Monday, 12 January 2015

More hattery :)

Hello everyone,
I hope your first few weeks of 2015 have been as fun and amazing as you wish the year to continue :)
I am now back at college, so back to more a bit more (mostly enjoyable :P) hecticness. Which Is why I was glad I made some more progress on my blue Hat I started on new years- before I had to hit the books again :P
I managed to get the lace pieces sewn on that I chose as my decoration:

You may recognise the lace motifs... they are from one of the dresses I picked up from the costume store sale a while ago :P I really like the pattern of the lace and have found so many things so far that it compliments, including the blue velvety fabric of this hat (which is actually from a spare curtain :P).
I also managed to squeeze in the time to make this little fascinator of my own design:

The main fabric coating this fascinator was another of my costume store bargains- they have all come in so useful! The leopard print fabric was from a shirt I didn't really need any more and I got the little metal charms when I was in the IOW one time. It was fun designing my first fascinator- From materials and a shape which seemed quite crazy it came out with the sophisticated but quirky factor I was aiming for I think :P I am happy... now I just need an event to wear it to! Haha :-)
Speak to you all again soon,
Bye XxXxX


  1. They are lovely! I especially like the fascinator - would you ever do a tutorial on how to make one? :)

    1. Thank you so much Mel! :) That's a fabulous Idea! I will get started on a tutorial for a little hat or fascinator soon! :) xxx

    2. How exciting! I'll look out for it! :D Thanks xx


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