Saturday, 14 August 2010

Button Monsters!

I'm sure many of you have a button box already but if you don't I reccomend you make one :)

Using my recently created one I made these mini button monsters. Take a look inside your button box and get some inspiration to create your own. There quick and allow you to be creative. Make them in whatever colour ,whatever shape and don't forget to give each one a name! :)

(Pink: Tina, Yellow: Lemon, Purple: Sindy, Green: Wood-eye, Black: Stealthy, Blue: Softy)
There sooooo cute.....
.........Well when there asleep anyway :)

ByE, bYe


  1. Is ther a apattern for them???

  2. No, sorry I haven't put the pattern up for free. I may in the future though or I may make the pattern available for sale one day.

  3. Oh, OK. Just thought that they were awesome!


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