Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day! :D

Hi guys,

I hope you have all had a super fab day! I am happy to say my dad liked all of his gifts including his custard cream keyring :0)

He also liked these cupcakes me and my brother made him:

Hehehe, it took about 3 hours to bake the different cakes and make the different icings as I am not a seasoned baking pro but they did taste nice (even if I do say so myself :P). The ones on the left are Victoria sponge ones with raspberry jam centres, the ones in the centre are chocolate, obviously, hehe :-) And then the ones on the end are Yorkie and Malteser ones. I think all in all today my dad has had 6! So he definitely must like them :0)

My nan also liked her bag when I gave it to her yesterday when we all went dog racing for the evening (the dogs are well looked after and enjoy running and everything :), here is it finished:

and here is it wrapped :):

Soon I have a swap make to show you when my partner recieves thier parcel :-) I can't wait for my parcel to arrive too I haven't done a swap in agggesss!

See you all soon,


P.s If you haven't already entered the Giveaway! don't forget too! Entries are open until the 22nd of June :)

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  1. epic cakes :)

    I used to go to watch greyhound(dog) racing a lot when I was a kid


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