Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Charity Chicks

Currently I am knitting chicks for a cancer charity. It is my first ever charity knitting project so I am quite excited my aim is to knit 50 and I am on about 20 at the moment, I still have until January so I should make it :)

Here are the first few I have made:

See You soon


  1. Hi, love the background paper on our site. I also love your lollipops and the chicks and the button monsters. They are a great idea for using up your odd buttons. I saw your post on knit today and wandered over to have a look. I spend ages looking at peoples blogs and have started my own recently too mainly to record what I've knitted. Its at www.inthepursuitofknittyness.blogspot.com a mouthfull I know. I'm into baby knits at the moment. I also have a jumberon the go for myself that I started last year !!! just the collar to do so it may be done for this winter lol!! or the next or the next.

  2. Thankyou! I love the name of your blog, so clever I will definitely check it out :) Thabks for stopping bye see you again soon :) If you are on ravelry come by and join the I wish I was an octopus group! i started it and it sounds like you have alot going on just like I do!

  3. HELLO JORDAN. in it to knit it ;) Love it! Ahahahaha x

  4. Hello lily!!!!! :) Thanks for commenting xxxx


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