Friday, 29 June 2012

Sock wildlife

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice week!

 I helped out at my school sports day yesterday, that was fun :) And today was textiles club :D It was only me today as I think the other years had exams but the teacher said I could make a sock toy from a book the textiles department just bought. It was called Stray sock sewing and there was tons of cute creatures to make in it but I chose a little sock piggy. I made about half in school and then when I got home I finished him off :0) Here he is....

Hehehe :P I decided to call him Sid, the sock pig!

After I finished sid I had the urge to make another sock animal but this time I thought I would make up my own design, using a similar construction method. I came up with Sock shark:

Just when you thought it was safe to rummage around in your sock draw...... lol!

It is quite amazing just how much you can do a couple of socks really :-) I might try another animal out of the book next week, I will look for some good socks at the weekend! If you want to try some sock animals I reccomend looking in £1 shops as they often do packs of different socks for £1 and usually they are kids socks so are super-bright coloured!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

See you all soon,

Bye XXXxxxXXX <3 <3


  1. Very cute Jordan! X

  2. Thank you :D Thay were very fun to make! :0) xxx

  3. Hey hun thought I'd just say I Love your sock pets :)

    I saw a sock pet book for a couple quid in the works in Romford the other day, there were some really funky ones inside it, And each pet had a story

    I'm finished all my exams now :) well my last exam was the 20th of June

    I'm catching up on your awesome blog apologies for not chatting and reading lately

  4. They are brilliant!! I've got that book but haven't made anything from it yet. I love your shark!!

  5. Springmusician: Hi! Thank you :P I am soo pleased for you, It is totally ok I understand exam stress/busi-ness! xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :D xxx You should definately try something from the book, it is veery easy to follow and fun! :)


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