent Calendar;

Now onto a little bit about my Christmas, I had a lovely day with my family eating a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by my dad :D And then there was lots of present exchanging which is always fun too! Everyone was so generous and I got some lovely presents :-)
I got a wig stand (in my size :) which is extremely useful for testing hat patterns on:

And then I got lots of hat making materials So I can get to work and make a range of hats and fascinators using my new hat books I also got for inspiration:
I also got a book on wedding traditions in different cultures.  I have learnt so much from it  already! All the information will come in really useful for my 3rd year project I plan to do so I have been taking notes as I read :p

my last present I want to show you is my sylvainian families harvester. This is an older sylvanian family set so my family had to put quite a bit if effort into sourcing it! I thought it was really cute though and filled with all my sylvainian people and a bit of extra food and look at my bustling bistro!:

My last bit of christmas news I bring you is of the hats I helped my family make for christmas eve for fun. I used my new millinery skills. My hat is the crazy stripy one in the middle!
:p they were all based on historical styles I was really making everyone be a costume nerd :p

See you all again soon,

bye xxxx

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